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Algebra and its Applications

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Table of contents

1. On Some Classes of Module Hulls
Jae Keol Park, S. Tariq Rizvi

2. Spined Product Decompositions of Orthocryptogroups
Akihiro Yamamura

3. Generalized Skew Derivations and g-Lie Derivations of Prime Rings
Vincenzo Filippis

4. Additive Representations of Elements in Rings: A Survey
Ashish K. Srivastava

5. Notes on Commutativity of Prime Rings
Shuliang Huang

6. Generalized Derivations on Rings and Banach Algebras
Shervin Sahebi, Venus Rahmani

7. A Study of Suslin Matrices: Their Properties and Uses
Ravi A. Rao, Selby Jose

8. Variations on the Grothendieck–Serre Formula for Hilbert Functions and Their Applications
Shreedevi K. Masuti, Parangama Sarkar, J. K. Verma

9. de Rham Cohomology of Local Cohomology Modules
TonyJ. Puthenpurakal

10. Central Quotient Versus Commutator Subgroup of Groups
Manoj K. Yadav

11. Robinson–Schensted Correspondence for the Walled Brauer Algebras and the Walled Signed Brauer Algebras
A. Tamilselvi, A. Vidhya, B. Kethesan

Gamma -Semigroups: A Survey
M. K. Sen, S. Chattopadhyay

13. Comparability Axioms in Orthomodular Lattices and Rings with Involution
N. K. Thakare, B. N. Waphare, Avinash Patil

14. Structure Theory of Regular Semigroups Using Categories
A. R. Rajan

15. Biorder Ideals and Regular Rings
P. G. Romeo, R. Akhila

16. Products of Generalized Semiderivations of Prime Near Rings
Asma Ali, Farhat Ali

n-Strongly Gorenstein Projective and Injective Complexes
C. Selvaraj, R. Saravanan

18. Generalized Derivations with Nilpotent Values on Multilinear Polynomials in Prime Rings
Basudeb Dhara

19. Properties of Semi-Projective Modules and their Endomorphism Rings
Manoj Kumar Patel

20. Labeling of Sets Under the Actions of overrightarrow{{A}_{n}}
Ram Parkash Sharma, Rajni Parmar, V. S. Kapil

21. Zero-Divisor Graphs of Laurent Polynomials and Laurent Power Series
Anil Khairnar, B. N. Waphare

22. Pair of Generalized Derivations and Lie Ideals in Prime Rings
Basudeb Dhara, Asma Ali, Shahoor Khan

23. On Domination in Graphs from Commutative Rings: A Survey
T. Tamizh Chelvam, T. Asir, K. Selvakumar

24. On Iso-Retractable Modules and Rings
A. K. Chaturvedi

25. Normal Categories from Completely Simple Semigroups
P. A. Azeef Muhammed

26. Ordered Semigroups Characterized in Terms of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Ideals
Noor Mohammad Khan, Mohammad Aasim Khan

27. On a Problem of Satyanarayana Regarding the Recognizability of Codes
R. D. Giri

Keywords: Mathematics, Algebra, Sequences, Series, Summability, Graph Theory

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Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
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16 pages
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