Gupta, Vijay

Modern Mathematical Methods and High Performance Computing in Science and Technology

Gupta, Vijay - Modern Mathematical Methods and High Performance Computing in Science and Technology, ebook


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Table of contents

1. On Approximation Properties of Generalized Durrmeyer Operators
Ali Aral, Tuncer Acar

2. Regression-Based Neural Network Simulation for Vibration Frequencies of the Rotating Blade
Atma Sahu, S. Chakravarty

3. Approximation by a New Sequence of Operators Involving Charlier Polynomials with a Certain Parameter
D. K. Verma, Vijay Gupta

4. Identities of Symmetry for the Generalized Degenerate Euler Polynomials
Dae San Kim, Taekyun Kim

5. Using MathLang to Check the Correctness of Specifications in Object-Z
David Feller, Fairouz Kamareddine, Lavinia Burski

6. Ultimate Numerical Bound Estimation ofChaotic Dynamical Finance Model
Dharmendra Kumar, Sachin Kumar

7. Basic Results on Crisp Boolean Petri Nets
Gajendra Pratap Singh, Sangita Kansal

8. The Properties of Multiple Orthogonal Polynomials with Mathematica
Galina Filipuk

9. The Problem of Soliton Collision for Non-integrable Equations
Georgy A. Omel’yanov

10. Explicit Solutions of the Poisson Equation in Plane Domains
H. Begehr

11. A Genetically Distinguishable Competition Model
Irene Azzali, Giulia Marcaccio, Rosanna Turrisi, Ezio Venturino

12. Discrete and Phase-Only Receive Beamforming
Johannes Israel, Andreas Fischer, John Martinovic

13. On the Stability of a Variable Step Exponential Splitting Method for Solving Multidimensional Quenching-Combustion Equations
Joshua L. Padgett, Qin Sheng

14. Perspectives in High Performance Computing
Michael Resch

15. Direct and Inverse Theorems forBeta-Durrmeyer Operators
Naokant Deo, Neha Bhardwaj

16. Big Data Gets Cloudy: Challenges and Opportunities
Pramila Joshi

17. A Moored Ship Motion Analysis in Realistic Pohang New Harbor and Modified PNH
Prashant Kumar, Gulshan Batra, Kwang Ik Kim

18. The Legacy of ADI and LOD Methods and an Operator Splitting Algorithm for Solving Highly Oscillatory Wave Problems
Qin Sheng

19. Generalized Absolute Convergence of Trigonometric Fourier Series
R. G. Vyas

20. Some New Inequalities for the Ratio of Gamma Functions
Sourav Das, A. Swaminathan

21. Some New I-Lacunary Generalized Difference Sequence Spaces in n-Normed Space
Tanweer Jalal

22. GPU-Accelerated Simulation of Maxwell’s Equations
Tony W. H. Sheu

24. Convergence Estimates in Simultaneous Approximation for Certain Generalized Baskakov Operators
Vijay Gupta, Vinai K. Singh

25. Mechanochemical Corrosion: Modeling and Analytical Benchmarks for Initial Boundary Value Problems with Unknown Boundaries
Yulia Pronina

26. Retraction Note to: A Collocation Method for Integral Equations in Terms of Generalized Bernstein Polynomials
Vinai K. Singh, A. K. Singh

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Functional Analysis, Approximations and Expansions, Mathematical and Computational Biology, Operator Theory, Number Theory

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Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
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21 pages
Natural Sciences
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