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Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Intelligent Systems

1. A Condition Monitoring System for Blades of Wind Turbine Maintenance Management
Isaac Segovia Ramirez, Carlos Quiterio Gómez Muñoz, Fausto Pedro García Marquez

2. The Combination of Evolutionary Algorithm Method for Numerical Association Rule Mining Optimization
Imam Tahyudin, Hidetaka Nambo

3. On Interactive Learning and Mutual Trust Within the Innovation Network
Lin Luo, Xin Gu, Qifeng Wei, Huashan Li

4. Influence of the Balanced Global Prospective Payment System for Behavior of Small and Medium Medical Institutions
Ziyang Geng, Li Zhang, Yanting Wang

5. A Study of Urban Natural Disaster Vulnerability Assessment Based on PCA-TOPSIS Method
Xianming Xiong, Yi Lu, Qiulin Li

6. The Support System for a Visual Impaired Person Using Laser Eyewear
Yuko Shimomura, Hiroyuki Kawabe, Hidetaka Nambo, Shuichi Seto, Makoto Suzuki, Mitsuru Sugawara

7. Exploring the Most Important Factor of Chinese Sports Charity by Using System Dynamics Simulation
Linling Zhang, Jie Hu

8. Research About Construction of Public Service Capacity of Safety Production Evaluation Indication System and Evaluation Method
Yu Liu, Chao Chen, Xu Shao, Xinsen Qian, Zhaohui Zhang

9. Hotelling Model Based Dynamic Pricing of Three Sides
Xiaoyang Zhou, Canhui Zhao, Hui Li, Yan Tu

10. Evaluating the Quality Performance of Reconstructive Community Public Health Service Based on Weighted TOPSIS Method
Siqi Jiang, Yang Li, Pengyan Jiang, Lu Gan

11. Artificial Intelligence for Concentrated Solar Plant Maintenance Management
Alfredo Arcos Jiménez, Carlos Quiterio Gómez Muñoz, Fausto Pedro García Marquez, Long Zhang

12. The Effects of Structural Equation Model’s Orders on Patient Satisfaction Index
Zhihan Liu

13. Slotting Optimization of Warehousing System Based on the Hungarian Method
Yuzhen Hu, Song Zhang, Xiaojuan Jia, Jiajia Chen

14. Study of Mutual Relations of Transition Characteristics of Elementary Links with a View to Automatic Structural Identification
Fazil Azin Oglu Alekperli, Mammad Ali Oglu Shabanov

15. Modeling and Simulation of Logistics Integration of Electronic Commerce Online Shopping Platform
Yi Guo

16. Research on Evaluation of Regional Inclusive Innovation Capacity Based on Catastrophe Progression Method
Kunyue Yu, Xin Gu, Changyi Zhao, Yuanyuan Hu

17. Barriers in Adopting M-Banking System in Universities
Adnan Asghar Ali, Asif Kamran

Part II. Logistics Engineering

18. Some Estimations for the Mathematical Expectation of Renewal-Reward Process with Nonnegative Rewards
Veli Bayramov, Rovshan Aliyev

19. Vibrational Control of Objects with Distributed Parameters Using Hydrotreating of Motor Fuels as an Example
Ali Gasan Nagiev, Firuza Allahkuli Aliyeva, Hasan Ali Nagiyev

20. The Impacts of Female Executives on Firm Performances: Based on Principle Component Analysis (PCA) and Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)
Hanlei Wu, Ying Li

21. Research on the Technology Transfer Efficiency Evaluation in Industry-University-Research Institution Collaborative Innovation and Its Affecting Factors Based on the Two-Stage DEA Model
Yuanchun Yu, Xin Gu, Yijun Chen

22. Research on Fault Diagnosis for Air Drilling Based on an Improved PSO for Optimization of Fuzzy Neural Network
Dan Zhang, Tingting Zhu, Yiqing Lv, Jing Hou, Yue He

23. On General Form of Tanh Method and Its Application to Medical Problems
Hamidoğlu Ali

24. Stages and Processes of Self Change of Exercise Behavior: Toward an Integrative Model of Change
Xinyan Guo, Weiying Zhang

25. An Intuitionistic Fuzzy ELECTRE-III Method for Credit Risk Assessment
Feng Shen, Dao Lan, Zhiyong Li

26. A Dynamic Programming-Based Genetic Algorithm for a Joint Pricing Construction Materials Procurement Problem with Uncertainties
Kai Kang, Shuyue Zhou, Yanfang Ma, Xuguang Wei

27. Research on the Enterprise Safety and Low-Carbon Behaviors Management and Application Based on the Evolutionary Game
Tao Zheng, Wenke Wang, Weiqian Dong, Bin Yan, Jinghua Gou

28. Multivariable Analysis for Advanced Analytics of Wind Turbine Management
Alberto Pliego Marugán, Fausto Pedro García Márquez, Mayorkinos Papaelias

29. Fuzzy Logic Controller to Control Voltage and Reactive Power Flow at the Network with Distribute Generation
Ahmadova Tamella Ahmad, Guliyev Huseyngulu Bayram

30. A Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation System Based Delphi–AHP and Its Application to R&D Planning Project Evaluation
Jun Gang, Ying Wei

31. Adaptive Hybrid Genetic Algorithm with Modified Cuckoo Search for Reliability Optimization Problem
Youngsu Yun, Jungbok Jo, Mitsuo Gen

32. Generating Distributions Through Convolution of Characteristic Functions
Syed Ejaz Ahmed, Mohamed Amezziane, Wesley Wieczorek

33. Fast Multi-objective Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for Flow Shop Scheduling Problem
Wenqiang Zhang, Jiaming Lu, Hongmei Zhang, Chunxiao Wang, Mitsuo Gen

34. A Warfare Inspired Optimization Algorithm: The Find-Fix-Finish-Exploit-Analyze (F3EA) Metaheuristic Algorithm
Ali Husseinzadeh Kashan, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Mitsuo Gen

35. Bi-Objective Integer Programming of Hospitals Under Dynamic Electricity Price
Shabnam Mahmoudzadeh Vaziri, Babak Rezaee, Masoud Amel Monirian

Part III. Information Technology

36. Longitudinal Joint Model for Instrument and Person Memories in a Quality of Life Study
Mounir Mesbah

37. Development of the Estimation Method of Resident’s Location Using Bioelectric Potential of Living Plants and Knowledge of Indoor Space
Hidetaka Nambo, Haruhiko Kimura

38. Asymmetric Information Effect on Transshipment Reporting Strategy
Yi Liao, Wenjing Shen, Ben Lev

39. Metasynthesis-Based Intelligent Big Data Processing Paradigm
Ziqiang Zeng, Xinxin Xu, Jonathan Shi

40. The Structure and Mechanism of Voice Behavior: Based on the Perspective of Motivation
Hao Zhou, Lei Feng, Anni Liu

41. The Research of Competitiveness Evaluation Indicators on Chinese OTA Websites Based on OWA and Intuition Fuzzy Theory
Yong Huang, Lili Jiang, Jian Liu, Ronghua Zhu, Liang Zhao

42. Comparing the Efficiency of Public-Private Partnerships with the Traditional Procurement: Based on the Chengdu No. 6 Water Plant B
Chuan Chen, Ping Chen, Qi Wang

43. Multi-sided Market’s Performances in the Presence of Network Externality
Jinjiang Yan, Kai Zhu, Lu Huang, JianKai Xing

44. Application of GA-GMDH Prediction Model in Operational Monitoring of SMEs in Chengdu
Rui Wang, Bingbing Ling, Fuzheng Wang

45. A Study on the Real Estate Price Forecast Model in the Midwest of China–Based on Provincial Panel Data Analysis
Hongchang Mei, Hao Fang

46. A Credit Rating Model for Online P2P Lending Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process
Lin Xu, Yong Zhang

47. An Empirical Study on the Prisoners’ Dilemma of Management Decision Using Big Data
An Yang, Xin Lan, Lielin Huang, Yuling Wang

48. An Approach to the Creation of the Adaptive Control System for Integration of Nonsteady Power Sources into a Common Electric Power Grid
Romen Zakhidov, Abdulla Arifjanov

49. An Inexact Pricing Model for Tradable Water Pollution Emission Permit and Its Application in Chaohu Lake Watershed
Jingneng Ni, Fangqing Ding, Linsong Zhang

50. QPSO-Based Location Selection of 10kV Bench Transformer Distribution Center: Case Study in Guizhou Power Grid
Jiancheng Liu, Dun Xu, Ye Wang, Feng Li

51. An New Framework for MADM with Linguistic Information Under an IT2 FSs Environment
Lin Zhong, Xieyu Yang, Zhibin Wu

52. Located Multiple Depots and Vehicles Routing with Capacity Problem
Masoud Amel Monirian, Shabnam Mahmoudzadeh Vaziri, Asadollah Mahmoudzadeh Vaziri

Part IV. Risk Management

53. Submodel Selection and Post-Estimation of the Linear Mixed Models
Syed Ejaz Ahmed, Eugene Afiamoah Opoku

54. Bi-Level Water Allocation Model Based on Shortage Control
Yan Tu, Ning Ma, Jun Gang, Xiaoyang Zhou, Benjamin Lev

55. A Fuzzy Multi-criteria Decision Making Method for the Financial Statement Quality Evaluation
Nguyen Thi Hoai Thuong, Zongmin Li, Phi Thi Diem Hong

56. Dynamic Programming Optimization Model of End-Stage Renal Disease
Kejia Wang, Xiaoxi Zeng, Muhammad Hashim, Liming Yao

57. Founder Personalities’ Influence on Decision Making of VC Institution: An Empirical Study in China
Yingkai Tang, Wenjun Wang, Yanru Chen, Huang Huang

58. A Stochastic Bilevel Programming Model for the Iron and Steel Production Optimization Problem Under Carbon Trading Mechanism
Zhimiao Tao

59. Gold Price Forecasting and Related Influence Factors Analysis Based on Random Forest
Dan Liu, Zhi Li

60. Exchange Rate and China’s OFDI in Asian Developing Countries: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis
Haiyue Liu, Siyuan Li, Xiaolan Chen

61. An Analysis of the Impact of Medical Insurance Policies on Treatment Selection Among Kidney Disease Patients via System Dynamics
Wanqing Liu, Xiaoxi Zeng, Liming Yao

62. The Bi-Level Optimization Research for Time-Cost-Quality-Environment Trade-Off Scheduling Problem and Its Application to a Construction Project
Huan Zheng

63. Impact Analysis of Urbanization for Chinese Energy Consumption Based on Panel Data of Chinese Provinces
Chao Wang, Liping Fu

64. The Research on Functional Mechanism of Earthquake Rumors and Coping Strategy
Huifeng Zhang, Feng Wang, Na Cui, Ziqi Wang

65. Parametric Analysis of Leadership Styles on Organizational Performance and the Mediating Role of Organizational Innovativeness
Muhammad Nazim, Rashid Saeed, Muhammad Suhail Sharif, Mehreen Ahmed

66. New Balanced Urban–Rural Development for Urbanization in Western China
Ronghe Liu, Changting Wei, Yi Lu, Zhineng Hu

67. Regional Water Resource Allocation Problem in Multi-agent Game: Taking the Water Rights Transfer as Example
Jingqi Dai, Zongmin Li, Nataliia Ivanova

68. Analysis on the Characteristics of Central Urban Area’s Spatial Morphology and Its Cause of Formation in Big Cities
Yi Sheng, Leilei Li

69. Information–Analytical Technologies of Decision Support in Management of Power Systems
Shavkat Ayupov, Abdulla Arifjanov

Part V. Computing Methodology

70. E-Procurement Platform Implementation Feasibility Study and Challenges: A Practical Approach in Iran
Meysam Maleki, Mahmoud Karimi, Haniyeh Reyan, Virgilio Cruz-Machado

71. Female Audit Committee Member’s Characteristics and High Quality External Audit Demand
Rui Xiang, Meng Qin

72. Research for the Medical-Guidance Cognitive Behaviors of Patients in General Hospitals
Yueyu Li

73. Upper and Lower Bounds to a Class of Degenerate Parabolic Equation with Time Dependent Coefficients
Anyin Xia, Xianxiang Pu, Shan Li

74. Empirical Analysis on the Relationship Between Industrial Economy Growth and Environmental Pollution of Sichuan Province
Xinyi Li, Guangjin Li, Hong Wang, Baocai Fan

75. The Performance Evaluation of IURCI of Sichuan Provincial Strategic Emerging Industries
Xiaofeng Li, Qisheng Cheng, Xiaocan Su

76. Simulation of Dynamical Enterprises Process with Application of the Modification Fuzzy Net Petri
Mahommed Aydin Ahmedov, Valeh Azad Mustafayev, Gafar Nariman Atayev, Shafahat Rahim Rahimov

77. Tourism Economic Effect Divergence Analysis–Panel Data Analysis of Hunan Province
Jie Chen, Xiaowen Jie, Song Han

78. A Study on Competencies Model of Executive Talents in China’s Spirits Industry
Xiaoya Sun, Chunxiang Guo

79. College Student Satisfaction Index in China: Model and Empirical Research
Xiangqing Chen

80. Size Effect, Neighbour Effect and Peripheral Effect in Cross-Border Tax Games
Xin Liu

81. Techno-Economical Advances for Maintenance Management of Concentrated Solar Power Plants
Jesús María Pinar Pérez, Fausto Pedro García Márquez, Mayorkinos Papaelias

82. A Review of Investment, Financing and Policies Support Mechanisms for Renewable Energy Development
Yanfei Deng, Wei Guo

83. Problem of Optimal Management of Resources of Industrial Production with Given Statistical Data of Disturbance Parameters
Ali Gasan Nagiev, Firuza Allahkuli Aliyeva, Hasan Ali Nagiyev

84. The Multi-factor Multi-region Decomposition Method for Carbon Emission Reduction
Can Ding, Jing Li, Dong He

85. Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem of Flexible Maintenance Activities with Fuzzy Random Time Windows
Ling Nie

86. Intensified Water Treatment Methods
Gheorghe Duca, Olga Covaliova

87. Constructing Forecasting Model of No-Failure Operation of Pump Stations
Yasin Rustamov, Gorkhmaz Afandiyev

Part VI. Project Management

88. Advances in Hybrid Metaheuristics for Stochastic Manufacturing Scheduling: Part I Models and Methods
Mitsuo Gen, Xinchang Hao, Wenqiang Zhang

89. Advances in Hybrid Metaheuristics for Stochastic Manufacturing Scheduling: Part II Case Studies
Mitsuo Gen, Wenqiang Zhang, Xinchang Hao

90. A Feasibility Analysis of Three Numerical Schemes for the Prediction of Two Phase Transient Flow
Min Luo, Yong Zhang, Jiancheng Hu, Shize Wang, Bin Qi, Zhiguo Qiao

91. Gaming of Green Supply Chain Members Under Government Subsidies—Based on the Perspective of Demand Uncertainty
Hua Zhuo, Song Wei

92. Selection of Reverse Logistics Operating Channels Through Integration of Fuzzy AHP and Fuzzy TOPSIS: A Pakistani Case
Muhammad Nazam, Muhammad Hashim, Jamil Ahmad, Waseem Ahmad, Muhammad Tahir

93. Fresh Produce Dual-Channel Supply Chain Logistics Network Planning Optimization
Xiaoya Sun, Chunxiang Guo

94. Company Z Storehouse Center Layout Optimization
Jianguo Zheng, Wanhua Zhang

95. Production System Performance Improvement by Assembly Line-seru Conversion
Luming Shao, Zhe Zhang, Yong Yin

96. An Improved ACO for the Multi-depot Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Yanfang Ma, Jie Han, Kai Kang, Fang Yan

97. A Novel Inventory and Distribution Planning Model with Non-conforming Items Disposal Under Fuzzy Random Environment
Kai Kang, Wei Pu, Yanfang Ma, Xuguang Wei

98. A Multi-objective Distribution-Return Center Layout Problem in Closed-Loop Supply Chain Under Fuzzy Random Environment
Yanfang Ma, Xiaoyu Wang, Kai Kang, Fang Yan

99. Research on Three-Level Supply Chain Coordination Based on Revenue Sharing Contract and Option Contract
Jiaojiao Cong, Hongchun Wang

100. Exploration on the Path of Green Production Innovation in SMEs from the Perspective of Supply Chain
Hua Wen

101. Evaluation of an E-catalogue Matching Mechanism in Public Procurement Notice Search
Ahmad Mehrbod, Aneesh Zutshi, António Grilo, Virgílio Cruz-Machado

102. A Bid Evaluation Method for Multi-attribute Online Reverse Auction
Ling Li, Xing Liu, Zhineng Hu

103. Dynamic Strategy Based Optimization Method for Inventory Problem: Case Study in Guizhou Power Grid
Ning Liu, Fengjuan Wang

104. Modeling of Stochastic Vertical Stationary Transportation Systems
Asaf Hajiyev, Turan Mammadov, Mirvari Hasratova, Narmina Abdullayeva

Part VII. Industrial Engineering

105. Green and Lean Model for Business Sustainability
Susana Duarte, V. Cruz-Machado

106. Crowdfunding: An Innovative Approach to Start Up with Entrepreneurship
Muhammad Kaleem Khan, Xiujuan Zhao, Umair Akram, Muhammad Hashim, Ahmad Kaleem

107. Empirical Research on Equity Incentives for Executives of Different Industries and Dividend Policy
Chaojin Xiang, Qianyao Li, Xiaoyi Qu

108. Influential Factors Mining on the Development of Classification System of Diagnosis and Treatment
Li Luo, Yuanhang Zheng, Ruihong Shu

109. The Impact of Family Background on Individual’s Temporary Employment Choice: A Chain Mediation Model
Xiaoye Qian, Xianli Zheng, Hao Zhou

110. Analysing Influences Factors of Knowledge Transfer Between University and Industry
Zezhong Wu, Bin Ma

111. Discrete Time-Cost-Environment Trade-Off Problem and Its Application to a Large-Scale Construction Project
Huan Zheng, Lin Zhong

112. Impulsive Buying: A Qualitative Investigation of the Phenomenon
Umair Akram, Peng Hui, Muhammad Kaleem Khan, Muhammad Hashim, Sehrish Khan Saduzai

113. Rebuilding Self-Control After Ego Depletion: The Role of Positive Emotions
Shiyang Gong, Qian Li

114. Impact Mechanism Study Between Sport Sponsorship Fit Degree and Brand Trust
Gaofu Liu, Minghua Jiang

115. Resource Conflict Identification-Resolution-Based Construction Temporary Facilities Layout Framework in a Dam Construction Project
Xiaoling Song, Rui Qiu, Charles Shen, Feniosky Peña-Mora

116. Study on Impact Factor of Quality of Life Among Adult After the Lushan Earthquake
Lili He, Yanhua Liu

117. Power Plants Planning Modelling-Based Carbon Emission Allowance Allocation Problem with Changing Supply-Demand Relationship
Ye Wang, Tao Zhang, Yijun Zhou, Chengwei Lv

118. Popularity Evaluation of Lean Thinking in Southwest China
Richard Adu Agyapong, Yi Lu, Shinebayar Choidorj, Troy Harpe

119. An Overview of Earned Value Management in Airspace Industry
Juan Carlos Meléndez Rodriguez, Joaquín López Pascual, Pedro Cañmero Molina, Fausto Pedro Garcła Márquez

120. Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model for Flight Safety Evaluation Research Based on an Empowerment Combination
Fumin Deng, Chunqing Wang, Xuedong Liang

Part VIII. Decision Making Systems

121. A Study on the Macro Economic Antecedents and Trends of Mobile Banking Services in Bangladesh
Shibli Rubayat Ul Islam, Mohammad Tareq

122. Impact of Military Spending on External Debt in Indebt Developing Countries: A Cross Country Analysis
Shariq Ahmed, Asif Kamran

123. The Impact of Mutual Fund Ranking on Risk Adjustment
Kun Li, Han Chen, Youxin Zhang, Jay Lu

124. Institutional Investors, Managers’ Power and Environmental Performance Information Disclosure: Evidence from Listed Firms of Heavy Polluting Industries in Shanghai Stock Exchange of China
Jing Xu, Liming Zhang

125. Financial Performance Early-Warning of Drilling
Yue He, Can Zhu, Jing Yin, Hongming Zhu

126. Adverse Selection Incentive Model and Contract Analysis
Hong Cheng, Hongmei Guo, Xianyu Wang

127. Local Government Debt Risk, Fiscal Expenditure Efficiency and Economic Growth
Hong Wang, Jie Huang, Huiyu Li

128. An Empirical Study on the Influence of the Corporate Social Responsibility to Stakeholders
Xiaoping Li

129. An Ecological Carrying Capacity Analysis of the Low-Carbon Economic Development of Downtown Leshan
Zhiyi Meng, Xiaotong Jian

130. An Analysis of Rumor Propagation Based on Event Ambiguity
Yi Zhang

131. The Study on the Credit Risk Assessment of Borrower in P2P Network of China
Dan Jiang, Xiaoqin Li

132. Research on Financing Risks of Green Residential Buildings: A Case Study of the Chengdu Langshi Green Blocks
Liang Liu

133. Social Risk Assessment Index System by Composite Catastrophe Models: A Case Study in Contemporary China
Hong Li, Huifeng Zhang, Feng Wang, Ziqi Wang

134. Technology Innovation-Oriented Complex Product Systems R&D Investment and Financing Risk Management: An Integrated Review
Lei Xu, Shiyun Tang

135. The Effect of Macroeconomic Factor Fluctuation on Tourism Demand
Junrong Liu

136. A Dynamic Evaluation of the Comprehensive Carrying Capacity of Chengdu Urban
Yunqiang Liu, Fang Wang

137. Robust Estimation of Capability Index
Syed Ejaz Ahmed, Abdulkadir Hussein, R. Ghori

138. Green Credit Policy and the Maturity of Corporate Debt
Liangcheng Wang, Yi Zhu

139. Erratum to: Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management
Jiuping Xu, Asaf Hajiyev, Stefan Nickel, Mitsuo Gen

Keywords: Business and Management, Operation Research/Decision Theory, Communications Engineering, Networks, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing

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