Cheng, Qianliu

Underwater Acoustics and Ocean Dynamics

Cheng, Qianliu - Underwater Acoustics and Ocean Dynamics, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Inference of Sound Attenuation in Marine Sediments from Modal Dispersion in Shallow Water
N. Ross Chapman, Juan Zeng

2. Counterintuitive Results in Underwater Acoustic Communications
Daniel Rouseff

3. Comparisons of Methods for Numerical Internal Wave Simulation in Long-Range Acoustical Propagation
Rex K. Andrew

4. Acoustic Data Assimilation: Concepts and Examples
Liling Jin, Wen Xu, Jiamin Huang, Jianlong Li

5. The Preliminary Results of a Single-Hydrophone Geoacoustic Inversion for Data Collected at the Sea of Japan
Pavel S. Petrov

6. Measurements of Ultrasound Attenuation of Suspended Particles with Various Size Distributions
Changil Lee, Jee Woong Choi, Jungyul Na

7. A Low Complexity Multichannel Adaptive Turbo Equalizer for a Large Delay Spread Sparse Underwater Acoustic Channel
Yanbo Wu, Min Zhu

8. A Turbo Equalization Based on a Sparse Doubly Spread Acoustic Channels Estimation
Zibin Yu, Hangfang Zhao, Wen Xu, Xianyi Gong

9. Design and Testing of Underwater Acoustic Communications for an AUV
Hongtao Zhang, Zhijie Yue, Zhe Xie, Zhongkang Wang

10. Research of Axis Mismatches Between Pairs of Sensitive Elements of Underwater Acoustic Velocity Gradient Sensors
Xinyi Sun, Desen Yang, Lianjin Hong, Shengguo Shi, Hongkun Zhou

11. A Passive Fathometer Technique for Bottom Profiling Using Ambient Noise
Junghun Kim, Jee Woong Choi, Jungyul Na

12. Target Motion Parameter Estimation for LOFARgrams Based on Waveguide Invariants
Jian Li, Guangjie Han, Defu Zhou, Kai Tang, Qingbang Han

13. Source Localization by Maximizing the Longitudinal Correlation Using Waveguide Invariant Theory
Xian Zhu, Huiliang Ge

14. Selective Detection and Localization by Decomposition of a Subrank Time Reversal Operator
Chunxiao Li, Mingfei Guo, Huancai Lu

15. Sounds of Undersea Gas Leaks
Alexey O. Maksimov, Boris A. Burov, Alexander S. Salomatin, Denis V. Chernykh

16. Multi-AUV Localization for an Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network
Bo Li, Yuanxin Xu, Wen Xu

Keywords: Physics, Acoustics, Engineering Acoustics, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Marine & Freshwater Sciences, Water Industry/Water Technologies

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Natural Sciences
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