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Table of contents

1. Preparation, Characterization and Molecular Transport of a Supported Silica Membrane for Gas Separation
Ngozi Nwogu, Edward Gobina

2. Functional Validation of Demagnetizing Factor of Quasi-Solid and Solid Magnets (Phenomenological Approach)
Anna A. Sandulyak, Darya A. Sandulyak, Vera A. Ershova, Maria N. Polismakova, Alexander V. Sandulyak

3. Real Time Thermo Racing Tyre Model
Flavio Farroni, Aleksandr Sakhnevych, Francesco Timpone

4. The Method of Determining Velocity by Measuring the Vehicle-Body Deformation Plane Approximation Method
Przemysław Kubiak, Marek Woźniak, Кapпyшкин Bиктop Гeннaдьeвич, Piotr Jóżwiak, Gustavo Ozuna, Szymon Madziara, Mateusz Najbert, Andrzej Szosland

5. Novel Composite Inorganic Ceramic Membranes for Gas Separations and Environmental Applications
Shehu Habiba, Okon Edidiong, Edward Gobina

6. Effect of Titanium on Gouging Abrasion Behavior and Hardness of Austenitic Manganese Steel
Eduardo R. Magdaluyo, Marthony S. Ausa, Robert J. Tinio

7. The Methods for Optimum Pressure Computing in Elastic-Creep Microdefect Materials
Maxim Anop, Evgenii Murashkin, Vladislav Mikhalichuk, Marina Polonik

8. Assessment and Comparison of Machining Performance in Rotary and Stationary Tool EDM for Machining AISI D3 Tool Steel
Anand Prakash Dwivedi, Sounak Kumar Choudhury

9. Heat Transfer Performance for an Obliquely Impinging Slot Jet on a Convex Surface
Satyanand Abraham, Abhijeet B. Kakade, R. P. Vedula

10. Combustion of Coal in Fluidized Bed: Performance Analysis
Abdulkarim Nasir, Shuaibu Ndace Mohammed, Abubakar Mohammed

11. An Experimental Study of Catalysts and Carrier Gas Transport Through Membranes for Improved Yield of Ester Product
Okon Edidiong, Shehu Habiba, Mohammed Kajama, Gobina Edward

12. A Comparison of Loading on a Single or Double Temporomandibular Joint
Janith Muhandiram, Julia Pierson, Bin Wang, Mahmoud Chizari

13. Catalytic Membrane Reactor for VOC Destruction 1
Mohammed Nasir Kajama, Ngozi Claribelle Nwogu, Edward Gobina

14. Characterization of an Alumina Membrane Using Single Gas Permeation
Ifeyinwa Orakwe, Ngozi Nwogu, Edward Gobina

15. A Motorized Yam Pounding Machine Developed to Improve Living Standard of Average Nigeria for Sustainable Economic Growth
Austin Ikechukwu Gbasouzor, Muncho Josephine Mbunwe

16. Lean Six Sigma Project for Productivity Enhancement
Valter Rocha Morais, Sérgio Dinis Teixeira Sousa, Isabel Silva Lopes

17. A Method for Mechanical Design of AM Fabricated Viscoelastic Parts
Alexander V. Manzhirov

18. Lean Manufacturing Implementation in Intermittent Environments: A Framework
Tiago Ferreira, Amilcar A. Baptista, Susana Garrido Azevedo, F. Charrua Santos

19. Using Owas in Automotive Subsidiary Sector: A Case Study
Hatice Esen, Tuğçen Hatipoğlu, Nilgün Fiğlali

20. Manufacturing Flexibility as a Strategy to Deal with Uncertainty
Özlen Erkal Sönmez, Tufan Vehbi Koç

21. Ore Processing by PGM Concentration Process and Assessment of CO2 Equivalent Emissions and Environmental Damage Directly Involved
Junior Mabiza-ma-Mabiza, Charles Mbohwa

22. Optimal Policies of Condition-Based Maintenance Under Multiple Imperfect Inspections
Ahmed Raza, Vladimir Ulansky

23. Identifying Maintenance Actions Using Portable Lubrication Analytical Instrumentation for Maintenance Application
Adrian Chaplin, Frances Hardiman, Daragh Naughton

24. A Mathematical Model of Integrated Production-Inventory-Distribution System for Billet Steel Manufacturing
Parwadi Moengin

25. Novel Study of Catalysts and Membrane in Esterification Reaction
Okon Edidiong, Shehu Habiba, Gobina Edward

26. Maintenance Practice in a Sand Casting Foundry
Ignatio Madanhire, Charles Mbohwa

27. A Hybrid Knowledge-Based Lean Six Sigma Maintenance System for Sustainable Buildings
Jasim Saleh Aldairi, Mohammed Khurshid Khan, J. Eduardo Munive-Hernandez

28. Strategic Leadership Practices for Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the Global Market
Nelson Sizwe Madonsela, Paulin Mbecke, Charles Mbohwa

29. Reinventing the Energy Bill in Smart Cities with NoSQL Technologies
Carlos Costa, Maribel Yasmina Santos

30. Using Hurst Exponent and Machine Learning to Build a Predictive Model for the Jamaica Frontier Market
Sherrene Bogle, Walter Potter

31. A New Secure Framework in MCC Using Homomorphic Signature: Application in Banking Data
Karim Zkik, Maha Tebaa, Said El Hajji

32. Security Issues in Content Modification Processes
William R. Simpson, Kevin Foltz

33. Capacity and Range Analysis of a Proposed 5G Wireless Network Solution
Hilary Frank

34. Indoor Localisation Using Multiple Fingerprint Maps
Pedro Mestre, Joao Cordeiro, Carlos Serodio

35. Extended Performance Research on Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 a, b, g Laboratory Open Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point Links
J. A. R. Pacheco Carvalho, H. Veiga, C. F. Ribeiro Pacheco, A. D. Reis

36. From 3GPP LTE to 5G: An Evolution
Oluwadamilola Oshin, Matthew Luka, Aderemi Atayero

37. Wireless Body Area Network for Cycling Posture Monitoring
António José Freitas Maio, José Augusto Afonso

38. Reducing Power Consumption of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Double Pseudo-coded Pilot Periods to Detect Collided Packets
Fawaz Alassery, Walid K. M. Ahmed, Victor Lawrence

39. Microstrip Patch Antenna
Nsikan Nkordeh, Francis Idachaba, Oluyinka Oni, Ibinabo Bob-Manuel

Keywords: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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