Devlin, Brian Clive

History of Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory

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Table of contents

1. A Thematic History of Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory
Brian Devlin, Samantha Disbray, Nancy Devlin

2. A Glimmer of Possibility
Brian Devlin

3. Reflecting on Team Teaching
Beth Graham

4. ‘Bilingual Time’ at Willowra: The Beginnings of a Community-Initiated Program, 1976–1977
Petronella Vaarzon-Morel, Jim Wafer

5. Lessons Learned from Bilingual Education
Kathryn Gale

6. Starting Out at Bamyili: Factors Specific to the Development of the Kriol Program
Dorothy Meehan

7. Boom and then Bust: Lessons Learnt from My Time Teaching in Three Bilingual Schools in the Northern Territory
Mary-Anne Gale

8. The Policy Framework for Bilingual Education in Australian Indigenous Languages in the Northern Territory
Graham McKay

9. Consolidation, Power Through Leadership and Pedagogy, and the Rise of Accountability, 1980–1998
Samantha Disbray, Brian Devlin

10. The Development of Successful Bilingual, Biliterate and Bicultural Pedagogy: Place for Tiwi Teachers and Tiwi Language in Learning
Frances Murray

11. Developing Local Curriculum Materials—Learning Metaphors, Insightful Collaborations, Community Involvement
Michael Christie

12. The Quest for Community Control at Yirrkala School
Trevor Stockley, Banbapuy Ganambarr, Dhuŋgala Munuŋgurr, M. Munuŋgurr, Greg Wearne, W. W. Wunuŋmurra, Leon White, Yalmay Yunupiŋu

13. Language Revitalisation in a Bilingual Program—The Case of Numbulwar School
Therese Carr, Melanie Wilkinson, Philippa Stansell

14. Threatened Closure: Resistance and Compromise (1998–2000)
Brian Devlin

15. Defending Our Program at Wadeye
Tobias Ngardinithi Nganbe

16. Sources of Evidence on Student Achievement in Northern Territory Bilingual Education Programs
Brian Devlin

17. Policy Change in 2008: Evidence-Based or a Knee-Jerk Response?
Brian Devlin

18. The Areyonga Case: U
u Kutju Nintiringanyi ‘Learning Together’
Leonard Freeman, Neil Bell, Tarna Andrews, Peggy Gallagher

19. Policy and Practice Now
Samantha Disbray

20. Starting Out at Yuendumu School—Teaching in Our Own Language
Tess Ross, Wendy Baarda

21. Stories from Central Australian Indigenous Community Schools in the Pintupi-Luritja Region
Meg Mooney

22. Yipirinya School: That Generation, This Generation
Inge Kral

23. The Program at Wadeye, Past and Present
Deminhimpuk Francella Bunduck, Teresa Ward

24. We Did It! A Case Study of Bilingual/Bicultural Education at Ltyentye Apurte Catholic School
Ailsa Purdon, Imelda Palmer

25. Forty Years on: Seeking a Way for the Future—Dhawal’yurr Yuwalkku Dhukarr. Reflections on Bilingual Education at Shepherdson College, Galiwin’ku
Noela Hall

26. Reminiscences: Working Together in a Bilingual Classroom
Nancy R. F. Devlin, Dorothy Gapany

27. Reflections on My Years at Elcho and Mäpuru (1978–2015)
John Greatorex

28. Digital Futures for Bilingual Books
Catherine Bow, Michael Christie, Brian Devlin

Keywords: Education, Language Education, Applied Linguistics, Educational Policy and Politics

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