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Labor Forces and Landscape Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Introduction
Hiroyuki Shimizu

2. Japanese Basic Landscape Types, and Change in Population and Urban Land Use
Hiroyuki Shimizu

Part II. What is Happening in Typical Landscapes in Japan?

3. Urban Landscape: Urban Planning Policies and Institutional Framework
Akito Murayama

4. Urban Periphery Landscape: Dichotomization of Urban and Rural Dimensions
Toru Terada

5. Agricultural Landscape: Farmland Abandonment and Direct Payments
Kazuaki Tsuchiya, Kazu Hagihara

6. Plantation Forest Landscape: The Paradigm Shift in Forestry, a Belowground Ecosystem for Sustainability Land Use
Kazukiyo Yamamoto, Yasuhiro Hirano

7. Inland Water Landscape: Structural and Functional Changes in the Ecosystem
Shigeya Nagayama, Takashi Tashiro, Jyun-ichi Kitamura

8. Coastal Area Landscape: Environmental Changes and the Characteristics of Labor Activities
Hiromi Yamashita, Taito Yasufuku

Part III. Case Studies

9. Methodology
Hiroyuki Shimizu, Chika Takatori, Nobuko Kawaguchi

10. Case Studies in a Variety of Urban Greenspaces: Nagoya City
Nobuko Kawaguchi

11. Urban Landscape Case Study in a Middle City: Matsusaka Chuo District
Nobuko Kawaguchi

12. Case Studies in Urban Forest Neighborhood Landscape Complex Units: Fujimaki Town
Nozomi Fujiwara, Chika Takatori

13. Case Studies in Flatland Farmland Neighborhood Landscape Complex Units: Asami District
Yuki Murase, Jyun-Ichi Kitamura, Nobuko Kawaguchi, Hiroyuki Shimizu, Chika Takatori

14. Case Studies in Paddy Field Satoyama Neighborhood Landscape Complex Units: Nyu District
Chika Takatori, Chiaki Nakatsuji, Hiroyuki Shimizu

15. Case Study of Other Field Satoyama Neighborhood Landscape Complex Units: Kayumi District
Nobuko Kawaguchi, Hiroyuki Shimizu

16. Case Studies in Coastal Neighborhood Landscape Complex Units: Saki-Shima Peninsula
Taito Yasufuku, Hiroyuki Shimizu

17. Integration of Landscape Management Labor Accounts
Hiroyuki Shimizu, Chika Takatori, Nobuko Kawaguchi, Keidai Minamoto

Part IV. Perspectives

18. Urban Planning: Is a Networked Compact City Vision Realistic?
Nobuko Kawaguchi, Akito Murayama

19. Urban Periphery Planning: Concept to Link Urban and Rural Communities in the 21st Century
Toru Terada

20. Rural Planning: Sustainable Management in Collaborative Activities
Kazu Hagihara, Nobuko Kawaguchi, Noriyuki Kawamura

21. Forest Planning: Human Resource Development for Sustainable Forest Planning
Kazukiyo Yamamoto, Yasuhiro Hirano

22. Inland Water System Planning: Management for Ecosystem Rehabilitation
Jyun-ichi Kitamura, Takashi Tashiro, Shigeya Nagayama

23. Coastal Planning: Biodiversity Restoration and Ownership
Hiromi Yamashita, Taito Yasufuku

24. Connection to the Ecosystem Service Studies
Makoto Ooba, Kiichiro Hayashi

25. Conclusion: Towards Sustainable Labor Force Management of Landscapes
Hiroyuki Shimizu, Chika Takatori, Nobuko Kawaguchi

26. Erratum to: Labor Forces and Landscape Management
Hiroyuki Shimizu, Chika Takatori, Nobuko Kawaguchi

Keywords: Geography, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Economic Geography, World Regional Geography (Continents, Countries, Regions), Human Geography

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