Castro-Sowinski, Susana

Microbial Models: From Environmental to Industrial Sustainability

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Table of contents

Part I. Microbes in Sustainable Industrial Development

1. Systems and Synthetic Biology Approaches for Metabolic Engineering of Pseudomonas putida

Pablo I. Nikel

2. Potentiality of Herbaspirillum seropedicae as a Platform for Bioplastic Production
Marcelo Bueno Batista, Marcelo Müller-Santos, Fábio de Oliveira Pedrosa, Emanuel Maltempi Souza

3. Engineering Hemicellulose-Derived Xylose Utilization in Saccharomyces cerevisiae for Biotechnological Applications
Ana Karen Malan, Alejandra Fagundez, Paul R. Gill, Silvia B. Batista

Lactobacillus in the Dairy Industry: From Natural Diversity to Biopreservation Resources
Stella M. Reginensi, Jorge A. Olivera, Jorge Bermúdez, Marcela J. González

5. Antarctic Psychrophilic Microorganisms and Biotechnology: History, Current Trends, Applications, and Challenges
Luis Andrés Yarzábal

Escherichia coli: The Leading Model for the Production of Recombinant Proteins
Paula Tucci, Victoria Veroli, Mario Señorale, Mónica Marín

7. Heterologous Protein Expression in the Aspergilli: Overcoming Obstacles in the Secretory Pathway
Manuel Sanguinetti, Ana Ramón

8. Recombinant Antibody Fragment Production in the Antarctic Marine Bacterium Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125
Ermenegilda Parrilli, Filomena Sannino, Valeria Citarella, Andrea Colarusso, Annarita Ricciardelli, Gennaro Marino, Maria Luisa Tutino

Part II. Microbes in Environmental Sustainability

9. The Flavobacterium Genus in the Plant Holobiont: Ecological, Physiological, and Applicative Insights
Max Kolton, Armin Erlacher, Gabriele Berg, Eddie Cytryn

10. Heterotrophic Denitrification and Paracoccus spp. as Tools for Bioremediation
Gastón Azziz, Gabriela Illarze, Pilar Irisarri

11. The Sustainable Use of Delftia in Agriculture, Bioremediation, and Bioproducts Synthesis
Victoria Braña, Célica Cagide, María A. Morel

Part III. Microbes in Sustainable Agriculture

12. Streptomyces for Sustainability
Patricia Vaz Jauri, Nora Altier, Linda L. Kinkel

13. Short-Term Evolution of Rhizobial Strains Toward Sustainability in Agriculture
Julio Martínez, Simoneta Negrete-Yankelevich, Lorena Gómez Godinez, Jazmín Reyes, Mauro Degli Esposti, Esperanza Martínez Romero

14. The Contribution of the Use of Azospirillum sp. in Sustainable Agriculture: Learnings from the Laboratory to the Field
Fabricio Cassán, Martín Díaz-Zorita

15. Fluorescent Pseudomonas: A Natural Resource from Soil to Enhance Crop Growth and Health
María Lis Yanes, Natalia Bajsa

Keywords: Life Sciences, Microbial Ecology, Microbiology, Soil Science & Conservation, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology

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Microorganisms for Sustainability
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