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Emerging Trends in Electrical, Communications and Information Technologies

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Table of contents

Part I. Trends in Knowledge and Data Engineering, Big Data and Advanced Computing Techniques, Computer Networks, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

1. An Enhanced Mechanism for Balanced Job Scheduling Based on Deadline Control in Computational Grid
K. Jairam Naik, A. Jagan, N. Satyanarayana

2. A Secure Location-Based Coupon Redeeming System
J. Maruthi Nagendra Prasad, A. Subramanyam

3. Sanskrit as Inter-Lingua Language in Machine Translation
Sunita Chand

4. Scalability in Virtualization
Chandrika Prasad, H. M. Varun, M. T. Vijay kumar, K. Yashaswini, G. Suhas

5. Blind Spectrum Sensing Techniques in Cognitive Radio-Survey
S. Vasundara, D. Raghavaraju, D. Venkatesh

6. Offline Data Synchronization with Occasionally Connected Databases Using Smart-IPMS
R. M. Jagadish, L. Swarna Jyothi, Rohini Patil

7. An Empirical Analysis of Unsupervised Learning Approach on Medical Databases
Ritu Chauhan, Harleen Kaur, Roma Puri

8. Applying Agile Programming and Design Patterns in IT Domain
V. Dattatreya, K. V. Chalapati Rao, V. M. Rayudu

9. A Novel Approach to Improve the System Performance by Proper Scheduling in Memory Management
Jisha P. Abraham, Sheena Mathew

10. Query Performance Prediction Using Joint Inverse Document Frequency of Multiple Terms
P. Viswanath, J. Rohini, Y. C. A. Padmanabha Reddy

11. Removal of High Density Salt and Pepper Noise from the Image Using CMA
S. Vijaya Kumar, C. Nagaraju

12. Neural Network—Based Diesel Engine Emissions Prediction for Variable Injection Timing, Injection Pressure, Compression Ratio and Load Conditions
M. Shailaja, A. V. Sita Rama Raju

13. Control System of Mobile Robotic Complex Based on Mini Tractor “Belarus 132H”
Makpal Zhartybayeva, Tamara Zhukabayeva, Ainur Zhumadillayeva

14. CA Based Design of Fault Detection Unit for Hierarchical Directories in Scalable CMPs
Supriti Mukherjee, Bhanu Pratap Singh, M. Chinnapureddy, Chandan Koley, Mamata Dalui

15. A New Stratified Immune Based Approach for Clustering High Dimensional Categorical Data
G. Surya Narayana, D. Vasumathi, K. Prasanna

16. Multiclass SVM Classifier with Named Entity Recognition for Scheduling Workflows in Cloud
Jyothi Bellary, E. Keshava Reddy

17. Spatial Data Analysis Using Various Tree Classifiers Ensembled With AdaBoost Approach
S. Palaniappan, T. V. Rajinikanth, A. Govardhan

18. Critical Analysis of Congestion Control for the Future Networks
G. N. Vivekananda, P. Chenna Reddy

Part II. Trends in Image and Speech Processing, VLSI and Embedded Systems, Communications Technology

19. An Intelligent Frame Work System for Finger Touch Association on Planar Surfaces
S. Asif Hussain, M. N. Giri Prasad, Chandrashekar Ramaiah

20. Robust Invisible Watermarking for Image Authentication
Priyanka R. Kulkarni, Altaaf O. Mulani, P. B. Mane

21. Automatic Digital Modulation Recognition System Using Feature Extraction
H. L. Punith Kumar, Lakshmi Shrinivasan

22. A Secure Route Discovery Protocol for AODV Based Mobile Adhoc Networks Using Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography
P. Vijayakumar, R. Rajashree, P. Sandhya

23. An IoT Based Remote Monitoring of Landfill Sites Using Raspberry Pi2
K. Tharun Kumar Reddy, P. Ajay Kumar Reddy, P. Siva Nagendra Reddy, G. N. Kodanda Ramaiah

24. Design of Common Source Amplifier Using Amorphous Silicon TFT
G. Srikanth, B. S. Kariyappa, B. V. Uma

25. Design of Ultra Low Power Asynchronous Domino Logic Pipeline Using Critical Data Path
K. Nirmala, P. Prasanth Babu, K. Prasanth, D. Maruthi Kumar

26. Contrast Based Color Plane Selection for Binarization of Historical Document Images
M. E. Paramasivam, R. S. Sabeenian

27. Signature Wavelet Identification of Sounds of Musical Instruments Using RLS Algorithm
Raghavendra Sharma, V. Prem Pyara

28. Study on Influence of Hip Trajectory on the Balance of a Biped Robot
Ravi Kumar Mandava, Pandu R. Vundavilli

29. A Novel Technique for Edge Detection Using Gabor Transform and K-Means with FCM Algorithms
D. Maruthi Kumar, K. Prashanth, Praneel Kumar Peruru, P. Charishma Kumar Reddy

Part III. Trends in Renewable Energy and Control Systems, Power Systems, Power Electronics, Power Quality and FACTS

30. Prims Aided Floyd Warshall Algorithm for Shortest Path Identification in Microgrid
O. V. Gnana Swathika, S. Hemamalini

31. A Comparative Study of Decoupler Design Techniques for TITO Control Processes
R. Hanuma Naik, D. V. Ashok Kumar, K. S. R. Anjaneyulu

32. An Adaptive Hybrid Optimization Algorithm for OPF for Non-smooth Fuel Cost Functions with Facts Device
A. Immanuel, Ch. Chengaiah

33. Finite Set Model Predictive Current Control of Three Phase Neutral Point Clamped Inverter with Reduced Leg Count
Eedara Aswani Kumar, K. Chandra Sekhar, R. Srinivasa Rao

34. Coordination of Energy Storage Devices in Hybrid Power Systems
Aayush Sharma, K. Jamuna

35. Design of Closed Loop Controller for DC-DC Converter by Using K-Factor Method Used For Renewable Energy Applications
K. M. Ravi Eswar, D. Elangovan

36. Application of Bio-Inspired MPPT Techniques for Photovoltaic System
Jagadish Kumar Patra, Soumya Bhanu Mohanty, H.M. Tania, D. Elangovan, G. Arunkumar

37. Active Power Loss Minimization in Radial Distributed Micro Grid Incorporating Distribution Generators
S. Angalaeswari, K. Jamuna

38. Loop Interaction and It’s Influence in Multivariable Process Control
R. Hanuma Naik, D. V. Ashok Kumar, K. S. R. Anjaneyulu

39. Four Level Boost Converter for Linear Loads
H.M. Tania, Jagadish Kumar Patra, Vinson John, D. Elangovan, G. Arunkumar

40. Field Failure Rate Reduction Through ESS with MATLAB Based GUI
K. Susanna, Swarna Bai Arniker, K. Sita Rama Rao, M. Anka Rao

41. A Novel Space Vector Approach Using Shoot Through State for Three Level Z Source Inverter
B. M. Manjunatha, D. V. Ashok Kumar, M. Vijaya Kumar

42. Impact of Distribution Generation on Losses of Distribution System
K. Kirubarani, A. Peer Fathima

43. Performance Analysis of Shunt and Hybrid Active Power Filter Using Different Control Strategies for Power Quality Improvement
S. Shamshul Haq, D. Lenine, S. V. N. L. Lalitha

44. A Unique Tuning of PID Controller Using Particle Swarm Optimizer for Modern Multilevel Inverter Fed Micro-grid System
P. Hemachandu, V. C. Veera Reddy, N. Kusuma, D. Mohan Reddy, P. Divya Prasad

45. Optimal Operation of an Integrated Power Distribution System Fed with Renewable Energy Sources, Diesel Generation and Battery Storage
D. Ravi Kumar, K. C. Archana, G. S. Raju

46. Mitigation of Power Quality Problems in Distribution System Using D-STATCOM
N. Visali, Kamarthi Sridevi, N. Sreenivasulu

47. Location of IPFC Under Contingency Condition in Power System
B. V. Rami Reddy, P. Sujatha, Y. V. Siva Reddy

Keywords: Engineering, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Nanotechnology and Microengineering, Energy Systems, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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