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LED Lighting for Urban Agriculture

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Table of contents

Part I. Perspective and Significance of LED Lighting for Urban Agriculture

1. Why LED Lighting for Urban Agriculture?
Toyoki Kozai

2. Integrated Urban Controlled Environment Agriculture Systems
K. C. Ting, Tao Lin, Paul C. Davidson

3. Open-Source Agriculture Initiative—Food for the Future?
Caleb Harper

Part II. Plant Growth and Development as Affected by Light

4. Some Aspects of the Light Environment
Toyoki Kozai, Geng Zhang

5. Light Acts as a Signal for Regulation of Growth and Development
Yohei Higuchi, Tamotsu Hisamatsu

6. Factors Affecting Flowering Seasonality
Yohei Higuchi, Tamotsu Hisamatsu

7. Light Environment in the Cultivation Space of Plant Factory with LEDs
Takuji Akiyama, Toyoki Kozai

Part III. Optical and Physiological Characteristics of a Plant Leaf and a Canopy

8. Optical and Physiological Properties of a Leaf
Keach Murakami, Ryo Matsuda

9. Optical and Physiological Properties of a Plant Canopy
Yasuomi Ibaraki

10. Evaluation of Spatial Light Environment and Plant Canopy Structure
Yasuomi Ibaraki

11. Lighting Efficiency in Plant Production Under Artificial Lighting and Plant Growth Modeling for Evaluating the Lighting Efficiency
Yasuomi Ibaraki

12. Effects of Physical Environment on Photosynthesis, Respiration, and Transpiration
Ryo Matsuda

13. Air Current Around Single Leaves and Plant Canopies and Its Effect on Transpiration, Photosynthesis, and Plant Organ Temperatures
Yoshiaki Kitaya

Part IV. Greenhouse Crop Production with Supplemental LED Lighting

14. Control of Flowering Using Night-Interruption and Day-Extension LED Lighting
Qingwu Meng, Erik S. Runkle

15. Control of Morphology by Manipulating Light Quality and Daily Light Integral Using LEDs
Joshua K. Craver, Roberto G. Lopez

16. Supplemental Lighting for Greenhouse-Grown Fruiting Vegetables
Na Lu, Cary A. Mitchell

17. Recent Developments in Plant Lighting
Erik S. Runkle

Part V. Light-Quality Effects on Plant Physiology and Morphology

18. Effect of Light Quality on Secondary Metabolite Production in Leafy Greens and Seedlings
Hiroshi Shimizu

19. Induction of Plant Disease Resistance and Other Physiological Responses by Green Light Illumination
Rika Kudo, Keiji Yamamoto

20. Light Quality Effects on Intumescence (Oedema) on Plant Leaves
Kimberly A. Williams, Chad T. Miller, Joshua K. Craver

Part VI. Current Status of Commercial Plant Factories with LED Lighting

21. Business Models for Plant Factory With Artificial Lighting (PFAL) in Taiwan
Wei Fang

22. Current Status of Commercial Plant Factories with LED Lighting Market in Asia, Europe, and Other Regions
Eri Hayashi

23. Current Status of Commercial Vertical Farms with LED Lighting Market in North America
Chris Higgins

24. Global LED Lighting Players, Economic Analysis, and Market Creation for PFALs
Eri Hayashi, Chris Higgins

25. Consumer Perception and Understanding of Vegetables Produced at Plant Factories with Artificial Lighting
Yuki Yano, Tetsuya Nakamura, Atsushi Maruyama

Part VII. Basics of LEDs and LED Lighting Systems for Plant Cultivation

26. Radiometric, Photometric and Photonmetric Quantities and Their Units
Kazuhiro Fujiwara

27. Basics of LEDs for Plant Cultivation
Kazuhiro Fujiwara

28. Measurement of Photonmetric and Radiometric Characteristics of LEDs for Plant Cultivation
Eiji Goto

29. Configuration, Function, and Operation of LED Lighting Systems
Akira Yano

30. Energy Balance and Energy Conversion Process of LEDs and LED Lighting Systems
Akira Yano

31. Health Effects of Occupational Exposure to LED Light: A Special Reference to Plant Cultivation Works in Plant Factories
Motoharu Takao

32. Moving Toward Self-Learning Closed Plant Production Systems
Toyoki Kozai, Kazuhiro Fujiwara

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Plant Physiology, Classical Electrodynamics, Food Science

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