Jeong, Young-Sik

Advanced Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Network Traffic Classification Model Based on MDL Criterion
Ying Zhao, Junjun Chen, Guohua You, Jian Teng

2. What Motivates Users to Play Mobile Phone Games More?
Wonjin Jung, Taehwan Kim

3. A Certain Theory Based Trust and Reputation Model in VANETs
Na Fan, Zongtao Duan, Chao Wang, Qinglong Wang

4. A Weakly-Secure and Reliable Network Coding Scheme
Hao Wu, Hui Li, Mengjing Song

5. Elderly People and Their Attitude Towards Mobile Phones and Their Applications—A Review Study
Blanka Klimova, Petra Maresova

6. AI Meets Geography: A Heuristic Geographic Routing Algorithm for Wireless Networks
Shijie LV, Jinchen AN, Hui LI

7. A Content-Aware Expert Recommendation Scheme in Social Network Services
Young-Sung Shin, Hyeong-Il Kim, Jae-Woo Chang

8. Automated Theorem Finding by Forward Reasoning Based on Strong Relevant Logic: A Case Study in Tarski’s Geometry
Hongbiao Gao, Jingde Cheng

9. The Potential of mCommerce for Seniors in Developed Countries
Petra Maresova, Blanka Klimova

10. A Supporting Environment for Contract-Based Programming with Ada 2012
Bo Wang, Hongbiao Gao, Jingde Cheng

11. Economic and Technological Aspects of Business Intelligence in European Business Sector
Petra Maresova, Blanka Klimova

12. A Dual-Process Technique for Risk Decision Making by Implicating Equate-to-Differentiate Approach
Yu Xiang, Lei Bai, Bo Peng, Li Ma

13. A Method for Knowledge Checking Service Selection with Incomplete Weight Information Based on the Grey Related Analysis and Data Envelopment Analysis in Fuzzy Environment
Ming Li, Yuqi Yu, Yingcheng Xu

14. A Secure Range Query Processing Algorithm for the Encrypted Database on the Cloud
Hyeong-Il Kim, Munchul Choi, Hyeong-Jin Kim, Jae-Woo Chang

15. Enabling Consumer Trust Upon Acceptance of IoT Technologies Through Security and Privacy Model
Wazir Zada Khan, Mohammed Y Aalsalem, Muhammad Khurram Khan, Quratulain Arshad

16. Defects Extraction for QFN Based on Texture Detection and Region of Interest Selection
Kai Chen, Zhisheng Zhang, Yuan Chao, Fuyun He, Jinfei Shi

17. Perceptron: An Old Folk Song Sung on a New Stage
Yuping Li

18. Simulation of Explosion Using the Ideal Viscoelastic Object Yield Condition
Byeong-Seok Shin, Gyeong-Su Kim, Su-Kyung Sung

19. Distributed Cluster Collaboration Strategy for Object Association and Identification in Large Areas
Sangjin Hong, Nammee Moon

20. Experimental Study of Real-Time Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality
Kwang-il Hwang, Seung-Kyu Park

21. A Development of Streaming Big Data Analysis System Using In-memory Cluster Computing Framework: Spark
Kiejin Park, Changwon Baek, Limei Peng

22. Research of Different Mobility Models on Routing Protocol Performance of Ad Hoc Networks
Na An, Lei Tang, Yishui Zhu, Zhiliang Kou, Xinxin Chen, Zongtao Duan

23. A Development of Touch Sensing Using a Depth Camera–Projector System
Ji Yeol Park, Jinwon Park, Kyumok Kim, Jon-Ha Lee, Seung-Won Jung

24. Fault Localization Method by Utilizing Memory Map and Input-Driven Update Interval
Kwanhyo Kim, Ki-Yong Choi, Jung-Won Lee

25. Power Measurement Technique Considering the State Changes of GPS Using Location APIs
Jae-Hyeon Park, Deok-Ki Kim, Jung-Won Lee

26. A Secure Communication in Web of Things
Jin H. Park, Im Y. Jung, Soon J. Kim

27. An Interactive Virtual Reality System with a Wireless Head-Mounted Display
Shujia Hao, Wei Song, Kaisi Huang, Yulong Xi, Kyungeun Cho, Kyhyun Um

28. Programming Practice and Digital Textbook on Smartphone
Kwang Sik Chung, Hye Won Byun, HeonChang Yu

29. Researching Apache Hama: A Pure BSP Computing Framework
Kamran Siddique, Zahid Akhtar, Yangwoo Kim

30. Interactive Lecture System Based on Mixed Reality with Transparent Display
Yulong Xi, Seoungjae Cho, Simon Fong, Byong kwon Lee, Kyhyun Um, Kyungeun Cho

31. Interaction Engine Design for Virtual Experiments by Multi-users
Yeji Kim, Yulong Xi, Seoungjae Cho, Simon Fong, Changhwan Yi, Kyhyun Um, Kyungeun Cho

32. 3D Eye-Tracking Method Using HD Face Model of Kinect v2
Byoung Cheul Kim, Eui Chul Lee

33. A Fault-Tolerant Intersection Control Algorithm Under the Connected Intelligent Vehicles Environment
Mourad Elhadef

34. QSL: A Specification Language for E-Questionnaire, E-Testing, and E-Voting Systems
Yuan Zhou, Hongbiao Gao, Jingde Cheng

35. Predicting New Attacks: A Case Study in Security Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols
Da Bao, Kazunori Wagatsuma, Hongbiao Gao, Jingde Cheng

36. A Dynamic Traffic Data Visualization System with OpenStreetMap
Wei Song, Jiaxue Li, Yifei Tian, Simon Fong, Wei Wang

37. Face Recognition Based on Deep Belief Network Combined with Center-Symmetric Local Binary Pattern
Chen Li, Wei Wei, Jingzhong Wang, Wanbing Tang, Shuai Zhao

38. A Proposal of Methods for Extracting Temporal Information of History-Related Web Document Based on Historical Objects Using Machine Learning Techniques
Jun Lee, YongJin Kwon

39. Mobility-Aware TAC Configuration in LTE-Based Mobile Communication Systems
Hyung-Woo Kang, Seok-Joo Koh

40. Two-Stage Estimation Filtering for Temporarily Uncertain Systems
Pyung Soo Kim

41. MAC Protocol with Priority to Urgent Data in Wireless Healthcare Monitoring Sensor Networks
Jeong Gon Kim, Rae Hyun Kim

42. Buffer-Aided Relay Selection with Primary Sensing in Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks
Su Min Kim, Junsu Kim

43. A Cursor Using Limited Range of Motion for Persons with Visual and Motor Impairment
Jong Won Lee, Kang Hyoun Kim, Jin Gon Shon

44. Efficient Semantic Image Processing Mechanism for Automatic Context-Aware Based on Cloud Infrastructure
Seok-Hyeon Han, Hyun-Woo Kim, Boo-Kwang Park, Yoon-A. Heo, Young-Sik Jeong

45. Real-Time Barcode Objects Localization by Combining Frequency and Corner Features
Myeongsuk Pak, Sanghoon Kim

46. Study and Comparison of Virtual Machine Scheduling Algorithms in Open Source Clouds
Nandimandalam Mohan Krishna Varma, Eunmi Choi

47. Forensic Approach for Data Collection in Guest Domain Based on Mobile Hypervisor
Kyung-Soo Lim, Jeong-Nye Kim, Deok-Gyu Lee

48. Modeling and Simulation of PV Modules Based on ANFIS
Ziqiang Bi, Jieming Ma, Wanjun Hao, Xinyu Pan, Jian Wang, Jianmin Ban, Ka Lok Man

49. Non-negative Kernel Sparse Model for Image Retrieval
Yungang Zhang, Lei Bai, Bo Peng

50. Feature Pooling Using Spatio-Temporal Constrain for Video Summarization and Retrieval
Jie Ren, Jinchang Ren

51. An Output Grouping Based Approach to Multiclass Classification Using Support Vector Machines
Xuan Zhao, Steven Guan, Ka Lok Man

52. Maximum Power Point Estimation for Photovoltaic Modules via RBFNN
Jieming Ma, Ziqiang Bi, Yue Jiang, Xiangyu Tian, Yungang Zhang, Eng Gee Lim, Ka Lok Man

53. Meta-learning with Empirical Mode Decomposition for Noise Elimination in Time Series Forecasting
David O. Afolabi, Sheng-Uei Guan, Ka Lok Man, Prudence W. H. Wong

54. Examining Performance Issues of GUI Based Android Applications
Jung-Hoon Shin, Mesfin Abebe, Suntae Kim, Cheol Jung Yoo, Kwang-Yoon Jin

55. Feature Vectors for Performance Test Case Classification
Calvin G. Mangeni, Suntae Kim, Rhan Jung

56. Hierarchical Semantic Classification and Attribute Relations Analysis with Clothing Region Detection
Jingjin Zhou, Zhengzhong Zhou, Liqing Zhang

57. A Method of Image-Based Water Surface Reconstruction
Ling Zou, Yue Qi, Guoping Wang

58. Reversible Image Data Hiding with Local Adaptive Contrast Enhancement
Ruiqi Jiang, Weiming Zhang, Jiajia Xu, Nenghai Yu, Xiaocheng Hu

59. Practical Tools for Digital Image Forensic Authentication
Jinhua Zeng, Wei Lu, Rui Yang, Xiulian Qiu

60. Parallel Detection Algorithm of Covered Primitives Based on Geometry Shadow Map
Hua Li, Huamin Yang, Cheng Han, Jianping Zhao, Yuling Cao

61. A Density-Aware Similarity Join Query Processing Algorithm on MapReduce
Miyoung Jang, Youngho Song, Jae-Woo Chang

62. Futures/Option Electric Power Pricing in Smart Grid Using Game Theory and Hybrid AMI Based on Weather Clearness
Jun-Ho Huh, Kyungryong Seo

63. Design for Network Attack Forensic System Based on HTTP Evasive Behavior
Wenhao Liu, Haiqing Pan, Gang Xiong, Zigang Cao, Zhen Li

64. A Fine-Grained Large-Scale NAT Detection Method
Bin Yan, Liang Huang, Gaopeng Gou, Yuanbo Guo, Yibao Bao

65. Infrared Human Posture Recognition Method Based on Hidden Markov Model
Xingquan Cai, Yufeng Gao, Mengxuan Li, Kyungeun Cho

66. Multiple Heterogeneous JPEG Image Hierarchical Forensic
Xiangwei Kong, Bo Wang, Mingliang Yang, Yue Feng

67. Research on the Forensic Direction of Social Networking Software
Guocheng Pu, Yonghao Mai, Jingwu Liu, Lingxu Shuang

68. The Effects of Heuristic GUI Principles on the Accessibility of Information in the Context of Mobile Application
Wonjin Jung

69. Development for Agri-Food Service Platform Using 3D Contents Techniques
Geum-Young Min, Hyoung-Seop Shim

70. Exploitation of Clustering Techniques in Disease Distribution of Community Residents
Jinhong Li, Xingxing Xie, Wei Song

71. Collaborative Ontology Generation Method Using an Ant Colony Optimization Model
Hansaem Park, Jeungmin Lee, Kyunglag Kwon, Jongsoo Sohn, Yunwan Jeon, Sungwoo Jung, In-Jeong Chung

72. An Approach for User Interests Extraction Using Decision Tree and Social Network Analysis
Jeungmin Lee, Hansaem Park, Kyunglag Kwon, Yunwan Jeon, Sungwoo Jung, In-Jeong Chung

73. Real-Time Line Marker Detection for Night-Time Blind Spot Monitoring System in Suburb Area
Kang Yi, Daewoo Kim, Kyeong-Hoon Jung

74. Research and Application of Ocean Environment Data Visualization Technology Based on MATLAB
Jin Hong Li, Qiu Qi Yang, Wei Song

75. The Application and Improvement of ID3 Algorithm in WEB Log Data Mining
Weihua Feng, Xingquan Cai

76. The Research of Dentition Defect Expert System Based on the AND/OR Tree with Positive and Negative Constraints
Danyang Cao, Yan Shi, Peijun Lv

77. Identification of Influential Weather Factors on Traffic Safety Using K-means Clustering and Random Forest
Oh Hoon Kwon, Shin Hyoung Park

78. Efficient Skeleton Extraction Method Based on Depth Data in Infrared Self-help Camera System
Xingquan Cai, Shiyu Li, Lijian Zhao, Zishu Liu, Qianru Ye

79. Optimal Location of Regional Emergency Trauma Centers Using Geocoded Crash Data
Shin Hyoung Park, Oh Hoon Kwon

80. Design and Android Application for Monitoring System Using PLC for ICT-Integrated Fish Farm
Jun-Ho Huh

81. Modified Wavelet Domain Hidden Tree Model for Texture Segmentation
Yulong Qiao, Ganchao Zhao

82. Enhanced User Interface for a Sexual Violence Prevention Education App
Donguk Kim, Jeonghoon Kwak, Yunsick Sung, Hyung Jin Park, Kyung Min Park

83. On the Benefits of Information Retrieval and Information Extraction Techniques Applied to Digital Forensics
David Lillis, Mark Scanlon

84. Leadership of Information Security Managers on the Effectiveness of Information Systems Security Through Mediate of Organizational Culture
Myeonggil Choi, Jeongsuk Song

85. Coping with Uncertainty in Sensor Networks
Hoon-Kyu Kim, Kyung-Chang Kim

86. Encryption Method of Compressed Images with JPEG Compliance by Shuffling Information Both in Spatial and Frequency Domains
Kang Yi, Kyungmi Kim

87. Multiple Regression Analysis of Climatic Factors in Greenhouse Using Data Partitioning
Yu Fu, Aziz Nasridinov, Minghao Piao, Keun Ho Ryu

88. A Statistical Correlation Analysis on Road Accidents in South Korea
Aziz Nasridinov, Kwan-Hee Yoo, Tae-Kyung Lee

89. An Accident Prediction in Military Barracks Using Data Mining
HyunSoon Shin, Kwan-Hee Yoo, Aziz Nasridinov

90. An Ontology-Based Approach for Searching Crime Big Data
Eun-Suk Choi, Aziz Nasridinov, Kwan-Hee Yoo

91. Detecting Network Community by Propagating Labels Based on Contact-Specific Constraint
Xiaolan Wu, Chengzhi Zhang

92. Effects of Question Style in User’s Emotion Survey: Using the Case of FWA’s Best Award Winning Website
Sangmin Lee, Joo Hyun Park, Dongho Kim, Han Young Ryoo

93. Design and Implementation of MapReduce-Based Book Recommendation System by Analysis of Large-Scale Book-Rental Data
Joon-Min Gil, JongBum Lim, Dong-Mahn Seo

94. Modeling a Big Medical Data Cognitive System with N-Ary Formal Concept Analysis
Fei Hao, Doo-Soon Park, Se Dong Min, Sewon Park

95. Study of Multi-source Data Fusion in Topic Discovery
Hai Yun Xu, Chao Wang, Li Jie Ru, Zeng Hui Yue, Ling Wei, Shu Fang

96. Novel Mobile Motion Prediction Algorithm for Predicting Pedestrian’s Next Location
Yan Zhuang, Simon Fong, Meng Yuan

97. Mining Foursquare User Check-in Habit Based on Historical Check-in Records
Yan Zhuang, Simon Fong, Meng Yuan

98. Dependence Analysis for Web Services Data Mutation Testing
Bo Yang

99. Does the Speed of Problems Comment Affect GitHub Open Source Software Development Process?
Bo Yang, Gang Meng, Wei Zhang, Runze Du

100. Analysis of RNA Pseudoknots with a Context-Sensitive Grammar
Keum-Young Sung

101. Simplified Way of Learning White-Box Testing with JUnit
Keum-Young Sung

Keywords: Computer Science, Multimedia Information Systems, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Computer Appl. in Administrative Data Processing

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