Gervasoni, Ann

Engaging Families as Children's First Mathematics Educators

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Engaging Families as the First Mathematics Educators of Children
Sivanes Phillipson, Peter Sullivan, Ann Gervasoni

Part II. Key Foci and Pedagogical Actions That Support Young Children’s Mathematics Learning

2. Describing the Mathematical Intentions of Early Learning Childhood Experiences
Peter Sullivan, Ann Gervasoni, Sivanes Phillipson

3. Mathematics with Infants and Toddlers
Susanne Garvis, Eva Nislev

4. Enumeration: Counting Difficulties Are Not Always Related to Numbers
Claire Margolinas, Floriane Wozniak, Olivier Rivière

5. Discerning and Supporting the Development of Mathematical Fundamentals in Early Years
Camilla Björklund, Niklas Pramling

6. Number Stories
Judith A. Mousley

Part III. Home Interactions and Learning Experiences That Support Early Mathematical Learning

7. Meta-Analysis of the Relationship Between Home and Family Experiences and Young Children’s Early Numeracy Learning
Carl J. Dunst, Deborah W. Hamby, Helen Wilkie, Kerran Scott Dunst

8. Parental Perceptions of Access to Capitals and Early Mathematical Learning: Some Early Insights from Numeracy@Home Project
Sivanes Phillipson, Gerarda Richards, Peter Sullivan

9. Involving Parents in Games and Picture Books
Julia Streit-Lehmann

10. Do Hong Kong Parents Engage in Learning Activities Conducive to Preschool Children’s Mathematics Development?
Richard Kwok Shing Wong

Part IV. Family and Educator Partnerships That Support Early Mathematical Learning

11. Working with Parents to Promote Preschool Children’s Numeracy: Teachers’ Attitudes and Beliefs
Dina Tirosh, Pessia Tsamir, Esther Levenson, Ruthi Barkai

12. Bringing Families and Preschool Educators Together to Support Young Children’s Learning Through Noticing, Exploring and Talking About Mathematics
Ann Gervasoni

13. Supporting Early Mathematics Learning: Building Mathematical Capital Through Participating in Early Years Swimming
Robyn Jorgensen

14. Fostering Children’s Everyday Mathematical Knowledge Through Caregiver Participation in Supported Playgroups in Schools
Susan Edwards, Karen McLean, Pamela Lambert

Part V. Conclusion

15. Insights for Engaging Families as the First Mathematics Educators of Children
Ann Gervasoni, Sivanes Phillipson, Peter Sullivan

Keywords: Education, Mathematics Education, Early Childhood Education, International and Comparative Education

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Early Mathematics Learning and Development
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