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Advances in Computational Intelligence

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Table of contents

Part I. Fuzzy Logic

1. A New Approach to Interval-Valued Fuzzy Soft Sets and Its Application in Decision-Making
B. K. Tripathy, T. R. Sooraj, R. K. Mohanty

2. A Grid-Based Approach to Prolong Lifetime of WSNs Using Fuzzy Logic
Ajai Kumar Mishra, Rakesh Kumar, Vimal Kumar, Jitendra Singh

3. Harmonics Minimization in Inverter Using Fuzzy Controller-Based Photovoltaic Cell
Subha Darsini Misra, Asish Ku. Nanda, Sudhansu Kumar Mishra

4. Fuzzy Logic-Based Unequal Clustering with On-Demand-Based Clustering Approach for a Better Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network
D. R. Adhikary, Dheeresh K. Mallick

5. Intuitionistic Fuzzy-Based Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Approach for Selection of Inventory Policy
Mahuya Deb, Prabjot Kaur

Part II. Artificial Neural Network

6. An NSGA II-Based Approach for Optimization of Reconfigurable Cellular Manufacturing System
Rajeev Kant, Vijay Pandey, L. N. Pattanaik

7. Advance Prediction of Adverse Digressions in Continuous-Time Systems Using ANN Kernels: A Generic Approach Instantiated in Steel Manufacturing
Arya K. Bhattacharya, K. Rajasekar

8. Determination of Suitable ANN Architecture for Groundwater Fluoride Prediction
Kumari Neeta, Pathak Gopal

9. Neural Network Based Breakout Predicting System for All Four Strands of Caster in a Continuous Casting Shop—A Case Study
Md Obaidullah Ansari, J. Ghose, R. Kumar

10. Software Reliability Prediction Based on Radial Basis Function Neural Network
Pravas Ranjan Bal, Durga Prasad Mohapatra

Part III. Genetic Algorithm and Bio-inspired Computing

11. Design of Two-Loop PID Controller for Inverted Cart-Pendulum System Using Modified Genetic Algorithm
D. Sain, S. K. Swain, S. K. Mishra

12. An Improved Heuristic K-Means Clustering Method Using Genetic Algorithm Based Initialization
D. Mustafi, G. Sahoo, A. Mustafi

13. Regression Test Case Prioritization Technique Using Genetic Algorithm
Dharmveer Kumar Yadav, Sandip Dutta

14. A Comparison Between Genetic Algorithm and Cuckoo Search Algorithm to Minimize the Makespan for Grid Job Scheduling
Tarun Kumar Ghosh, Sanjoy Das, Subhabrata Barman, Rajmohan Goswami

15. A Framework for Budget Allocation and Optimization Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Keshav Sinha, Annu Priya, Moumita Khowas

16. Gene Expression Profiling of Cervical Cancer Using Statistical Method
Deepak Kapse, Koel Mukherjee, Debadyuti Banerjee

17. Software Cost Estimation Using Cuckoo Search
Sweta Kumari, Shashank Pushkar

18. The Insects of Innovative Computational Intelligence
Sweta Srivastava, Sudip Kumar Sahana

Part IV. Applications in Cloud Computing

19. Effect of VM Selection Heuristics on Energy Consumption and SLAs During VM Migrations in Cloud Data Centers
Rashmi Rai, G. Sahoo, S. Mehfuz

20. Minimizing the Energy Consumption of Cloud Computing Data Centers Using Queueing Theory
Ranjan Kumar, G. Sahoo, Vikram Yadav, Pooja Malik

21. Cloud and Virtualization Based Log Management Service
Sai Rakesh Ghanta, Ayoush Mukherjee

22. Ranking Uncertain Distributed Database at Tuple Level
N. Lalithamani

Part V. Applications in Image Processing

23. Texture-Based Watershed 3D Medical Image Segmentation Based on Fuzzy Region Growing Approach
Rajaram M. Gowda, G. M. Lingaraju

24. Real Time Face Detection in Ad Hoc Network of Android Smart Devices
Mohammed Aljohani, Tanweer Alam

25. Detection of Copy-Move Image Forgery Using DCT
Choudhary Shyam Prakash, Kumar Vijay Anand, Sushila Maheshkar

26. A New Learning-Based Boosting in Multiple Classifiers for Color Facial Expression Identification
Dhananjoy Bhakta, Goutam Sarker

27. Efficient Face Detection Using Neural Networks
Amit Sinha

Part VI. Applications in Security

28. Scalable Framework for Developing Adaptive and Personalized User Interfaces
Aman Jhunjhunwala, Sudip Kumar Sahana

29. Fuzzy-Based Privacy Preserving Approach in Centralized Database Environment
V. K. Saxena, Shashank Pushkar

30. Cryptographic Key Extraction from Music
Chandan Kumar, Sandip Dutta, Soubhik Chakraborty

31. A Programming Based Boosting in Super-Classifier for Fingerprint Recognition
Sumana Kundu, Goutam Sarker

32. A Super Classifier with Programming-Based Boosting Using Biometrics for Person Authentication
Sumana Kundu, Goutam Sarker

33. Improving Personalized Recommendations Through Overlapping Community Detection Using Multi-view Ant Clustering and Association Rule Mining
Thenmozhi, Ezhilarasi

Part VII. Other Applications of Computational Intelligence

34. Vehicle Vibration and Passengers Comfort
Syeda Darakhshan Jabeen

35. Performance Evaluation of Various Classifiers in Emotion Recognition Using Discrete Wavelet Transform, Linear Predictor Coefficients and Formant Features
Allen Joseph, Rajeswari Sridhar

36. A Quantitative Error Map Generation for Modification of Manual Socket for Below-Knee Amputee
Arun Dayal Udai, Amarendra Nath Sinha

37. Quality of Services-Aware Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks for Multimedia Communication
Hiren Kumar Deva Sarma

38. Collectively Find Spatial Objects in Time-Dependent Spatial Network
Abdul Wahid, Md. Tanwir Uddin Haider

39. Algorithm for Representation of Call-Duration Graphs of Telephone Graph Using Multi-layer Graph Techniques
Bapuji Rao, S. N. Mishra, H. S. Maharana

40. Weibull Probability Distribution Function-Based Matched Filter Approach for Retinal Blood Vessels Segmentation
Nagendra Pratap Singh, Rajeev Srivastava

41. Assessment of Values of Time-Domain and Frequency-Domain Parameters for ECG Signals Through HRV Analysis Using Symlets for Arrhythmia Prediction
Alok Chakrabarty, Narottam Das, Dipankar Das

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction

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