Bajpai, Ram P.

Innovative Design and Development Practices in Aerospace and Automotive Engineering

Bajpai, Ram P. - Innovative Design and Development Practices in Aerospace and Automotive Engineering, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Promising Configurations for Future Passenger Aircraft
Dieter Scholz

2. Ultrasonic Material Characterization and Testing of Anisotropic Components
Eckhardt Schneider, Christian Boller

3. Measurement of Some Special Parameters of Engines
P. A. Lakshminarayanan

4. The Wind Tunnel Test and Unsteady CFD of an Ornithopter Formation
Lung-Jieh Yang, Hsi-Chun Lee, Ai-Lien Feng, Chien-Wei Chen, Jenmu Wang, Yuan-Lung Lo, Chia-Kuo Wang

5. Strategies for Better Fuel Economy, Light Weighting, and Friction Reduction in Cylinder Components of IC Engines
R Mahadevan

6. Fatigue and Fracture Reliability of Additively Manufactured Al-4047 and Ti-6Al-4V Alloys for Automotive and Aerospace Applications
Shafaqat Siddique, Frank Walther

7. Recent Advances in High Temperature Structural Integrity
Shan-Tung Tu

8. Future Technology Scenarios for Urban Mobility in India
Shankar Venugopal

9. Wiring the Tin–Silver–Copper Alloy by Fused Deposition Modeling
Yuh-Chung Hu, Yi-Ta Wang, Hsiu-Hsien Wu

10. Design and Study of Aerodynamics of Wind-Solar Hybrid System for Domestic Application by Using Balsa Wood
Nikhil V. Nayak, P. P. Revankar, M. B. Gorawar

11. An Automated System for Motioning the Cargo for Ground and Air Operations
Utsav Bhardwaj

12. Analytical Studies on TIG Welding of TI–6AL–4V Alloy Plates Using CAE
T. V. B. Babu, V. Ajay, N. Nagendran

13. Shape Parameterization of Airfoil Shapes Using Bezier Curves
A Shikhar Jaiswal

14. Flow Configuration Influence on Darcian and Forchheimer Permeabilities Determination
Hussain Najmi, Eddy E L Tabach, Khaled Chetehouna, Nicolas Gascoin, Safaa Akridiss, François Falempin

15. An Experimental Study on Flow of Micronized Silicon Carbide Particles Through Sintered Porous Materials
Aswin Chinnaraj, Eddy E L Tabach, Khaled Chetehouna, Nicolas Gascoin

16. Design and Fabrication of a Quick Dismantlable Remotely Controlled Semirigid Finless Airship
Sohrab R. Mistr, Rajkumar S. Pant

17. Experimental and Simulation Study of Modified Acoustic Horn Design for Sonic Soot Cleaning
Deshmukh N. Nilaj, Arti Vishwanath

18. Fuzzy Logic Simulation for Brake-by-Wire Control System
Pajarla Saiteja, S. Jeyanthi

19. Effect of Permeability on the Rayleigh-Type Acoustic Streaming
Neetu Srivastava

20. Effect of Print Angle on Mechanical Properties of FDM 3D Structures Printed with POM Material
Yi-Ta Wang, Yi-Ting Yeh

21. Finite Element Analysis of Surface Grinding Process Using Nanofluids
Ongolu Suresh Babu, Venkata Ramesh Mamilla, G. Lakshmi Narayana Rao

22. Resonance Behavior of Steam Turbine Blades with Zigzag Lacing Pins
B. L. Jaiswal

23. Optimization of GTAW Process Parameters on Mechanical Properties of AA 7075-T6 Weldments
K. S. Pujari, D. V. Patil

24. Experimental Investigation on the Effectiveness of Active Control Mechanism on Base Pressure at Low Supersonic Mach Numbers
Zakir Ilahi Chaudhary, Vilas B. Shinde, Musavir Bashir, Sher Afghan Khan

25. A Review on the Trends and Developments in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
C. Parag Jose, S. Meikandasivam

26. Design of Expert Combustion Monitoring System
S. Yuvaraj, K. M. Kiran Babu, P. Kaleeshwaran, S. Tamilselvan

27. Structural Performance Analysis of SAE Supra Chassis
Shubham Thosar, Antriksh Mutha, S. A. Dharurkar

28. Parametric Optimization of FSAE Restrictor for Random Vibrational Analysis
A V Pavankumar, R Suraj, Puneet Kumar, H S Shiva Prasad, Kumar K Gowda

29. Taguchi’s Parametric Approach in Optimizing Selective Inhibition Sintering Process Variables
P. Arunkumar, E. Balasubramanian

30. Design of an Aircraft Wing for Given Flight Conditions and Planform Area
H. P. Bharath, H. K. Narahari, A. T. Sriram

31. Investigations on the Influence of Mechanical Behaviour of Copper Aluminium Nickel Powder Compacts Processed Through Powder Metallurgy
Abirami, K. Thiruppathi, S. Raghuraman

32. Investigations on the Performance of Various Bio-Fuels Along with Low Thermal Conductivity Piston Crown in a Diesel Engine
Akkaraju H. Kiran Theja, Rayapati Subbarao

33. Design and Development of FPGA-Based MAGLEV System for a Low-Speed Wind Tunnel
Sumukh Surya, D B Singh

34. Performance Investigation of High Temperature Combustion Technology (HiCOT) Using CFD Simulation
T. Yokesh, M. Manjunath, P. Prithivi, S. Ravi Shankar, P. S. Premkumar

35. Calculation of Theoretical Performance of Boron-Based Composite Solid Propellant for the Future Applications
Syed Alay Hashim, Manu Lahariya, Srinibas Karmakar, Arnab Roy

36. PreSTo Wing Module Optimization for the Double Trapezoidal Wing
Karunanidhi Ramachandran, Dieter Scholz

37. Optimization Technique Applied for Method of Evaluation of a Controllable Factor of FSAE Car Chassis
R Suraj, A. V. Pavan Kumar, Abhilash P Kulkarni, S Kiran Aithal, R Vinutha

38. Multi-objective Optimization of EDM Process Parameters Using PCA and TOPSIS Method During the Machining of Al-20%SiCp Metal Matrix Composite
N. Pallavi Senapati, Rawnak Kumar, S. Tripathy, Amruta Rout

39. Study of Static Stall Characteristics of a NACA 0012 Aerofoil Using Turbulence Modeling
Aarjav Malhotra, Arpan Gupta, Pradeep Kumar

40. Effect of Compaction Aspect Ratio on Wear Characteristics of Sinter Extruded Pure Copper Processed Through Powder Metallurgy Route
S. Shruthi, S. Venkatakrishnan, S. Raghuraman, R. Venkatraman

41. Optimization of Process Parameters and Investigation on Surface Characteristics During EDM and Powder Mixed EDM
S. Tripathy, D. K. Tripathy

42. Evaluation of Tensile Properties of Natural Silk and Coir Fibers
S. Gowthaman, C. Gowri Sankar, P. Chandrakumar

43. Comparison of Turbulence Models in Simulating Axisymmetric Jet Flow
B. T. Kannan, S. Karthikeyan, Senthilkumar Sundararaj

44. Finite Element Analysis of High Strength Polymers Interaction with Inhibitors in Selective Inhibition Sintering Process
A. Aravind, T. N. Siddiqui, P. Arunkumar, E. Balasubramanian

45. Optimization of Process Parameters of Powder Additive-Mixed Electrical Discharge Machining
Pallavi Chaudhury, Sikata Samantaray, Sibakanta Sahu

46. A Spring-Activated Quick-Response Mechanism for Legs of a Mooring Mast: Conceptual Design and Analysis
Utsav Bhardwaj, Syed Khaleelullah, Rajkumar S. Pant

47. Aluminum Agglomerate Size Measurements in Composite Propellant Combustion
K. Jayaraman, G. Boopathy

48. Handling Simulation and Experimentation of an Armoured Multi-axle Vehicle with Multi-axle Steering
V. V. Jagirdar, V. P. Maskar, M. W. Trikande

49. Analysis of Air-to-Air Rotary Regenerator for HVAC Systems Using CFD
S. Mahesh, B. Jayaraman, R. Madhumitha

50. Design and Optimization of a Steering Knuckle of FSAE Car
Antriksh Mutha, Shubham Thosar, Nikhil Ghodmare

51. CFD Analysis of Flapping Wing for MICAV Application
P. Srinivasa Murthy

52. GA-Based Multi-objective Optimal Control of Nonlinear Quarter Car Suspension
M. P. Nagarkar, G. J. Vikhe Patil

53. Study of the Influence of the Process Variables on Formability and Strain Distribution in Incremental Sheet Metal Working of AA 1050 Sheets
M Amala Justus Selvam, R Velu, T Dheerankumar

54. Operating Characteristics of Multi-cylinder Petrol Engine Using LPG With Methanol
S. Somasundaram, T. Mohanraj, S. Pasupathy Raju, K. Murugu Mohankumar

55. Advances in Light Weight Materials for Body-in-White (BIW)
Avinash Arankalle

56. Health Monitoring for Armoured Fighting Vehicles
N. Ponnusamy, K. Vijayalakshmi, M. Vasantharaj

57. Orbital Parameters Variations of IRNSS Satellites
S Sivaraj, Umesh Swami, R. Babu, S. C Rathnakara

58. Cabin Control System on Temperature Impact Using Occupant Detection Scheme for M1 Category Vehicles
Surender Dhanasekaran, Andhavarapu Siva, Kevin Nesamani, Patil Pritam

59. Viabilities of Replacing Combustion Engine by Electromagnetic Engine
Anirudh Satya Duvvuri, N. Venkatachalapathi

60. Comparative Approach Toward Modified Smith Predictor and Back Calculation design for Conical Tank Level Process Control
Eadala SarathYadav, Thirunavukkarasu Indiran

61. A Study on Effect of Piston Bowl Shape on Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Diesel Engine
K. Sakthisaravanasenthil, S. Senthilkumar, G. Sivakumar

62. Investigation of a Novel Turboprop-Driven Aircraft Concept Including Future Technologies
Andreas Johanning, Dieter Scholz

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Automotive Engineering

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