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Advanced Methods of Continuum Mechanics for Materials and Structures

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Table of contents

Part I. Fundamentals and Elasticity

1. Time Derivatives in Material and Spatial Description—What Are the Differences and Why Do They Concern Us?
Elena A. Ivanova, Elena N. Vilchevskaya, Wolfgang H. Müller

2. The Cosserats’ Memoir of 1896 on Elasticity
Gérard A. Maugin

3. On Equivalent Inhomogeneities for Particles with Multiple-Component Interphases
Lidiia Nazarenko, Henryk Stolarski

4. The Influence of Distributed Dislocations on Large Deformations of an Elastic Sphere
Evgeniya V. Zhbanova, Leonid M. Zubov

Part II. Visco-Elastic Media and Coupled Phenomena

5. A Closed-Form Solution for a Linear Viscoelastic Self-gravitating Sphere
Wolfgang H. Müller, Elena N. Vilchevskaya

6. Constitutive Modelling of the Glass Transition and Related Phenomena: Relaxation of Shear Stress Under Pressure
Alexander Lion, Michael Johlitz, Christoph Mittermeier

7. A Material Model for Electroactive Polymers
Kerstin Weinberg, Anna Pandolfi

Part III. Thermo-Elasto-Plasticity

8. Finite Elastoplasticity with Thermal Effects—Some Unexpected Phenomena
Otto T. Bruhns

9. Crystal-Plasticity Simulation ofMicromachining of Single-Crystal Metal:Methodology and Analysis
Qiang Liu, Srihari Dodla, Anish Roy, Vadim V. Silberschmidt

10. Warpage Variation Analysis of Si/Solder/Cu Layered Plates Subjected to Cyclic Thermal Loading
Nobutada Ohno, Satoshi Mizushima, Dai Okumura, Hisashi Tanie

11. A Note on Plasticity with Additional Internal Variables
Michael Wolff, Michael Böhm

12. Finite Inelastic Deformations ofCompressible Soft Solids with the Mullins Effect
Heng Xiao, Hao Li, Zhao-Ling Wang, Zheng-Nan Yin

13. Effect of Geometric Dimension on the Dissipative Property of the Structures Consisting of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Wires
Chao Yu, Guozheng Kang, Qianhua Kan

Part IV. Continuum Damage and Phase Fields

14. A Discussion on Gradient Damage andPhase-Field Models for Brittle Fracture
René Borst, Clemens V. Verhoosel

15. Experiments on Damage and Failure Mechanisms in Ductile Metals at Different Loading Conditions
Michael Brünig, Steffen Gerke, Marco Schmidt

16. Modeling of Damage Deactivation in Concrete Under Cyclic Compression
Artur Ganczarski, Marcin Cegielski

17. Phase-Field Modelling of Damage and Fracture—Convergence and Local Mesh Refinement
Markus Kästner, Paul Hennig, Thomas Linse, Volker Ulbricht

Part V. Fracture Mechanics and Failure Criteria

18. Prestressed Orthotropic Material Containing an Elliptical Hole
Eduard-Marius Craciun

19. Generalized Limit Surfaces—With an Example of Hard Foams
Nina-Carolin Fahlbusch, Vladimir A. Kolupaev, Wilfried Becker

20. On the Problem of Cracking in 2-Phase Ceramic Matrix Composite Materials
Tomasz Sadowski, Liviu Marsavina, Eduard-Marius Craciun

21. On Failure Theories for Composite Materials
Ramesh Talreja

Part VI. Rods, Plates and Shells

22. On the Dislocation Density Tensor in the Cosserat Theory of Elastic Shells
Mircea Bîrsan, Patrizio Neff

23. Direct Approach Versus Consistent Approximation
Reinhold Kienzler, Patrick Schneider

24. Modelling of aRotating Active Thin-Walled Composite Beam System Subjected to High Electric Fields
Jarosław Latalski

25. On a Description of Deformable Junction in the Resultant Nonlinear Shell Theory
Wojciech Pietraszkiewicz

26. Analytical and Numerical Modelling of a Sub- and Supersonic Moving Load Front Along a Rod’s Skin
Wolfgang E. Weber, Yannick F. Fangye, Daniel Balzani, Bernd W. Zastrau

Part VII. Generalized Continua, Multi-Scales and Meta-Materials

27. Application of Multi-scale Approaches to the Investigation of Sealing Surface Deformation for the Improvement of Leak Tightness in Pressure Relief Valves
Ali A. Anwar, Yevgen Gorash, William Dempster

28. Against the Fragmentation of Knowledge: The Power of Multidisciplinary Research for the Design of Metamaterials
Francesco dell’Isola, Sara Bucci, Antonio Battista

29. On Equilibrium of a Second-Gradient Fluid Near Edges and Corner Points
Victor A. Eremeyev

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Computational Science and Engineering, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Structural Mechanics, Structural Materials

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