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Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Discrete Element Methods

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Table of contents

Part I. Plenary and Keynote Lectures

1. DEM Modelling in Geomechanics: Some Recent Breakthroughs
F. Darve, J. Duriez, R. Wan

2. From Particles in Steady State Shear Bands via Micro-Macro to Macroscopic Rheology Laws
S. Luding, A. Singh, S. Roy, D. Vescovi, T. Weinhart, V. Magnanimo

3. Discrete Dynamical Model of Multi-stage Twist Superconducting Cable and Prediction of Its Multilayer Stress-Strain Relationship
X. J. Zheng, S. M. Jia, D. M. Wang

4. A General Contact Theory for Non-spherical Particles
Y. T. Feng

5. DEM Simulations in Mining and Mineral Processing
Xiangjun Qiu

6. Discrete Element Modeling of Ice Loads on Ship and Offshore Structures
Shunying Ji

Part II. DEM Theory and Algorithms

7. Evaluation of Coarse Graining DEM Using Representative Particle Model
Husam A. Elghannay, Danesh K. Tafti

8. On the Apparent Non-coaxiality of the Tangential Interaction
Colin Thornton

9. Sample Size Effect on DEM Simulations of Binary Mixture
Tang-Tat Ng, Wei Zhou

10. Evolutions of Fabric and Contact Forces of Granular Materials Under Continuously Varying b Value Using DEM
Daraporn Phusing, Kiichi Suzuki, Piyapong Srirat

11. Random Packing of Tetrahedral Particles Using the Polyhedral and Multi-sphere Discrete Element Method
Shiwei Zhao, T. Matthew Evans, Xiaowen Zhou

12. Energy Dissipation During Impact of an Agglomerate Composed of Autoadhesive Elastic-Plastic Particles
Lianfeng (David) Liu, Colin Thornton, Stephen James Shaw

13. Effect of Particle Shape on Geogrid-Reinforced Granules
Xinbao Yu, Asheesh Pradhan

14. Applicability Evaluation of Similarity Principle in Discrete Element Analysis
Taeyoung Yun, Heemun Park

15. Studies of the Performance of Particle Dampers in Centrifugal Fields and the Influence of Recovery Coefficient on Vibration Suppression
Wangqiang Xiao, Yuanyi Luo

16. Algorithms and Capabilities of Solidity to Simulate Interactions and Packing of Complex Shapes
Jiansheng Xiang, John-Paul Latham, Ado Farsi

17. Particle Shape Consideration in DEM Triaxial Test Simulations
Mohammad Mohammadnia, Ali A. Mirghasemi

18. Study on the Microscopic Structure and the Bearing Capacity of the Elliptical Granular System in the Random Particle Size
Zhengguo Gao, Zhichang Li, Mohammad Alam

19. Improving Estimates of Critical Time-Steps for Discrete Element Simulations
Shane J. Burns, Kevin J. Hanley

20. Discussion on the Difference of the Grain Particle Parameters in Reality and DEM
Huinan Sun, Zhuoqing Zhang

21. Stochastic Discrete Element Modelling of Rough Particles
T. Zhao, J. Kato, Y. T. Feng

22. Sphere Packing Based on Geometric Algorithm Generation Method
Y. Li, Shunying Ji

23. Verification of an Automated Work Flow for Discrete Element Material Parameter Calibration
Michael Rackl, Kevin J. Hanley, Willibald A. Günthner

24. The Influence of Rolling Resistance on Granular Responses Under Triaxial Loading Paths
W. Zhou, J. Liu, Gang Ma, X. Ma, Xiaolin Chang, C. Zhang

25. An Investigation of Single Particle Crushing Tests on Irregular-Shaped Quartz Sand with DEM
Budi Zhao, Chin Yat Douglas Chow, Jianfeng Wang

26. The Influence of Rotational Resistance on Critical State of Granular Materials
Xiaolin Chang, Y. T. Wang, W. Zhou, Gang Ma, J. Y. Liu

27. A New Method for the Generation of Polydisperse DEM Specimens
Chaomin Shen, Sihong Liu, Yishu Wang

28. Influence of Particle Shape on Mechanical Behavior of Granular Materials
Wei Zhou, Kun Xu, Lifu Yang, Gang Ma

29. The Influence of Particles’ Aspect Ratio on the Shear Behaviour of Granular Materials
Y. H. Xie, Z. X. Yang, D. Barreto

Part III. DEM-FEM Modelling of Granular Materials

30. Advances in Multiscale FEM-DEM Modeling of Granular Materials
Xikui Li, Z. Wang, Y. Du, Q. Duan

31. Modeling the Particle Breakage by Using Combined DEM and SBFEM
T. Luo, E. T. Ooi, A. H. C. Chan, S. J. Fu

32. Numerical Simulations of the Interactions Between a Pneumatic Tire and Granular Sand by 3D DEM-FEM
Zumei Zheng, Mengyan Zang

33. Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method Modeling of Rock Failure Problems
Wei Zhou, Wei Yuan, Xiaolin Chang

34. A New Finite Discrete Element Approach for Heat Transfer in Complex Shaped Multi Bodied Contact Problems
Clément Joulin, Jiansheng Xiang, John-Paul Latham, Christopher Pain

35. Numerical Simulation of In-Plane Loaded Unreinforced Masonry Walls Based on Homogenized Discrete Element Model
Hong Zhang, Xianglin Gu, Xiang Li, Gonglian Chen

36. Study on Micro-Mechanism of Concrete Hydraulic Fracturing Using DEM
Y. Yang, Tang-Tat Ng, Z. Z. Wang, Z. L. Li

37. Finite-Discrete Element Analysis of Interface Shear Damage to HDPE Geomembrane in Contact with Gravel Drainage Layer
Masood Meidani, Mohamed A. Meguid, Luc E. Chouinard

38. Simulation of Particle Dampers Using the Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method—A Simple Case
X. D. Chen, H. F. Wang

39. Investigation on the Integrity of Cement Annulus During Multi-stage Horizontal Fracturing with FEM/DEM
Y. K. Xing, G. Q. Zhang, S. Y. Li, Z. K. Zhang, R. Pan

40. Evaluation of DEM and FEM/DEM in Modeling the Fracture Process of Glass Under Hard-Body Impact
Xinger Wang, Jian Yang, Tong Wang, Wuyue Xiong

41. Multiscale Modeling of Granular Assemblies Based on Different Micromechanical Strain
Wei Zhou, Yong Huang, Gang Ma, Xiaolin Chang

42. Simulation and Characterisation of Packed Columns for Cylindrical Catalyst Supports and Other Complex-Shaped Bodies
Ado Farsi, J. Xiang, John-Paul Latham, M. Carlsson, E. H. Stitt, M. Marigo

Part IV. Contact, Bonding and Constitutive Modeling

43. A Gradient Model for Granular Materials Based on Thermo-micromechanics
C. Xiu, X. Chu

44. Role of DEM in Assessment of Continuum
Equations for Solid–Solid Drag Force with Various Particle Size Ratios
Payman Jalali, Timo Hyppänen

45. Elasticity and Mechanical Response of a Composite Particle System Induced by a Vertical Loading
Dengming Wang, Wei Du

46. Heavy Impact Compaction Modeling and Analysis on Unbound Paving Mixtures
Xiaodong Zhou, Yu Liu, Zhanping You

47. A Simple Multiscale Model for Granular Soils with Geosynthetic Inclusion
H. Cheng, H. Yamamoto, N. Guo, H. Huang

48. A Novel Rock Contact Model Considering Water-Softening and Chemical Weathering Effects
Mingjing Jiang, Wenwen Liu, Zhaowen Liao

49. Investigation of Contact Parameters of DEM Model in Flow Process
X. Xiao, Y. Tan, R. Deng, S. Jiang, Wei Gao, C. Hu

50. On the Stress-Force-Fabric Relationship in Anisotropic Granular Materials
Ehsan Seyedi Hosseininia

51. Influences of Stiffness Ratio, Friction Coefficient and Strength Ratio on the Macro Behavior of Cemented Sand Based on DEM
H. Zhao, Y. Sang, A. Deng, L. Ge

52. A 3D Mesoscopic Model for Simulating Failure Process of Concrete Based on Discrete Element Method
J. Y. Jia, Xianglin Gu

53. DEM Simulation of Random Loose Packings of Micron-Sized Particles with Both Adhesion and Friction
Wenwei Liu, Sheng Chen, Shuiqing Li

54. Preliminary DEM Analysis on Micro-Mechanical Behavior of the Composite Cemented Granules Under Complex Stress Conditions
M. J. Jiang, Wenwen Liu, B. L. Xi, S. L. Jin

Part V. DEM Related Methods

55. CFD-DEM Simulation of Flocculation and Sedimentation of Cohesive Fine Particles
Liu-chao Qiu, Jia-jie Liu, Yi Liu, Peng-zhi Lin, Yu Han

56. Elasticity Constants of Clay Minerals Using Molecular Mechanics Simulations
Jin-ming Xu, Cheng-liang Wu, Da-yong Huang

57. A Comparative Study of Three Classes of Boundary Treatment Schemes for Coupled LBM/DEM Simulations
Jian Wu, Luc Scholtès, Anne-Julie Tinet, Michel Buès

58. Application of the Method of Peridynamics to the Simulation of Hydraulic Fracturing Process
Fan Wu, Shuhui Li, Qinglin Duan, Xikui Li

59. Application of the Coupled Discrete Element Modelling and Modelica Based Multi-body Dynamics in System-Level Modelling
Wei Chen, Marc Etten, Timothy Donohue, Kenneth Williams

60. Equilibrium Distribution Functions in Entropic Lattice Boltzmann Method
Qiang Liu, Wei Xie, Yan Wang

61. Parametric Sensitivity Study of Particle Shape Effect Through 3D Printing
Yu-Feng Su, Bin Zhang, Seung Jae Lee, Beena Sukumaran

62. Study on the Multi-sphere Method Modeling the 3D Particle Morphology in DEM
Yu Zhou, Bo Zhou, Jianmei Li, Huabin Wang

63. An Upgraded CFD-DEM Investigation on the Liquefaction Mechanism of Sand Under Cyclic Loads
M. J. Jiang, J. Liu, C. Sun

64. Controlling the Flow Structure in Fluidized Bed: A CFD-DEM Approach
D. G. Oliveira, O. O. Ayeni, C. L. Wu, K. Nandakumar, J. B. Joshi

Part VI. Granular Flow

65. The Effect of Powder Flowability in the Selective Laser Sintering Process
Yuan-qiang Tan, Jun-hui Zheng, Wei Gao, Sheng-qiang Jiang, Yuntian Feng

66. A DEM Analysis of Particle Climbing in a Vibrating Pipe
F. X. Fan, J. Liu, M. X. Su

67. Influence of Inclined Angles on the Stability of Inclined Granular Flows Down Rough Bottoms
Guanghui Yang, Sheng Zhang, Ping Lin, Yuan Tian, Lei Yang

68. DEM Simulation of Particle Flow in a Parallel-Hopper Bell-Less Blast Furnace Charging Model
Jiayong Qiu, Yusong Xu, Jianliang Zhang, Dianchun Ju

69. Basal Effect in Mono- and Bi-disperse Chute Flows
Lu Jing, Fiona C. Y. Kwok, Andy Y. F. Leung, Yuri D. Sobral

70. LBDEMcoupling: Open-Source Power for Fluid-Particle Systems
Philippe Seil, Stefan Pirker

71. Numerical Simulation of the Particular Flow on an Agricultural Screen with a Complex Motion Based on the Coupling Model of PMBK with DEM
Yang Wang, Jianqun Yu, Yajun Yu, Hong Fu

72. Study on Drag Force Coefficients in Modeling Granular Flows in a Slot-Rectangular Spouted Bed
Huang Zhang, Shuiqing Li

73. The Development of a Simplified System for Measuring the Passage of Particles on and Through Moving Screen Surfaces Using DEM
Olumide Ogunmodimu, Indresan Govender, Aubrey Mainza, Jean-Paul Franzidis

Part VII. DEM in Soil Mechanics

74. Analysis of Strength Characteristics for Granular Materials Based on Discrete Element Simulation
Duo Zhang, Yang Liu, Shun-chuan Wu

75. On the Use of the Uniaxial Shear Test for DEM Calibration
T. J. Donohue, C. M. Wensrich, S. Reid

76. Investigation on the Rate-Dependent Behavior of Sands via DEM
Zhi-chao Wang, Du-min Kuang, Tao Zhao

77. DEM Analysis of Inclined Cone Penetration Test in Structured Sand Ground
M. J. Jiang, Y. N. Shen, C. Fu

78. Exploring the Undrained Cyclic Behaviour of Sand Using DEM
Xin Huang, Catherine O’Sullivan, Zixin Zhang, Chung-yee Kwok, Kevin J. Hanley

79. Effect of Particle Shape on the Formation of Sandpile
Bei-Bing Dai, Jun Yang, Cui-Ying Zhou, Wei Zhang

80. Influence of Inherent Anisotropy on the Soil Behavior in Simple Shear Tests Using DEM
Jiangu Qian, Weiyi Li, Xiaoqiang Gu, Kai Xu

81. Influence of Rigid and Flexible Top Boundaries on Geogrid Pullout Behavior Using DEM
Zhijie Wang, Felix Jacobs, Martin Ziegler

82. DEM Analysis of Cone Penetration Tests in Pure and Structured Sand Grounds
M. J. Jiang, S. Liu, C. Fu

83. Discrete Element Simulation of the Direct Shear Test of Sandy Soil
Yao Jiang, Yanjie Li

84. Micromechanical Simulation of Fines Content Effect of Soils Using the Discrete Element Method
Zhang Chao, Wu Shangwei, Yang Chunhe, Liu Haiming

85. Simulation of Sand–Tire Mixture by Discrete Element Method
Ahmad Mahboubi, Mohsen Asadi Zeidabadi

86. Effect of Different Temperatures and Pore Pressures on Geomechanical Properties of Pore-Filling Type of Methane Hydrate Soils Based on the DEM Simulations
J. He, M. J. Jiang, J. Liu

87. Discrete Element Analysis of the Fabric Evolution of Granular Soils During Cyclic Loading
Mingjing Jiang, An Zhang, Wenhao Du

88. DEM Simulation of Dynamic Compaction with Different Tamping Energy and Calibrated Damping Parameters
Mingjing Jiang, Di Wu, Banglu Xi

Part VIII. DEM in Rock Mechanics

89. Discrete Simulation of Fracturing and Failure of Rock Samples
A. Vervoort, B. Debecker, G. Lysebetten

90. A New Rock Slicing Algorithm with Reduced Data Structure for Discrete Element Method Analyses for Rock Mechanics
C. W. Boon, M. Lazari, S. Utili

91. Meso-Structure Parameters of Discrete Element Method of Sand Pebble Surrounding Rock Particles in Different Dense Degrees
J. F. Lu, C. W. Zhang, P. Jian

92. Dimensions and Brittleness Effect on the Size of Process Zone in Rock-like Material Characterized by Bonded Particle Model
Jianwen Peng, Changhong Li, Ali Tarokh

93. Numerical Simulation of Resonant Column Tests on Jointed Rocks Using DEM
T. G. Sitharam, Sebastian Resmi

94. 3D Numerical Modeling of Strength in Fractured Rock Mass
M. Dehghanipoodeh, A. Baghbanan, M. Laghaei, H. Hashemolhosseini

95. DEM Modeling of Brittle Behavior of Rock Specimens with Two Infilled Flaws
Dong Zhou, Zhihong Zhao

96. Three-Dimensional Discrete Element Model for Tri-axial Tests of Graded Stones Under Different Gradations
He Wang, Biao Ma, Xiaodong Zhou, Yu Liu

97. 3D Discrete Element Model for TBM Cutter Breaking Rock and Dynamic Loads Analysis
Li Wu, Fan Yang, Jian Wang, Guangxin Wang

98. Calibration of Microscopic Mechanical Parameters of Granite Using Actual Distributions and Orthogonal Simulations
Da-yong Huang, Jin-ming Xu, Tao Chen

Part IX. DEM in Chemical Engineering

99. CFD-DEM Simulation of a Conical Spouted Bed Operating with High Density Particles
Shahab Golshan, Reza Zarghami, Navid Mostoufi, Murat Koksal, Gorkem Kulah

100. CFD-DEM Study the Effect of Carrier-Drug Mass Ratio on the Aerosolisation Process in Original and Modified Dry Powder Inhalers
Zhenbo Tong, Wenqi Zhong, Aibing Yu

101. A Numerical Study of the Effect of Loading Profiles on Mixing/Segregation of Particles in the Truck Mixer via DEM
R. Deng, Y. Tan, X. Xiao, H. Zhang, S. Jiang, C. Hu

102. From Micro to Macro: A Comparative Study of DEM and FEM in Modelling Hopper Flow
Qi Luo, Qijun Zheng, Aibing Yu

103. Simulation of Multiphase Reactive Gas Transport Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
Jihoe Kwon, Heechan Cho, Jinyoung Je, Donwoo Lee

104. DEM-CFD Modelling of Electrostatic Phenomena in Fluidization
Chunlei Pei, Chuan-Yu Wu

105. Numerical Simulation of Gas-Solid Flow in a Wurster Fluidized Bed
Hang Zhou, Haigang Wang, Qiuya Tu

106. CFD Simulation of Hydrodynamics of Three-Dimensional Circulating Fluidized Beds with EMMS Model
Q. Tu, H. G. Wang, H. Zhou, W. Wang

107. Investigation of Gas-Solid Flow Dynamics and Heat Transfer in Fluidized Beds by Using DEM-LES Coupling Approach
Shuai Wang, Kun Luo, Chenshu Hu, Jianren Fan

Part X. DEM in Geotechnical and Ocean Engineering

108. Investigating the Origin of the Soil Arch
in the Trapdoor Problem: Photoelastic Measurement and Discrete Element Simulation
Young-Hoon Jung, Tae-Gyun Kim, Danbi Sim, Sang-Young Shin

109. Influence of Base Roughness
on Kinematic and Mechanical Characteristics of Debris Flows
Wei Zhou, Zhiqiang Lai, Lifu Yang, Gang Ma, Yuan Chen, Tianqi Qi

110. Numerical Study on Seismic Isolation Effect of Gravel Cushion
Xueliang Zhao, Qian Zhang, Qi Zhang, Jianming He

111. Interaction Between Floater and Sea Ice Simulated with Dilated Polyhedral DEM
L. Liu, S. Sun, Shunying Ji

112. Investigation into the Soil-Root Composites Using Distinct Element Method
M. J. Jiang, Y. G. Zhu, B. L. Xi

113. Macro and Micro Structural Characteristics of Force Chains in Overlaying Strata Above Top Caving Mining Face
X. G. Han, J. -A. Wang, W. D. Pang, C. Liang

114. DEM Analysis of Small-Displacement Earth Pressure Against a Rigid Retaining Wall with the Wall Moving Towards Structured Sand
M. J. Jiang, M. Y. Niu, J. He, C. Fu

Part XI. Powder Technology

115. Numerical Investigation of Optical Sorting Using the Discrete Element Method
C. Pieper, H. Kruggel-Emden, S. Wirtz, V. Scherer, F. Pfaff, B. Noack, U. D. Hanebeck, G. Maier, R. Gruna, T. Längle, J. Beyerer

116. Dependence of Granular Materials Homogenization on Geometrical Aspects in Commonly Used Mixers via DEM
M. Kohout, T. Barczi, T. Travnickova, J. Havlica, C. Ratnayake

117. The Effect of Rotational Speed on Granular Dynamics and Homogenization in a Vertical Bladed Mixer
J. Havlica, K. Jirounkova, P. Petrus, T. Travnickova, M. Kohout

118. DEM Modelling of Silo Loads Asymmetry Induced by Eccentric Discharge
B. Chen, A. Roberts, T. Donohue

119. Concurrent Adaptive Mass-Conserving Comminution of Granular Materials Using Rigid Elements
Francesco De Cola, Nicola Bombace, Simone Falco, Nik Petrinic

120. Understanding Size Segregation in Tumbling Mills
Rahul K. Soni, B. K. Mishra

Part XII. DEM in Mechanical Engineering

121. Modeling Roughness Effect of Joint Using Rough-Joint Model
Chia-Chi Chiu, Meng-Chia Weng, Tsan-Hwei Huang

122. DEM in Analyses of Nuclear Pebble Bed Reactors
Heikki Suikkanen, Ville Rintala, Juhani Hyvärinen

123. Modified Modeling of Self-twist Process of Multistage Cable Based on Discrete Element Method
S. M. Jia, D. M. Wang, X. J. Zheng

124. DEM Analysis of Interaction Between Granular Materials and a Cutting Blade
Murino Kobayakawa, Shinichiro Miyai, Takuya Tsuji, Toshitsugu Tanaka

125. DEM Simulation of Rubble Ice Accumulation in Front of Water Intake Area of Nuclear Power Plant
N. Xu, X. Long, Shunying Ji, X. Wang, H. Chen, Z. Yu, Z. Xu, W. Chen

126. Optimizing Heavy Equipment for Handling Bulk Materials with Adams-EDEM Co-simulation
D. R. Curry, Y. Deng

Part XIII. DEM in Agricultural Engineering

127. Nonlinear Dynamic Process of Soil Tillage Under Straw Mulching Model
Zhao Jikun, Xing Lei, Huang Shujun

128. Study of Connection Mechanics Model and Mechanical Properties of Corn Kernel Carpopodium Based on DEM
Yajun Yu, Maojian Zhang, Jiyang Yu, Hong Fu, Jianqun Yu

129. The DEM-Based Digital Design Platform for Agricultural Machinery—AgriDEM
Hong Fu, Cong Jin, Jianqun Yu

130. Study on Screening Efficiency of Banana Vibrating Screen Based on 3D DEM Simulation
Jinpeng Qiao, Chenlong Duan, Yuemin Zhao, Haishen Jiang, Hairui Diao

131. Determination and Analysis for Parameters of Shape, Size, Physical and Mechanical Properties of Soybean Grains
Fengyan Lv, Xiaomei Wang, Maojian Zhang, Hong Fu, Jianqun Yu

132. Investigation of the Shape, Dimensions and DEM Modeling Method of Maize Grains
Xiaomei Wang, Fengyan Lv, Jian Liu, Jianqun Yu, Hong Fu

Part XIV. DEM in Transport Engineering

133. Material Transport Study into a SAG Mill by DEM Impact on the Inclination of Lifter
Alejandro Gutiérrez, Fernando Lillo, Sebastián Ugalde

134. Numerical Simulation of the Interaction between the Grousers of Tracked Vehicle and the Soil Using Discrete Element Method
Rui Zhang, Dianlei Han, Qiaoli Ji, Yuan He, Songsong Ma

135. Discharging Trajectory of the Bucket Wheel Stacker-Reclaimer Based on DEM
Yu Li, Gongbo Yang, Jiquan Hu, Wenming Han

136. DEM Analysis of Ballast Breakage Under Train Loads and Its Effect on Mechanical Behaviour of Railway Track
Xu Zhang, Chunfa Zhao, Wanming Zhai

137. Simplified Multi-sphere Model-Based DEM Simulation of Particle Behavior in Hopper During Ship Loading for Dust Control
Yuan Tan, Willibald A. Günthner, Stephan Kessler

Part XV. High Performance DEM Computing

138. GPU DEM Simulations and Experimental Studies of Ball Milling Process for Various Particle Shapes
Patrick Pizette, N. Govender, N. -E. Abriak, Daniel N. Wilke

MercuryDPM: A Fast and Flexible Particle Solver Part A: Technical Advances
T. Weinhart, D. R. Tunuguntla, M. P. Schrojenstein-Lantman, A. J. Horn, I. F. C. Denissen, C. R. Windows-Yule, A. C. Jong, A. R. Thornton

140. Computing Framework of Large-Scale Dilated Polyhedral DEM Particles Simulation Based on GPU
Chi Zhang, Yuxin Wang, Yulong Wang, Lu Liu, Shunying Ji, He Guo

141. Computing with Non-convex Polyhedra on the GPU
Daniel N. Wilke, N. Govender, Patrick Pizette, N. -E. Abriak

142. Industrial Scale Particle Simulations on the GPU Using the Blaze-DEM Code
Nicolin Govender, Daniel N. Wilke, Patrick Pizette, Raj K. Rajamani

143. Simulation of Heat Transfer in Granular Systems with DEM on GPUs
Ping Lin, Sheng Zhang, Xuezhi Zhang, Yuan Tian, Lei Yang

144. Analysis on Motion Behavior of Spherical Shell in a Periodical Shear Flow Based on CUDA Parallel Computing Technique
Xuejie Jiang, Jian Li, Dongxu Wang, Jingwu Pan

Part XVI. DEM Related Experimental Studies

145. Photoelastic Experiments on Force Chain Evolution in Granular Materials under Bilateral Flowing Conditions
M. M. Wang, J. -A. Wang, W. D. Pang, C. Liang

146. The Design and Development of the Granular Material Photoelastic Device with Multiway Loading
Zhengguo Gao, Zhichang Li, Mohammad Alam

147. Determination of Micro-parameters in DEM Through the Whole Surface Deformation Measurement in the Tri-axial Test
Kuang Cheng, Yin Wang, Yan-Bao Mo, Qing Yang, Ying Guo

148. Identification and Analysis of Force Chain Structures in Photoelastic Experiments
C. Liang, J. -A. Wang, M. M. Wang, X. G. Han

149. Study of Shear Behavior of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Granular Materials by Experimentation and Numerical Simulation of Triaxial Test
K. Wu, S. Y. Liu, S. Remond, N. -E. Abriak, Patrick Pizette, F. Becquart

Keywords: Physics, Numerical and Computational Physics, Simulation, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics

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