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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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Table of contents

Part I. Definition and Epidemiology

1. Definition of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): Is the Latest GOLD Classification of Severity Still Valid?
Kazuhisa Asai, Kazuto Hirata

2. Epidemiology of COPD: Why Is the Disease So Poorly Recognized?
Yoko Shibata

Part II. Genetic Predisposition and Pathogenic Mechanisms

3. Genetic Predisposition to COPD: Are There Any Relevant Genes Determining the Susceptibility to Smoking?
Takeo Ishii, Koichi Hagiwara

4. Pathogenesis of COPD (Persistence of Airway Inflammation): Why Does Airway Inflammation Persist After Cessation of Smoking?
Akane Kato, Masayuki Hanaoka

5. Pathogenesis of COPD 3: Oxidative Stress – Is There a Possibility of Developing New Drugs from the Standpoint of This Pathogenetic Mechanism?
Tadashi Sato, Kuniaki Seyama

6. Pathogenesis of COPD 4 – Cell Death, Senescence, and Autophagy: Is There a Possibility of Developing New Drugs from the Standpoint of This Pathogenetic Mechanism?
Kazuyoshi Kuwano, Jun Araya, Hiromichi Hara, Shunsuke Minagawa, Naoki Takasaka, Saburo Ito, Katsutoshi Nakayama

Part III. Comorbidities

7. Pathogenesis of Comorbidities in COPD: By What Mechanism Does Long-Term Smoking Cause Systemic Inflammation?
Yuko Morishima, Nobuyuki Hizawa

8. Assessment of Inflammation in COPD: Are There any Biomarkers that Can be Used to Assess Pulmonary and Systemic Inflammation?
Nobuyuki Horita, Takeshi Kaneko

Part IV. Management and Treatment

9. Exercise Therapy for COPD: How Is Exercise Therapy Significant?
Takashi Motegi

10. Nutritional Therapy for COPD: What Is the Present State of Nutritional Therapy and Is There a Possibility of Developing New Drugs?
Takao Tsuji

11. Long-Term Oxygen Therapy (or Home Oxygen Therapy) for COPD: The Present State and Future Problems
Keisaku Fujimoto

12. Bronchodilators for COPD: At What Stage Should Therapeutic Intervention Be Initiated?
Takashige Kuraki

13. Inhaled Corticosteroids for COPD: Are Inhaled Corticosteroids Required in the Management of COPD?
Masayuki Itoh

14. New Anti-inflammatory Drugs for COPD: Is There a Possibility of Developing Drugs That Can Fundamentally Suppress Inflammation?
Yasuhiro Yamauchi, Takahide Nagase

15. Exacerbation of COPD: Why Do Exacerbations of COPD Attract Attention? Are There Any Preventive Methods?
Masamichi Mineshita

Part V. Associations with Other Respiratory Diseases

16. The Asthma–COPD Overlap Syndrome (ACOS): What Is the Significance COPD Associated with Asthma?
Hidehiro Watanabe

17. Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema (CPFE): Which Symptom, Fibrosis or Emphysema, Should Be Treated Preferentially? Or Should Both Be Treated Simultaneously?
Nariaki Kokuho, Shigeo Muro, Arata Azuma

18. Association of COPD and Lung Cancer: How Does COPD Management Change the Outcome of Treatment of Lung Cancer?
Shinsaku Togo, Yukiko Namba, Kazuhisa Takahashi

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Pneumology/Respiratory System

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Respiratory Disease Series: Diagnostic Tools and Disease Managements
Medicine, Health Care, Mode
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