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Children’s Knowledge-in-Interaction

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Table of contents

1. Children’s Knowledge-in-Interaction: An Introduction
Amanda Bateman, Amelia Church

2. Epistemic Trajectories in the Classroom: How Children Respond in Informing Sequences
Rod Gardner, Ilana Mushin

3. Questions and Answers, A Seesaw and Embodied Action: How a Preschool Teacher and Children Accomplish Educational Practice
Sara Dalgren

4. Web Searching as a Context to Build on Young Children’s Displayed Knowledge
Sandra Houen, Susan Danby, Ann Farrell, Karen Thorpe

5. Mathematics Knowledge in Early Childhood: Intentional Teaching in the Third Turn
Caroline Cohrssen, Amelia Church

6. Pursuing a Telling: Managing a Multi-unit Turn in Children’s Storytelling
Amanda Bateman, Margaret Carr

7. Co-producing Cultural Knowledge: Children Telling Tales in the School Playground
Maryanne Theobald, Susan Danby

8. Don’t Laugh! Socialization of Laughter and Smiling in Pre-school and School Settings
Mats Andrén, Asta Cekaite

9. Schoolyard Suspect: Blame Negotiations, Category Work and Conflicting Versions Among Children and Teachers
Ann-Carita Evaldsson

10. The Preschool Entrance Hall: A Bilingual Transit Zone for Preschoolers
Polly Björk-Willén

11. Sparkling, Wrinkling, Softly Tinkling: On Poetry and Word Meaning in a Bilingual Primary Classroom
Rizwan-ul Huq, Katarina Eriksson Barajas, Jakob Cromdal

12. Relating with an Unborn Baby: Expectant Mothers Socializing Their Toddlers in Japanese Families
Akira Takada, Michie Kawashima

13. Young Children’s Initial Assessments in Japanese
Matthew Burdelski, Emi Morita

14. Learning How to Use the Word ‘Know’: Examples from a Single-Case Study
Michael Forrester

15. The Emergence of Story-Telling
Anna Filipi

16. “What Does It Say About It?”: Doing Reading and Doing Writing as Part of Family Mealtime
Gillian Busch

17. Producing Knowledge with Digital Technologies in Sibling Interaction
Brooke Scriven

18. “You Can Get Cyberbullied by Your Friends”: Claiming Authority to Categorise a Past Event as Bullying
Justin Canty

19. ‘It’s Gonna Work’: Spontaneous Activity and Knowledge Management by a Child with Asperger’s Syndrome
Johanna Rendle-Short

Keywords: Education, Early Childhood Education, Applied Linguistics, International and Comparative Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Sociology of Education

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