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Innovations in Smart Learning

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Table of contents

1. Examining the Relationships between Foreign Language Anxiety and Attention during Conversation Tasks
Hao-Cheng Chang, Wei-Chieh Fang, Bo-Han Yang, Bo-Ru Luo, Sie Wai Chew, Nian-Shing Chen

2. A review of using Augmented Reality in Education from 2011 to 2016
Peng Chen, Xiaolin Liu, Wei Cheng, Ronghuai Huang

3. A New MOOCs’ Recommendation Framework based on LinkedIn Data
Kais Dai, Ana Fernández Vilas, Rebeca P. Díaz Redondo

4. Towards a Smart University through the Adoption of a Social e-Learning Platform to Increase Graduates’ Employability
Maria-Iuliana Dascalu, Constanta Nicoleta Bodea, Alin Moldoveanu, George Dragoi

5. A 3-D Educational Game for enhancing learners’ performance in A star Algorithm
Mouna Denden, Fathi Essalmi, Ahmed Tlili

6. A 3D Learning Game for Representing Artificial Intelligence Problems
Sonia Derwich, Fathi Essalmi

7. Evaluation of online assignments and quizzes using Bayesian Networks
Yamna Ettarres

8. Mindcraft : A novel mind mapping tool under Moodle platform
Yamna Ettarres, Hedi Akrout, Oussama Limam, Brahim Dagdoug

9. Assessing Learners’ Progress in a Smart Learning Environment using Bio-Inspired Clustering Mechanism
Kannan Govindarajan, David Boulanger, Jérémie Seanosky, Jason Bell, Colin Pinnell, Vivekanandan Suresh Kumar, Kinshuk

10. Toward the selection of the appropriate e-learning personalization strategy
Refka Haddaji, Fathi Essalmi, Salem Hamzaoui, Ahmed Tlili

11. A Conceptual Framework for a Smart Learning Engine
Ronghuai Huang, Jing Du, Ting-wen Chang, Michael Spector, Yan Zhang, Aofan Zhang

12. Investigation of Key School-related Indicators Influencing ICT in K-12 Education
Huang Ronghuai, Liu Xiaolin

13. Towards a Reference Architecture for Smart and Personal Learning Environments
Erik Isaksson, Ambjörn Naeve, Paul Lefrère, Fridolin Wild

14. The ALECSO Smart Learning Framework
Mohamed Jemni, Mohamed Koutheair Khribi

15. Learning to Analyze Medical Images: A Smart Adaptive Learning Environment for an Ill-Defined Domain
Stuart Johnson, Osmar R. Zaiane

16. An Architecture for Smart Lifelong Learning Design
Konstantinos Karoudis, George D. Magoulas

17. Relevant Metrics for Facial expression recognition in Intelligent Tutoring System
Jihen Khalfallah, Jaleleddine Ben Hadj Slama

18. Toward an Adaptive Architecture for Integrating Mobile Affective Computing to Intelligent Learning Environments
Maha Khemaja, Aroua Taamallah

19. Requirements Engineering for Pervasive Games Based Smart Learning Systems
Yemna Mejbri, Maha Khemaja, Kaouther Raies

20. MOOCs Recommender System: A Recommender System for the Massive Open Online Courses
Henda Chorfi Ouertani, Monerah Mohammed Alawadh

21. Integrating a Peer Evaluation Module in a Social Learning Platform
Elvira Popescu, Laura-Maria Petrosanu

22. The Effects of Perceived Innovation Game Attributes by Learners on Learning Performance in a Game-Based Achievement Learning System
Benazir Quadir, Jie Chi Yang, Nian-Shing Chen, Mei Jen Audrey Shih

23. Automatic Extraction of Smart Game Based Learning Design Expertise: An Approach Based on Learning Ontology
Kaouther Raies, Maha Khemaja, Yemna Mejbri

24. A Study On Two Hint-level Policies in Conversational Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Vasile Rus, Rajendra Banjade, Nobal Niraula, Elizabeth Gire, Donald Franceschetti

25. Dialogue Act Classification In Human-to-Human Tutorial Dialogues
Vasile Rus, Nabin Maharjan, Rajendra Banjade

26. Towards Applying Keller’s ARCS Model and Learning by doing strategy in Classroom Courses
Ahmed Tlili, Fathi Essalmi, Mohamed Jemni, Kinshuk

27. English Vocabulary Learning Performance and Brainwave Differences: The Comparison Between Gesture-Based and Conventional Word-card
Guan-Ying Wu, I-Ling Cheng, Sie Wai Chew, Chun-Yu Zhu, Chia-Ning Hsu, Nian-Shing Chen

28. The Effect of Children Learning English Vocabulary through a Gesture-Based System
Chun-Yu Zhu, I-Ling Cheng, Sie Wai Chew, Guan Ying Wu, Chia-Ning Hsu, Nian-Shing Chen

29. Online Test System to Reduce Teachers’ Workload for Item and Test Preparation
Ebenezer Aggrey, Rita Kuo, Maiga Chang, Kinshuk

30. Breadth and Depth of Learning Analytics
David Boulanger, Jeremie Seanosky, Rebecca Guillot, Vivekanandan Suresh Kumar, Kinshuk

31. Educational Resource Information Communication API (ERIC API): The Case of Moodle and Online Tests System Integration
Cheng-Li Chen, Maiga Chang, Hung-Yi Chang

32. The Academic Analytics Tool: Workflow and Use Cases
Tamra Ross, Ting-Wen Chang, Cindy Ives, Nancy Parker, Andrew Han, Sabine Graf

Keywords: Education, Educational Technology

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