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Proceedings of The 20th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference

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Table of contents

Part I. Operation and Maintenance

1. A Study of AP1000 Nuclear Power Plant SGTR Event Processing Strategy
Zhang Jintang, Ai Chen

2. A Summary of the Guidelines on the Evaluation of V&V Tools for Safety Digital I&C Software in Nuclear Power Plant Systems
Nan Wang, Lingpo Li, Ruidong Dai, Chun Guo

3. Analysis and Handling of Turbine Eccentricity Anomaly
Qiaochan Zhou

4. Analysis and Summarization of Continuous Spray Test on Pressurizer of Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1
Zeng Bin, Zhao Yang

5. Analysis of the CRDM Coils Current Interference and the Abnormal Display of Rod Position in RGL System
Yue Cheng, Huanhuan Jiao

6. Application of Key Interlock in HUALONG-I 3rd Nuclear Unit
Zhijian Wang, Cuicai Dong

7. Charpy Impact Properties of Electron Beam Welded V-4Cr-4Ti Alloy
Shuang Yang, Pengfei Zheng, Jiming Chen, Xing Miao, Ran Wei

8. Conclusion of the Test of Fujian Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 Determination of Reactor Coolant Flow on the Basis of the Heat Balance
Dongjia Zheng

9. Exceptional Shut Down During Load Test of Emergency Diesel Generator
Ri Zhao, Yafei Li

10. Fangjiashan Auxiliary Transformer Low-Voltage Side of Three-Phase Voltage Imbalance Analysis
Anman Luo

11. Design for High Level Layout and Control of Nuclear Island HVAC Based on DCS Technique
Yong Liu, Jiru Chu, Xiaochuan Ding, Chen Shang

12. Improvements to CANDU6 Reactor Power Control Programs
Gongzhan Wang, Ligen Xu, Tan Hong, Yongxiang Zheng, Mingjun Chen, Jianxin Sheng, Yang Liu

13. Main Control Room Design of Advanced Nuclear Reactor
Huiyu Deng, Dayong Zhou

14. Material Substitute Research of the Main Pipeline Bracket Protection Cushion in CPR1000 NPP
Ai-qun Ren

15. Nuclear Steam Generator Water Level Control Based on DFNN
Junying Hong, Hong Xia

16. Performance Analysis and Optimization of Fang Jiashan DCS Level 2 System
Ping Tan

17. Pickering Generating Station Primary Heat Transport Pressure Control Analysis During Boiler Steam Relief Valve Testing
Polad Zahedi

18. Pressurizer Water Level Control by Makeup and Letdown Flows Operating in Discontinued Model
Jie-qiong Zhang, Chu-hua Tang

19. Qinshan 300MW Nuclear Power Unit Condensed Water Dissolved Oxygen on the High Side Cause Analysis

20. Research and Application of RtCM Techniques in CPR1000 Nuclear Power Plant
Chen Yu, Zhang Sheng, Yang Xiaojin

21. Research on Technical Transformation of Lifting Equipment in Nuclear Power Plants
Xiaodong Bao, Jinbao Zhou, Fa Yang, Yi Li

22. Surface Corrosion Analysis of QF Control Rod Nitriding Tube
Ligang Li

23. The Corrosion Protection of Drum Strainer in Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant
Gujian Ma, Xingbao Zhao

24. The Development of HOLLY Code and Single-Point Ex-core Detectors Calibration Method
WenHuai Li, Chao Wang

25. The Reasons for the Frequently Exceeded Pressure Drop of Resin Bed in Steam Generator Blowdown System
Shunlong Yang, Heng Liu, Hui Liu, Huaqiang Wu, Xiangmeng Hu, Kunfeng Yang, Jun Deng, Dawei Zhang

26. The Research of High-Voltage Auxiliary Power System Neutral Point Grounding Modes Between the Nuclear Power Plant and Conventional Fossil Fuel Power Plant
HouRong Pan, Yunfeng Zhang

27. The Research of Selecting Scope of Maintenance Rule in the Key System of New Nuclear Power Plant
Chaojun Li, Jiaxu Zuo, Yan Chen, Wei Song, Peng Zheng

28. The Research on the Model of Condense Regenerate Heater Under Off-design Conditions
Quan Wang, Rongyi Huang, Wei Chen

29. The Study of Extending AP1000 Spent Fuel Racks’ Storage Capacity
Yu Zhang, Weidong Rong, Shiwei Wang, Zheng Zheng, Wenbin Wei

30. Valves Maintainability Study on Nuclear Power Plant Design Stage
Xiaohu Yang, Jiao Deng, Hong Jiang, Lifei Yang, Wen Chen

Part II. Supply Capability and Quality Control

31. An Improved Welding Process of Instrumentation Tubes on Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel
Ruifeng Guan, Hong Chen, Bin Zhang, Wenbin Zhong

32. Analysis of the Development of Nuclear Power Plant Construction Management Model and Management of Engineering Company and Owners
Keteng Ma, Bin Hou

33. Components Qualification for the Safe Operation of Nuclear Power Plants
Holger Schmidt, Martin Betz, Ingo Ganzmann, Achim Beisiegel, Thomas Wagner, Emmanuel Peter, Darryl Gordon, Gong Yufeng

34. How to Build EQ System for Safety Classed Electrical Equipment Under the Modal of AE
Shiquan Zhan

35. Modal Analysis of Anchored Cylindrical Liquid Storage Tanks
Zimin Zhan

36. Quality Control of Application Research on Supervision Planning of Hualong #1 Emergency Diesel Generator
Junxiao Li, Wenxi Ge

37. Quality Control of Sub-suppliers in EDG
Wang Wei

38. Research on Identification Test for Sealing Performance of Equipment on Containment Pressure Boundary
Xiao-xuan Wang

39. Research on Problems of Ultrasonic Test for Reactor Vessel Internal During Manufacturing Process
Yingpeng Liao

40. Risk Analysis on Holes Machining and Inspecting of RVI as One of the Main Equipments in Nuclear Island
Yingpeng Liao

41. The Disbonding Mechanism Research of Submerged Arc Stainless Steel Strip Cladding
Chengdong Yang, Weibao Tang, Maolong Zhang

42. Welding Process and Welding Consumable of Generation III Nuclear Island Main Equipment
Ju-wen Yang, Shuang-yan Li, Mao-long Zhang, Li-li Wang, Wen-yang Zhang

Part III. Fuel Cycles

43. Application of Man–Machine System Analysis in the Process Control of Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing
Xiaolin Gu, Shibo Wang

44. Decisioneering on Short- to Long-Term Nuclear Energy System Strategies DANESS v7.1
Luc Van Den Durpel

45. Determination of Boron in ThO2 Powder by ICP-AES After Matrix Separation Using Solvent Extraction
He Shuhua, Li Xiaoyun, Han Ling, Luo Yan, Cao Changqing, Lin Jun

46. Development and Validation of Methodology for Depletion Analysis of FHRat Equilibrium State
Haibo Tang, Jianlong Han, Xiangzhou Cai, Jingen Chen

47. Effects of Compressing Strength of Core Ball on Crushing Strength of Spherical Fuel Element
Jiucheng Tian, Ming Gao, Wenjie Yu, Yu Zhang, Huimin Shi

48. Flow Effect on Core Burnup in aMolten Salt Reactor
Jianhui Wu, Jingen Chen

49. Key Parameter Measurements of the Low-Pressure Gas Discharge Plasmas Used for Studying the Ion Extraction Process
Heping Li, Qiuhui Chu, Xin Wang, Peng Wang, Junjie Chai, Zhanxian Li

50. Online Nondestructive Testing of Gadolinium Containing Fuel Rods
Liu Ming, Yuan Ping, Zhang Lei

51. Optimization of Thorium Utilization in Fluoride Salt-Cooled High-Temperature Reactor (FHR)
Xiaoxiao Li, Jingen Chen, Yonghan Fang

52. Preparation of Zr-Doped ThO2 Ceramic Microsphere By Sol–Gel Method
He Huang, Jun Lin, Yan Chao, Peng Wang, Fengxia Wang, Changqing Cao, Zhiyong Zhu

53. R&D Base for Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing—CNNFC
Wang Shibo

54. Research and Discussion of Development of Reliability Program About Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Hong Shen, Xiaowei Yang, Chunlong Zhang, Yuntao Liu

55. Role and Position of PHWR in Nuclear Fuel Cycle in China
Zhenhua Zhang, Gang Qiao, Shen Fan

56. Shielding Calculation Model and Simplified Analysis of the Spent Fuel Pool
Yaoquan Zhou, Pinghui Zheng, Xiuge Ma, Puzhong Zhang, Lin Qiu

57. PBNC—2016 Technology Evolutions in MOX Fuel Reprocessing Plants
Christopher Dane

58. The First AP1000 Fuel Fabrication Line in China
Shuangqing Shi, Zhigang Wang

59. The Important Aspects on the Protection of Occupational Exposure of the Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Facility
You Wei, Long Lin, Tian Yingnan, Mi Aijun, Gao Guiling

60. The Method to Ascertain Time-Control Parameters of Reverse Fluidic Device Based on Level Feedback of Supply Tank
Bao Yin, Liu Yu, Guo Xiao-Fang

61. The Microstructure and Characteristic Analysis of USW Welding
Pengbo Ji, Junfeng Sun

62. Ultrasonic Test for Typical Defect of Zirconium Alloy Tube used in Nuclear Fuel Assembly
Jiangwu Ou

Part IV. New Technology and New Applications

63. A Deconvolution Algorithm for Gamma Spectrum Based on Energy Resolution Calibration
Rui Shi, Xianguo Tuo, Honglong Zheng, Huailiang Li, Junyu Zhou

64. A Potential Way of Co-60 Production in CANDU6 Reactors
Jinqi Lyu, Mohammad Abdul Motalab, Younwon Park, Yonghee Kim

65. Base-Isolation Technology Investigation for SMR Nuclear Island Building
Chen Jian, Ma Jia

66. Conceptual Design of High Temperature Water-Cooled Divertor Plasma-Facing Unit for Fusion Reactor
Xin Mao, Xuebing Peng, Xiaobo Chang, Xinyuan Qian, Ping Liu

67. Corrosion Resistance of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Steel in Supercritical Water
Kaiju Yin, Wu Tang, Hao Wang, Xiaofeng Hong, Shaoyu Qiu, Rui Tang, Yong Chen

68. Design of a Thin-Film Neutron Detector Used for Personnel Dosimeter
Wenming Xia, Junjun Gong, Junjun Chen

69. Development and Verification of Liquid-Fueled Molten Salt Reactor Analysis Code Based on RELAP5
Chengbin Shi, Maosong Cheng, Guimin Liu

70. Emergency Strategy Research of MSLB Accident with Loss of Passive Residual Heat Removal for Small Modular Reactor
Yuqi Wang, Aimin Yu, Tao Tang

71. Evaluation and Analysis of Forced Convection Heat Transfer Correlations for Supercritical Carbon Dioxide in Vertical Tubes
Sheng-hui Liu, Yan-ping Huang

72. Experimental Study on the Effects of Temperature and pH on the Deposition of Corrosion Products in Fusion Reactor
Yan Ma, Jinyun Lei, Xin Xu, Yun Fu, Yixue Chen, Arslan Muhammad

73. Large-Fluence Laser-Driven Ion Beam for Inertial Fusion Ignition
Suming Weng, Zhengming Sheng, Masakatsu Murakami, Min Chen, Lule Yu, Jie Zhang

74. Lead Cooled Fast Reactor Core Physics Parameters Calculation Based on Monte Carlo Method
Yang Lyu

75. Neutron Activation Analysis of Candidate Materials for High-Temperature Reactors
Ramy Tannous, Chary Rangacharyulu, Dave Guzonas, Laurence Leung

76. Physics Analysis of Alternative Fuel Options for HTGR
Hangbok Choi, Robert Schleicher, Myunghee Choi

77. Preliminary Design of Oxygen Control and Purification System in Lead-Alloy Cooled Reactors
Xian Zeng, ShuBin Sun

78. R&D of the In-Vessel Materials for Future Magnetic Confinement Fusion Reactors at SWIP
Xiang Liu, Jiming Chen, Kaiming Feng, Pengfei Zheng, Youyun Lian, Penghuai Wang, Xiaoyu Wang, Yongjin Feng, Xuru Duan, Yong Liu

79. Research on Ionizing Effects in γ-Ray-Irradiated CMOS Pixel Image Sensor
Shou-Long Xu, Shu-Liang Zou, You-Jun Huang

80. Scheme Research of Mars Surface Nuclear Reactor Power
Chengzhi Yao, Shouzhi Zhao, Gu Hu, Jiachun Xie, Jian Guo, Jian Gao

81. Seawater Desalination Technology Route and Analysis of Production Capacity for Large Commercial Nuclear Power Plant
Hong-mei Yan, Cheng-yan Cao, Gang Bai, Wei Bai

82. Structural Design and Verification of the CNFC-HTR New Fuel Transport Container
Ning Li, Hongjun Zhang, Xiaogang Xu

83. Structure Design of Calorimeter of EAST-NBI System Using Thermal Inertia with Cooling Water
Ling Tao, Chundong Hu, Yuanlai Xie

84. Study of the Tritium Breeding Blanket in an Hybrid Fusion–Fission Transmutation System
Juan-Luis François, Cecilia Martín-Del-Campo, Aldo Fierro

85. Tagged Neutron Method Analysis: A Technique for Explosives Detection and Identification
Shi-wei Jing, Gui-fu Yang, Yong Guo, Huan-yu Li, Xuan Liu, Yan Zheng, Yu-lai Zheng, Qiang Wang, Guo-bao Wang

86. Using Traveling Wave Reactor (TWR) Technology to Provide Globally Scalable and Sustainable, Carbon-Free Energy
Kevan D. Weaver, John R. Gilleland, Robert Petroski

Keywords: Energy, Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Fusion, Nuclear Engineering

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