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Assessment for Learning Within and Beyond the Classroom

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Table of contents

Part I. Assessing Extra-Curricular Activities for Graduate Employment Outcomes

1. Students’ Perceptions About Assessment Modes for Service-Learning Modules
Sarah Abedi Abdullah, Pauline Hwa Ling Teo, Kelly Pei Leng Tee

2. SHINE Point Templates: The Taylor’s Journey to Capture the Essence of Extra-Curricular Assessment
Su Ming Cheah, Mayriana Arman Michael

Part II. Innovative Assessment Approaches

3. Assessing Writing Skills of Postgraduate Students: Perspectives of Supervisors and Supervisees
Peck Choo Lim, Gurnam Kaur Sidhu, Yuen Fook Chan, Lai Fong Lee, Leele Susana Jamian

4. Assessing the Critical Reading Skills of Postgraduate Students: Perspectives of Supervisors and Supervisees
Gurnam Kaur Sidhu, Sarjit Kaur, Peck Choo Lim, Yuen Fook Chan

5. OSCE Standard Setting by Borderline Regression Method in Taylor’s Clinical School
Keng-Yin Loh, M. I. Nurjahan, K. K. Ong, G. S. Roland, A. R. Noor

Part III. Assessment in a Technology-Rich Learning Environment

6. Assessing Factors Affecting Students’ Acceptance and Usage of X-Space Based on UTAUT2 Model
Wei Wei Goh, Siew Fun Tang, Chee Leong Lim

7. An Adaptive Tool for Learning
Jer Lang Hong

8. Integrating Social Networking Sites with E-Learning
Jer Lang Hong

9. A Case Study on Twenty-First-Century Students Skills Assessment Using Morfo

Chandra Reka Ramachandiran, Malissa Maria Mahmud

10. Real-Time Assessment with Nearpod in the BYOD Classroom
Tee Wee Jing, Wong Seng Yue

11. Partner in Speak: Peer Coaching and Rating Through Online Synchronous Communication for ESL Learners
Sujatha Krishnan, Mohd Ridhwan Abdullah

Part IV. Assessing Professional Competencies and Institutional Initiatives

12. Assessment and Feedback in the Final-Year Engineering Project
Douglas Tong Kum Tien, Siow Chun Lim

13. Tools for Research Management
Jer Lang Hong

14. Inquiry-Based Instruction and Situational Interest of Students in Higher Education
Chan Yuen Fook, Suthagar Narasuman, Gurnam Kaur Sidhu, Yap Bee Wah, Lee Lai Fong, Siti Fairus Dalim

15. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Field Trips in the Teaching and Learning of Biosciences
Malarvili Ramachandiran, Saroja Dhanapal

16. Conceptual Understanding: A Transitional Process from Novice to Expert User in Radio Frequency and Microwave Course
Md. Shahar Aftanasar, Norizah Mohamad

17. Deploying Right Assessment for Programme Outcomes (POs) in Enhancing Curriculum Structure Development
Abdul Rahman Mohd Yusoff, Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman

18. Assessment for Learning: Students’ Perception on Peer Review in a Private University
Kim Lian Lee, Mohd Naim Norbaizura

19. Positive Impacts of Service Learning on Students’ Personal Outcome and Social Outcome
Pei Leng Kelly Tee, Chandra Sakaran Kalidas

20. Assessment Dialogues: Perceptions of Feedback and Feed-Forward
Tim Griffin, Lisa Armitage, Paul Parker, Sky Hugman

Part V. Other Issues in Assessment for Learning

21. Title: A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Instructional Tasks on L2 Pragmatics Comprehension and Production
Nour El Imane Badjadi

22. Large Class Size and Student–Lecturer Learning Experiences at the Tertiary Level

Ramachandran Ponnan, Marzura Abdul Malek, Balaguru Ambalavanan

23. Map Interpretation: Tool for Rapid Learning and Assessment Lens for Cognitive Engagement
Arniza Ghazali

24. Assessment in Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project: The Case of Taylor’s University
Douglas Tong Kum Tien, Mohd Hardie Hidayat Mohyi

25. Development and Assessment of Learning Outcomes of Graduate Course on Structural Rehabilitation
Tamer El-Maaddawy

26. Standard-Based Performance Assessment’s Scoring Practice in Primary Schools
Rubiah Dalail, Yuen Fook Chan, Gurnam Kaur Sidhu

27. Assessing Writing Readiness for Academic Purposes Among Students in Higher Education
Lai Fong Lee, Gurnam Kaur Sidhu, Yuen Fook Chan, Narayanan Geethanjali, Sian Hoon Teoh

28. Perceptions on Love of the Young People: An Assessment Based on the Love Attitude Scale
Fides Castillo

29. An Approach for the Assessment and Allocation of Individual Grades for Group-Based, Collaborative Work by Combining Self-assessment, Group-Evaluation and Wiki Data: Results from an Action Research
Simon John Williams

30. Students’ Pre-assessment Analysis to Improve Academic Performance and Thinking Skills
Seng Yue Wong, Wee Jing Tee

31. A Comparative Analysis Between Teacher Assessment and Peer Assessment in Online Assessment Environment for Foundation Students
Seng Yue Wong, Wee Jing Tee, Wei Wei Goh

32. Comparison Study on End-of-Posting OSCE Versus MCQ Scores in Anaesthesiology Posting, Taylor’s University School of Medicine
Phutane Gnandev, Keng Yin Loh, M. I. Nurjahan, S. Roland, A. R. Noor

33. The Art of Communicating Statistics: Why Simulation and Graphical Presentations Are Important Tools for Understanding Statistical Concepts
Aishah Mohd Noor

34. An Evaluation of the Relationship Between Student Engagement, Academic Achievement, and Satisfaction
Kok Choy Cheong, Bessie Ong

35. Assessing Item Difficulty and Discrimination Indices of Teacher-Developed Multiple-Choice Tests
Ahmad Zamri Khairani, Hasni Shamsuddin

36. Application of Multiple Intelligence Theory in the Assessment for Learning
How-Yee Lai, San-Lim Yap

37. Enhancing Oral Presentation Skills of ESL Students: The Use of Oral Communication Strategies
Hairuzila Idrus

Keywords: Education, Learning & Instruction, Assessment, Testing and Evaluation

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