Luo, Jiaojiao

Proceedings of the 20th International Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate

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Table of contents

1. Granger Causality Test of Science & Technology Innovation Expense and New UrbanizationA Case Study of Hangzhou City
Yuezhen Lyu, Yuzhe Wu, Ye Lin

2. Study on Functional Mechanism and Effectiveness of Land Ticket System in the Process of New-Type Urbanization
Jiangtao Fang

3. On Urban Land Development Boundary Oriented by the New Type Urbanization Policy: A Case of Yiwu City
Liping Shan, Yuzhe Wu

4. The Study on Urban-Rural Land Transfer System Reform in the Process of New Urbanization
Afan Sun, Suiquan Yang

5. Research on Pension Model of “Reverse Mortgage”—A Case Study of Chongqing
Jing Bai, Yongfei Pan

6. Private Capital Rate of Return on Investment in PPP Projects Based on the Perspective of Government Regulation
Hui Gao, Yacheng Xiang, Shiqing Xie

7. An Idea on Housing Vouchers Policy Making: Based on New-Type Urbanization
Jiaojiao Luo, Yuzhe Wu, Xiaoling Zhang

8. Research on Evaluation of Public Engineering Core Value System Based on Stakeholder Theory
Jianjun She, Hu Cheng, Xin Yuan, Hongtao Wu

9. How Do Top Construction Companies Diversify in the International Construction Market?
Meng Ye, Weisheng Lu, Kunhui Ye, Roger Flanagan

10. Assessment of Ahmedabad (India) and Shanghai (China) on Smart City Parameters Applying the Boyd Cohen Smart City Wheel
Mona N. Shah, Shekhar Nagargoje, Chiranjay Shah

11. Research on the Preference Correction Model Based on Expectation in Demolition Disputes
Zhongfu Qin, Liqing Meng, Xianrong Wei

12. Research on the Impact of Crisis Events on Urban Development—A Case Study of Kunming Railway Station Terrorist Attack
Yue Li, Yuzhe Wu

13. The Status Quo, Problems and Legal Construction of China’s Collective Construction Land Circulation
Yi Zhang, Hong Zhang

14. Gray Correlation Degree Study on Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan Urban Construction Land Structure and Economic Development
Xiying Hu, Ting Tan

15. Industrial Land Intensive Utilization Evaluation by Means of Improved Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP): A Case Study on Typical Enterprises of Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone
Xiantao Zhang, Fangming Zhu

16. Evaluation of Land Carrying Capacity of Island Cities: Based on the Modified Ecological Footprint Model
Jiawei Chen, Hong Zhang, Peng Zhou

17. Analysis on Chongqing Securitized Land Exchange System from the Perspective of Land Finance
Zhibin Mo, Yuzhe Wu

18. Effects of Urban Construction Land Spatial Form on PM2.5 Dispersion
Chuyu Xia, Yanmei Ye, Shaoliang Zhang, Jingming Liu

19. Curbing Urban Sprawl?—The Evolvement and Influences of the Greenbelt Policy in Seoul

Haoying Han, Haifeng Xu

20. The Impact of Urbanization on Farmland: Is Division of Right to Contracted Management of Land a Reasonable Way Out?
Xiaobin Zhang, Yanmei Ye

21. Analysis of Influential Factors on the WTP of Roof Agriculture’s Non-use Value
Qi Yin, Wenjia Zeng, Xiaoqian Liu

22. Study on the Difference of Urban Land Expansion Intensity and Its Influencing Factors—Taking Shaanxi Province as an Example

Donglang Yang, Tianzhe Li, Zhiyong Hou

23. Spatial Form Analysis of Existing Industrial Buildings Renovation Based on Space Syntax
Lin Wang, Xiao Li, Zewen Zhang, Shirong Li, Bo Xu

24. The Social Benefit Evaluation of Shantytown Reconstruction Projects in Xi’an
Donglang Yang, Zhongfei Cui, Yiqi Li

25. Collective Land and Industrial Development in Shenzhen: Current Status and Future Prospects
Yani Lai, Yaning Li

26. A Study of Using Collaborative Briefing Approach to Empower the Briefing Process for Large Scale Infrastructure Projects
Jacky K. H. Chung, Stephen S. Y. Lau, Cynthia H. Y. Hou

27. Role and Impact of Business to Government (B2G) Guanxi in Bidding of Infrastructure Projects: A Case in China
Bing Zhang, Zhenggang Huo, Minli Zhang

28. Comparative Environmental Performances of Wood Structures from Various Sources in Taiwan
Shenghan Li

29. Stakeholder Impact Analysis for Highway Maintenance Management Based on System Dynamics
Hong Zhang, Rongbei Zheng, Fangmin Ren

30. Integrated Information Management System of Building Materials Based on BIM Technology in Life Cycle Carbon Emissions
Zhenshuang Wang, Yijian Zhao, Xin Ning

31. Overview of the Application of Social Network Analysis in Construction Engineering and Management Research
Xian Zheng, Yun Le, Albert P. C. Chan, Yi Hu

32. A Risk Management Approach for Prediction of Contingency Sum for Public-Sector Construction Projects
Terence Lam, Njavwa Siwingw

33. Identification of the Residual Value Risk Factors for Road PPP Projects in China: Questionnaire Survey and Analysis
Yingjie Shao, Jingfeng Yuan, Qiming Li

34. Research on the Application of BIM Technology in Tunnel Project Construction
Lu Zhao, Shihong Zhai, Fuqiang Chen, Fuquan Ji

35. Financing Risk Analysis and Case Study of Public-Private Partnerships Infrastructure Project
Zhendong Chen, Jingfeng Yuan, Qiming Li

36. The Experiences for Post-disaster Reconstruction in Rural China: The Implications from Data Mining
Yi Peng, Fan Xue, Haijun Bao

37. The Analysis on the Accounting Methods System of Environmental Costs Focused on the Construction Phase of Construction Projects
Huishu Du, Maomao Ge, Wei Zhang, Yingyue Chen

38. The Level of Crowdedness in Operating Metro Systems in the Selected Cities in China
Liudan Jia, Chenyang Shuai, Liyin Shen, Xianchun Luo

39. Study on Regional Spatial Polarization, Regional Imbalance and Functional Complementary in Coastal Megalopolis of China
Xueguang Ma, Peng Dou

40. Study on the Interactive Relationship Between Cross-Border Trade Development and Construction Land Change—A Case Study of Dongxing City, China
Baokun Liang, Rucheng Lu, Guan Li, Qiuping Li, Qianjing Liang, Ying Lin

41. ABM Based Simulation Research on Construction Waste Management
Zhikun Ding, Yifei Wang, Jinchuang Wu

42. Strategic Direction and Path Selection of Urban Villages Emergence Prevention: A Case Study on Chongqing City
Jiafei Bai, Jirui Yang, Qiulan Sun

43. Experience, Lessons of India’s Urbanization and Its Warnings to China
Yan Wang, Jiafei Bai

44. Research and Application of Indexes System of Comprehensive Benefit of Large Urban Underground Space Development
Jingkuang Liu, Yunyi Liao

45. An Integrated Research Design for Developing a Holistic Sustainable Decision Making Framework in Regenerating Chinese Cities
Wenli Dong, Jamie Mackee, Michael Mak

46. The Impact of Urbanization on Investment of Real Estate Industry in China
Yan Liu, K. W. Chau

47. Analysis on the Urbanization of Key Ecological Function Area—A Case Study on Tibetan Areas of Sichuan
Xia Lei

48. Study on Social Management System Reform in Urban Fringe Area Based on Urban Service Boundary
Teng Su, Yuzhe Wu

49. Analysis of Health Factors Influencing Construction Workers’ Operating Efficiency Based on Structural Equation Model
Miaomiao Wang, Jingfeng Yuan, Qiming Li

50. An Evaluation of Project Management System of Public Construction Sector in Shenzhen, China
Chengke Wu, Xiao Li, Shirong Li, Bo Xu

51. Comparative Analysis of the Indicator System for Guiding Smart City Development
Shiju Liao, Xi Chen, Yan Qian, Liyin Shen

52. SNA Based Identification of Key Factors Affecting the Implementation of Emission Trading System (ETS) in Building Sector: A Study in the Context of China
Xiangnan Song, Liyin Shen, Michael C. H. Yam, Zongnan Zhao

53. Economic Thinking on the Development of Tourism Real Estate in Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone
Qunhong Liu, Qian Yang, Shengyun Niu

54. The Calculation and Prediction of the Non-equilibrium Degree of the Beijing Commercial Housing Market
Hong Zhang, Shuai Gao, ZhiYi Shu, Yang Zhang

55. Study on Premium Level of School District Housing from the Perspective of Mass Discrepancy—Take Shenzhen as Example
Botong Song, Yaning Li, Ying Yan

56. Research on the Purchase Decision and Determinants of Public Rental Housing Tenants in Chongqing
Xu Ma, Yuhong Pan, Yi Zhan

57. The Evaluation on the Suppliers of Prefabricated Housing Components Based on DEMATEL Method
Yi Zhan, Jiyuan Liu, Xu Ma

58. Measuring Price Differentials Between Large and Small Housing Units: The Case of Hong Kong
Ling Li, K. W. Chau

59. The Development and Differentiation Trend of Real Estate Market in the Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration
Ling Zhang, He Wang, Shenghua Jia

60. Empirical Study on Influence Factors of Capital Structure of Chinese Real Estate Listed Companies
Hong Zhang, Linjun Li, Jiawei Chen

61. Research on Selection of Logistics Supplier in the Process of Housing Industrialization
Yongfei Pan, Junwei Wang

62. Australian Institutional Investors and Residential Investment Vehicles
Chyi Lin Lee, Graeme Newell, Valarie Kupke

63. Evaluation of the Sustainability Asian Housing Market Based on Multiple Criteria Assessment
Xiang Li

64. Cadre’s Local Embeddedness and Land Law Enforcement: Evidence from China
Lin Li, Xiaoling Zhang

65. An Empirical Analysis on the Reasons of Indemnification Housing Encounter Cold—Take a Case of Guangzhou Longgui Garden Project
Lin Chen, Tao Tao, Jianhui Tan, Ziping Zhang

66. Indemnification Housing Construction Task Assignment Model Building—An Empirical Study Based on Guangzhou
Jianhui Tan, Ziping Zhang, Lin Chen, Tao Tao

67. Study on the Foreign Investment of Chinese Real Estate Enterprises According to the Eclectic Paradigm
Liangliang Yuan, Yousong Wang

68. Research on the Evaluation of Indemnificatory Housing Residential Environment—in the Case of Guangzhou
Fan Wu, Xiaoya Su, Suning Zhai, Mingjie Dai, Wenyao Huang, Kaihang Lin, Yanhong Zhu

69. Research on Demand of Replacing to Public Rental Housing Tenants in Chongqing
Jiyuan Liu, Yi Zhan, Xu Ma

70. Risk Assessment on the Development and Utilization of Government Housing Information Resources
Xiaoqing Cui, Qinlei Li, Yanfang Gao

71. Study on the Mechanism and Countermeasures of Community Deterioration of Public Rental Housing—Case from Chongqing
Lin Wang, Lifang Huang, Long Yin, Xiaoman Zheng, Hui Xu

72. The Impact of Changing Business Taxes on the Rationality of Housing Price
Jingming Liu, Zhanqi Wang

73. Incentives Selection and Reputation of Government in the Supply of Public Rental Housing in China: A Household Survey Data
Ping Lv, Bo Zang

74. Option Game Model of Low-Carbon Residential Investment Decision-Making Under Imperfect Competition
Kai Guo, Dezhi Li, Yanchao Chen

75. Lessons Learnt from Delivering Oil and Gas Projects in Australia: An Empirical Research
Gonzalo Rafael Chávez Abaunza, Konstantinos Kirytopoulos

76. Development of a Smart Work Site for Early Warning of Heat Stress
Xin Liu, Xiangyu Wang

77. Construction Project Bidding Research Based on Game Theory and Target Cost Pre-control Management
Ning Xu, Qiuyue Xu, Qiming Li

78. Reframing Public Private Partnerships Through ‘Performance’ Contracting
John Douglas Thomson

79. Research on the Reformation and Innovation of Public Works Management System on the Experience of Shenzhen
Jianpu Wang, Xiao Li, Yue Teng, Shirong Li, Bo Xu

80. Analysis and Agent Modeling of Metro Passengers’ Unsafe Behavior Based on Theory of Planned Behavior
Wenjie Sun, Jingfeng Yuan

81. The Life Cycle Cost Forecast of 220kV Transmission Line Project Based on LS-SVM
Jing Fu, Guiwei Shao, Zhaoxia Gao, Zhongfu Qin, Xiaolong Lei, Liqing Meng

82. Based on Hypergame Analysis of Construction Disputes
Zhongfu Qin, Xianrong Wei, Liqing Meng

83. Lessons Learned from Managing a Remote Construction Project in Australia
Andrew Hay, Jian Zuo, Sangwon Han, George Zillante

84. Factors Influencing Transaction Costs in Construction Projects: A Critical Review
Xiao-Hua Jin, Guomin Zhang, Yongjian Ke, Bo Xia

85. Construction Schedule Risk Analysis Based on Complex System Theory: Methodology and Empirical Study
Xiaoxiao Xu, Jiayuan Wang, Wenke Huang, Huanyu Wu, Yaning Li

86. The Application Scenarios of Smart Construction Objects (SCOs) in Construction
Yuhan Niu, Weisheng Lu, Diandian Liu

87. A SCO-Based Tower Crane System for Prefabrication Construction
Diandian Liu, Weisheng Lu, Yuhan Niu, Hongdi Wang

88. Quantization on Social Cost of Large-Scale Construction Project Based on Emergy Analysis Method
Hong Zhou, Bing Li, Qiang Shen, Shasha Yu

89. An Investigation of the Latent Barriers to BIM Adoption and Development
Ke Chen, Weisheng Lu, Yi Peng, Linzi Zheng, Yuhan Niu, Steve Rowlinson

90. Study and Realization of Core Calculation and Interactive Mode of Construction Project’s Cost and Schedule Dynamic Control System
Haoshuai Qiao, Hong Zhou, Li Su, Yi Sun

91. Project Organization Structure and Design Coordination in Architecture and Engineering Design Projects: An Advanced Structural Contingency Perspective
Rong Zhang, Anita M M. Liu

92. Research on Profit Distribution of IPD Project’s Participants Based on Cooperative Game Theory
Yue Teng, Xiao Li, Huiping Li, Shirong Li, Bo Xu, Jun Wang

93. Business Expanding and Strategic Decision-Making Innovation for Real Estate Valuation Companies Based on Big-Data
Yan Xiao, Lin Xu

94. A Framework of Developing a Big Data Platform for Construction Waste Management: A Hong Kong Study
Xi Chen, Weisheng Lu, Shiju Liao

95. Assessment Model of the Effectiveness of Construction and Demolition Waste Reduction Measures: A Case of Shenzhen
Ting Wang, Jiayuan Wang, Dong Wu, Yu Gao

96. Characterization of the Generation Rate of Demolition Waste in Shenzhen, a Mega City of China
Huanyu Wu, Huabo Duan, Jiayuan Wang, Guomin Zhang

97. Environmental Impact Assessment of Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling in Shenzhen
Jingru Li, Ruirui Xia, Jun Li, Guozhou Chen

98. A Study of Climate-Responsive Building Technologies in Different Climate Regions of China
Bingqing Jiang, Peng Mao, Yongtao Tan, Xia Yao

99. Study on the Evolution of Building Energy Conservation Standards in China
Liqing Huang, Guiwen Liu, Chengshu Yan, Pengpeng Xu

100. Study on the Governance of Energy Performance Contracting Projects in Building
Saina Zheng, Pengpeng Xu, Hongjuan Wu

101. Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Construction Projects: Opportunities and Challenges
Jin Wu

102. An Investigation of Demolition Waste Management: Case of Shenzhen in China
Huanyu Wu, Hongping Yuan, Jiayuan Wang, Lei Ouyang, Zhengdao Li

103. A Comparison Study on the Green Building Performance Assessment Tools for Promoting Sustainable Construction
Bei He, Yingying Han, Luyao Zhao, Liyin Shen

104. A Life Cycle Analysis Approach for Embodied Carbon for a Residential Building
Shengping Li, Hang Yan, Jindao Chen, Liyin Shen

105. An Analysis on the Carbon Emission Contributors in the Chinese Construction Industry
Jindao Chen, Ya Wu, Hang Yan, Liyin Shen

106. Decoupling Analysis on the Relationship Between Economic Development and Environment Degradation in China
Chenyang Shuai, Liudan Jiao, Xiangnan Song, Liyin Shen

107. Green Procurement Management in Building Industry: An Alternative Environmental Strategy
Zhenyu Zhang, Jingwei Hu, Liyin Shen

108. Relationship Between the Energy Consumption for Urban Residential Buildings and Residents’ Living Standards—A Case Study of the Four Municipalities in China
Ya Wu, Jindao Chen, Xiangnan Song, Liyin Shen

109. Decomposition of Life Cycle Energy Consumption of Buildings in China
Yujie Lu, Peng Cui

110. Building Regulation: Science Versus Values Based Decision Making
Mark Burgess, John Douglas Thomson

111. Chinese Contractors in the International Market: Business Distribution and Competitive Situation
Zhenyu Zhao, Jiahui Yao, Chao Tang

112. PPP Concession Contract/Guidelines: A Comparative Analysis
Jing Zhang, Jie Li, Sha Xu, Jian Zuo

113. Developing an Ontology-Based Knowledge Base for Residual Value Risks in PPP Projects
Kaiwen Chen, Xin Xu, Faxi Yuan, Jingfeng Yuan, Qiming Li

114. An Analysis of the Adaptive Re-use of Heritage Buildings in South Australia
Tony Ma, Minmei Yu

115. Study on Quasi-Public Goods Supply Based on Transaction Cost Theory
Zewen Zhang, Tingting Zhou, Xiao Li, Bo Xu, Shirong Li

116. Advantages of Agent Construction in Building University Talent Apartments in China
Zhengrong Liu, Wendan Jiang, Yi Peng, Yuzhe Wu

Keywords: Business and Management, Real Estate Management, Construction Management

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