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Wearable Sensors and Robots

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Table of contents

Part I. Wearable Sensors

1. The Design of E Glove Hand Function Evaluation Device Based on Fusion of Vision and Touch
Jing Guo, Cui-lian Zhao, Yu Li, Lin-hui Luo, Kun-feng Zhang

2. An Emotion Recognition System Based on Physiological Signals Obtained by Wearable Sensors
Cheng He, Yun-jin Yao, Xue-song Ye

3. Integrated Application Research About the Necklace Type Wearable Health Sensing System Under the Internet of Things
Jian-jun Yu, Xing-bin Chen

4. A Multi-scale Flexible Tactile-Pressure Sensor
Xiao-zhou Lü

5. Design of a Wearable Thermoelectric Generator for Harvesting Human Body Energy
Haiyan Liu, Yancheng Wang, Deqing Mei, Yaoguang Shi, Zichen Chen

6. Three-Axis Contact Force Measurement of a Flexible Tactile Sensor Array for Hand Grasping Applications
Yancheng Wang, Kailun Xi, Deqing Mei, Zhihao Xin, Zichen Chen

7. A Novel Silicon Based Tactile Sensor with Fluid Encapsulated in the Cover Layer for Prosthetic Hand
Ping Yu, Chun-xin Gu, Wei-ting Liu, Xin Fu

8. An Adaptive Feature Extraction and Classification Method of Motion Imagery EEG Based on Virtual Reality
Li Wang, Huiqun Fu, Xiu-feng Zhang, Rong Yang, Ning Zhang, Fengling Ma

9. One-Handed Wearable sEMG Sensor for Myoelectric Control of Prosthetic Hands
Yin-lai Jiang, Shintaro Sakoda, Masami Togane, Soichiro Morishita, Hiroshi Yokoi

10. Wearable Indoor Pedestrian Navigation Based on MIMU and Hypothesis Testing
Xiao-fei Ma, Zhong Su, Xu Zhao, Fu-chao Liu, Chao Li

11. Calibration Method of the 3-D Laser Sensor Measurement System
Qing-Xu Meng, Qi-Jie Zhao, Da-Wei Tu, Jin-Gang Yi

Part II. Wearable Robots

12. Study on a Novel Wearable Exoskeleton Hand Function Training System Based on EMG Triggering
Wu-jing Cao, Jie Hu, Zhen-ping Wang, Lu-lu Wang, Hong-liu Yu

13. Dynamic Analysis and Design of Lower Extremity Power-Assisted Exoskeleton
Shengli Song, Xinglong Zhang, Qing Li, Husheng Fang, Qing Ye, Zhitao Tan

14. Human Gait Trajectory Learning Using Online Gaussian Process for Assistive Lower Limb Exoskeleton
Yi Long, Zhi-jiang Du, Wei Dong, Wei-dong Wang

15. Research on Bionic Mechanism of Shoulder Joint Rehabilitation Movement
Guo-xin Pan, Hui-qun Fu, Xiu-feng Zhang, Feng-ling Ma

16. Reducing the Human-Exoskeleton Interaction Force Using Bionic Design of Joints
Wei Yang, Canjun Yang, Qianxiao Wei, Minhang Zhu

17. Development of a Lower Limb Rehabilitation Wheelchair System Based on Tele-Doctor–Patient Interaction
Shuang Chen, Fang-fa Fu, Qiao-ling Meng, Hong-liu Yu

18. A Grasp Strategy with Flexible Contacting for Multi-fingered Hand Rehabilitation Exoskeleton
Qian-xiao Wei, Can-jun Yang, Qian Bi, Wei Yang

19. Unscented Transform-Based Correlation Between Surrogate and Tumor Motion in Robotic Radiosurgery
Shu-mei Yu, Feng-feng Zhang, Meng Dou, Rong-chuan Sun, Li-ning Sun

20. A Pulmonary Rehabilitation Training Robot for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patient
Zhi-hua Zhu, Tao Liu, Bo Cong, Fengping Liu

21. Research and Development for Upper Limb Amputee Training System Based on EEG and VR
Jian Li, Hui-qun Fu, Xiu-feng Zhang, Feng-ling Ma, Teng-yu Zhang, Guo-xin Pan, Jing Tao

22. Evaluation on Measurement Uncertainty of Sensor Plating Thickness
Xu-cheng Rong, Jian-jun Yu

23. Research on the Stability of Needle Insertion Force
Qiang Li, De-dong Gao

24. The Metabolic Cost of Walking with a Passive Lower Limb Assistive Device
Jean-Paul Martin, Qingguo Li

Part III. Advanced Control System

25. A Novel Method for Bending Stiffness of Umbilical Based on Nonlinear Large Deformation Theory
Zuan Lin, Lei Zhang, Can-jun Yang

26. Silicon Micro-gyroscope Closed-Loop Correction and Frequency Tuning Control
Xingjun Wang, Bo Yang, Bo Dai, Yunpeng Deng, Di Hu

27. Autofocus for Enhanced Measurement Accuracy of a Machine Vision System for Robotic Drilling
Biao Mei, Wei-dong Zhu, Ying-lin Ke

28. A New Scene Segmentation Method Based on Color Information for Mobile Robot in Indoor Environment
Xu-dong Zhang, Qi-Jie Zhao, Qing-XU Meng, Da-Wei Tu, Jin-Gang Yi

29. Dynamic Hopping Height Control of Single-Legged Hopping Robot
Zhi-wei Chen, Bo Jin, Shi-qiang Zhu, Yun-tian Pang, Gang Chen

30. The Stability Analysis of Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vechicles
Yun-ping Liu, Xian-ying Li, Tian-miao Wang, Yong-hong Zhang, Ping Mei

31. Hand Exoskeleton Control for Cerebrum Plasticity Training Based on Brain–Computer Interface
Qian Bi, Canjun Yang, Wei Yang, Jinchang Fan, Hansong Wang

32. Lateral Balance Recovery of Quadruped Robot on Rough Terrains
Guo-liang Yuan, Shao-yuan Li, He-sheng Wang, Dan Huang

33. Research on the Application of NoSQL Database in Intelligent Manufacturing
Chuan-hong Zhou, Kun Yao, Zhen-yang Jiang, Wu-xia Bai

34. Design and Application of Auditory Evoked EEG Processing Platform Based on Matlab
Rong Yang, Hui-qun Fu, Xiu-feng Zhang, Li Wang, Ning Zhang, Feng-ling Ma

Part IV. Visual Recognition Application

35. An Efficient Detection Method for Text of Arbitrary Orientations in Natural Images
Lanfang Dong, Zhongdi Chao, Jianfu Wang

36. Research of a Framework for Flow Objects Detection and Tracking in Video
Lanfang Dong, Jiakui Yu, Jianfu Wang, Weinan Gao

37. A Kinect-Based Motion Capture Method for Assessment of Lower Extremity Exoskeleton
Min-hang Zhu, Can-jun Yang, Wei Yang, Qian Bi

38. Table TennisService UmpiringSystemBased on Video Identification—for Height and Angle of the Throwing Ball
Yun-feng Ji, Chao-li Wang, Zhi-hao Shi, Jie Ren, Ling Zhu

39. Visual Servo-Based Control of Mobile Robots for Opening Doors
Xiao-mei Ma, Chao-li Wang, Lei Cao

40. Control of Two-Wheel Self-balancing Robots Based on Gesture Recognition
Jie-han Liu, Lei Cao, Chao-li Wang

41. An Extended Kalman Filter-Based Robot Pose Estimation Approach with Vision and Odometry
Xue-bo Zhang, Cong-yuan Wang, Yong-chun Fang, Ke-xin Xing

42. Visual Servoing of a New Designed Inspection Robot for Autonomous Transmission Line Grasping
Tao He, He-sheng Wang, Wei-dong Chen, Wei-jie Wang

43. A Novel Design of Laser In-Frame Robot for Electron Cyber Scalpel Therapy and Its Rotary Joint
Jian-jun Yuan, Xi Chen, Chang-guang Tang, Kazuhisa Nakajima

Keywords: Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Biomedical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Engineering Design, Mechatronics

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