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Information Science and Applications (ICISA) 2016

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Table of contents

Part I. Ubiquitous Computing

1. Jamming-Resilient Adaptive Network Protocol in Wireless Networks
Jae-Joon Lee, Jinsuk Kang, Soo Suk Lee

2. A Framework on Cloud Based Connected Car Services
Sumendra Yogarayan, Afizan Azman, Kirbana Jai Raman, Hesham Ali Alsayed Elbendary, Mohd Fikri Azli Abdullah, Siti Zainab Ibrahim

3. Possibilities of Control and Optimization of Traffic at Crossroads Using Petri Nets
Jakub Gaj, Martin Kotyrba, Eva Volna

4. Delay-Energy Aware Clustering Multi-hop Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Trong-Thua Huynh, Cong-Hung Tran, Anh-Vu Dinh-Duc

Part II. Networks and Information Systems

5. The Application of IC Ticketing System in Clinic Fees Payment in Taiwan
Yi-Horng Lai

6. User Acceptance of SaaS ERP Considering Perceived Risk, System Performance and Cost
Tong-Ming Lim, Angela Siew-Hoong Lee, Mun-Keong Yap

7. A Content Analysis on Top Risks in Social Networking
Sakgasit Ramingwong, Lachana Ramingwong

8. Simulation of Scheduled Traffic for the IEEE 802.1 Time Sensitive Networking
Chulsun Park, Juho Lee, Tianye Tan, Sungkown Park

9. Adopting Multi-radio Channel Approach in TCP Congestion Control Mechanisms to Mitigate Starvation in Wireless Mesh Networks
Balamuralikrishna Potti, M. V. Subramanyam, K. Satya Prasad

10. An Information System to Support the Anti-doping Process
Francisco Medeiros, Juliana Medeiros, Fausto Ayres, Caio Viana, Josemary Rocha, Victor Viegas, Eder Mendes, Ana Santos

11. Research on 3D Directional Sensing Model
Yanjiao Wang, Dongxian Yu, Shuqiang Guo

12. Live Migration Destination Selecting Method Using Weather Information and Emergency Alerts for e-Learning Environment
Satoshi Togawa, Kazuhide Kanenishi

13. OPNET-Based Performance Analysis of a Multi-agent Architecture for Managing the Mobile Content Delivery Process
Adel Aneiba, Claude C. Chibelushi

14. Data Prefetching Scheme Based on Data Relevancy for Peer-to-Peer Networks
Xinxin Zhou, Renjie Song, Peng Kong, Yanjiao Wang, Shuqiang Guo

15. Sustainability of Big Data Servers Under Rapid Changes of Technology
Sashiraj Chandrasekaran, Insu Song

16. An Adaptive, Fault Protected Improvisation of ACO Based MANET Routing
T. Pranav Bhat, Gargi Saha, V. Abhishek, Swapan Bhattacharya

17. Recipe-Transition Graph Based on Asymmetric Entropy Difference
Jinkwan Park, Su-Do Kim, Yun-Jung Lee, Hwan-Gue Cho

18. The Significance of e-CALLISTO System and Construction of Log Periodic Dipole Antenna (LPDA) and CALLISTO System for Solar Radio Burst Study
Siti Nur Umairah Sabri, Zety Sharizat Hamidi, Nur Nafhatun MD Shariff, C. Monstein

19. WARP: Web-Based Adaptive Remote-Desktop Protocol for VDI
Jahun Ku, Myeong-Seob Kim, Jinseop Lee, Pham Xuan Qui, Eui-Nam Huh

20. An Automated System for Signal Detection of Solar Radio Burst Type II Due to Coronal Mass Ejections Phenomena
Nur Hidayah Zainol, Zety Sharizat Hamidi, Nur Nafhatun Mohd Shariff, C. Monstein

21. Optimization Downlink Power Utilization via Dual Beam Antenna in the Live UMTS Network
Thananan Numatti, Saiyan Saiyod

22. Design and Implementation of Drone for Wideband Communication and Long-range in Maritime
Dong Hyun Kim, Jun Hwan Huh, Jong-Deok Kim

23. Communications-Based Technology for Smart Grid Test Bed Using OPNET Simulations
Jun-Ho Huh, Seung-Mo Je, Kyungryong Seo

24. Factors Influencing Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning Adoption in SMEs
Usman Musa Zakari Usman, Muhammad Nazir Ahmad, Nor Hidayati Zakariya

25. Scaling Distributed All-Pairs Algorithms
Cory J. Kleinheksel, Arun K. Somani

26. Dynamic TDMA for Networked Embedded Systems
Mukesh K. Chippa, Mohamed A. Elamin, Shivakumar Sastry, Nghi H. Tran

27. Driver Fatigue Detection
Muhamad Hafiz Abdullah, Kirbana Jai Raman, Afizan Azman, Sumendra Yogarayan, Hesham Ali Alsayed Elbendary, Mohd Fikri Azli Abdullah, Siti Zainab Ibrahim

28. Cooperative Caching Strategies for Mobile Peer-to-Peer Networks: A Survey
Xinxin Zhou, Zhenwan Zou, Renjie Song, Yanjiao Wang, Zhenwei Yu

29. Analysis of Chemical Plant Process Safety Information Integration Model from Information System Perspective
Yew Kwang Hooi, M. Fadzil Hassan, Azmi M. Shariff, Hanida Abd Aziz, Najah M. Jamal, Sujendran Suppiah

30. Cooperative Robust Output Regulation for Linear Uncertain Time-Delay Multi-agent Systems
Maobin Lu, Jie Huang

31. The International Cooperation of Solar Radio Burst Project Using e-Callisto System Network
Zety Sharizat Hamidi, Nur Nafhatun Md Shariff, C. Monstein, A. B. M. A. Ibrahim, M. I. M. Yusof

32. A Performance Study of Hidden Markov Model and Random Forest in Internet Traffic Classification
Alhamza Munther, Rozmie R. Othman, Ali Shanon Alsaadi, Mohammed Anbar

33. Design and Configuration of Avoidance Technique for Worst Situation in Zigbee Communications Using OPNET
Jun-Ho Huh, Seung-Mo Je, Kyungryong Seo

Part III. Multimedia and Visualization

34. Automated Segmentation of Microtubules in Cryo-EM Images with Excessive White Noise
Guiyang Yue, Linhua Jiang, Cong Liu, Guisong Yang, Jun Ai, Xiaodong Chen

35. The SI-LBP: A New Framework for Obtaining 3D Local Binary Patterns from Shape-Index
Suranjan Ganguly, Debotosh Bhattacharjee, Mita Nasipuri

36. Implementation of Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Moving-Object Detection and Face Recognition
Sanjaa Bold, Batchimeg Sosorbaram, Seong Ro Lee

37. Robust Visual Communication System in Mobile Environments
Byung-Hun Oh, Kwang-Seok Hong

38. Medical Image Segmentation Using Improved Chan-Vese Model
Shuqiang Guo, Xuenan Shi, Yanjiao Wang, Xinxin Zhou, Yasukata Tamura

39. Study of Point Spread Function of Astronomical Object Imaging
Jian Yu, Qian Yin, Ping Guo

40. Big Data Visualization:
Nguyen Thanh Tam, Insu Song

41. A Comparative Study on Hough Transform Segmentation Approach for Outlier Iris Image
Mustafa Man, Mohamad Faizal Ab Jabal, Mohd Shafry Mohd Rahim

42. Exploring Multi-feature Based Action Recognition Using Multi-dimensional Dynamic Time Warping
Yang Liu, Guoliang Lu, Peng Yan

43. A Dropout Distribution Model on Deep Transfer Learning Networks
Fengqi Li, Helin Yang, Junpeng Wang

44. Convolutional Neural Network Models for Facial Expression Recognition Using BU-3DFE Database
Xuan-Phung Huynh, Tien-Duc Tran, Yong-Guk Kim

45. Non-rigid Object Tracking Using Modified Mean-Shift Method
Shuqiang Guo, Xuenan Shi, Yanjiao Wang, Xinxin Zhou

46. Extended Gaussian Mixture Model Enhanced by Hole Filling Algorithm (GMMHF) Utilize GPU Acceleration
Adi Nurhadiyatna, Rini Wijayanti, Driszal Fryantoni

47. AVM Auto-Calibration for Driving Vehicle Images
Jiwon Bang, Junghwan Pyo, Yongjin Jeong

48. An Object-Oriented Programming Interface for Low-Tier Text-Based Windowing Systems
Jonghyuk Park, Nakhoon Baek

Part IV. Middleware and Operating Systems

49. Scheduling Algorithms for Cache Effect Optimisationin Partitioned Systems
Vicent Brocal, Yolanda Valiente, Patricia Balbastre, Alfons Crespo, Pedro Albertos

50. HYFLUR: Recovery for Power-off Failure in Flash Memory Storage Systems Using HYbrid FLUsh Recovery
Ji-Hwan Chung, Tae-Sun Chung

51. Static Scheduling Generation for Multicore Partitioned Systems
Alfons Crespo, Patricia Balbastre, Jose Simo, Pedro Albertos

52. Improve Dynamic Sandbox on the Cloud with Non-QEMU Based OS Through Hooks and Mocks Techniques
Ngoc-Tu Chau, Long Nguyen Vu, Souhwan Jung

53. Exploring the Platform for Expressing SystemVerilog Assertions in Model Based System Engineering
Muhammad Rashid, Muhammad Waseem Anwar, Farooque Azam, Muhammad Kashif

54. Enhanced Cloud Data Placement Strategy for Multiple Cloud Storage Services on Mobile Devices
Christofer Theodore, Hyotaek Lim

55. Over the Air Programming Method for Learning Wireless Sensor Networks
K. Sangeeth, Preeja Pradeep, P. Rekha, P. Divya, R. D. Aryadevi, Maneesha Sudheer

56. Design of Multimedia File Similarity Evaluation Scheme Using Fingerprinting
Min Ja Kim, Sung Bong Jang, Young Woong Ko

Part V. Security and Privacy

57. Privacy Preservation Based on Full-Domain Generalization for Incremental Data Publishing
Torsak Soontornphand, Nattapon Harnsamut, Juggapong Natwichai

58. Creating Snort-IDS Rules for Detection Behavior Using Multi-sensors in Private Cloud
Khamkone Sengaphay, Saiyan Saiyod, Nunnapus Benjamas

59. Review of Security Vulnerabilities in the IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol
Mohammed Anbar, Rosni Abdullah, Redhwan M. A. Saad, Esraa Alomari, Samer Alsaleem

60. A New Probabilistic Digital Signature Scheme Based on Integer Factorization Problem
Shailendra Kumar Tripathi, Bhupendra Gupta

61. Android Mobile Application for Privacy Data Access in MANET Emergency Services
Asmidar Abu Bakar, ElMunzir Hassan Eisa El-Talib

62. Attack on a Nonlinear Inter-Pixel Computing and Swapping Based Permutation Approach
Bin Lu, Xin Ge, Daofu Gong, Fenlin Liu

63. The Capacity of Undetectable On/Off Covert Channel
Anna Epishkina, Mikhail Finoshin, Konstantin Kogos

64. Quality Analysis of Logging System Components in the Cloud
Winai Wongthai, Aad Moorsel

65. Copy-Move Forgery Detection Using on Locality Sensitive Hashing and k-means Clustering
Osamah M. Al-Qershi, Bee Ee Khoo

66. Development of Android Security Permission Application
Jongmun Jeong, Hoon Lee, Mintae Hwang

67. A Complete Fingerprint Matching Algorithm on GPU for a Large Scale Identification System
Hong Hai Le, Ngoc Hoa Nguyen, Tri Thanh Nguyen

68. Android Security Analysis Based on Inter-application Relationships
Nguyen Tan Cam, Pham Hau, Tuan Nguyen

69. An Analysis of IT Assessment Security Maturity in Higher Education Institution
Misni Harjo Suwito, Shinchi Matsumoto, Junpei Kawamoto, Dieter Gollmann, Kouichi Sakurai

70. Detection of SPAM Attacks in the Remote Triggered WSN Experiments
Sangeeth kumar, Preeja Pradeep, Sumesh Kj

71. Secret Outflow Cause Symptom Analysis Through Scenario Assessment
DongHwi Lee, Woo-Bin Park, Yun-Hee Kim, Kyong-Ho Choi, Seung-Ho Kang

72. Synflood Spoof Source DDoS Attack Defence Based on Packet ID Anomaly Detection - PIDAD
Tran Manh Thang, Van Khanh Nguyen

73. Range Image Derivatives for GRCM on 2.5D Face Recognition
Lee-Ying Chong, Andrew Beng Jin Teoh, Thian-Song Ong

74. Improving Intrusion Detection on Snort Rules for Botnets Detection
Youksamay Chanthakoummane, Saiyan Saiyod, Nunnapus Benjamas, Nattawat Khamphakdee

Part VI. Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence

75. Development of Power Quality Index Using Ideal Analytic Hierarchy Process
Buhm Lee, Dohee Sohn, Kyoung Min Kim

76. An Improved Algorithm for Calculating Flow Paths of Injection-Production in Single Sand Body in Old Oilfields Under the Background of Big Data
Jiqun Zhang, Baorong Deng, Xinhao Li, Junhua Chang, Hua Li, Dongmei He

77. Modeling Promotion Factors Using Bayesian Networks and Video Games
Manolis Maragoudakis, Katia Kermanidis, Spyros Vosinakis

78. A Computational Agent Model for Stress Reaction in Natural Disaster Victims
Hayder Mohammed, Azizi Ab Aziz, Noraziah ChePa, Ahmad Hanis Mohd Shabli, Juliana Aida Abu Bakar, Asmidah Alwi

79. Kalman Filter-Based Aggressive Behaviour Detection for Indoor Environment
Mohd Asyraf Zulkifley, Nur Syazwani Samanu, Nik Ahmad Akram Nik Zulkepeli, Zulaikha Kadim, Hon Hock Woon

80. Effectiveness Comparison of Range Estimator for Battery Electric Vehicles
K. W. Chew, Y. R. Yong

81. Design of Maritime Meteorological Information Data Model Based on S-100
Daseul Oh, Daewon Park, Suhyun Park

82. Administrative Divisions of Addresses Matching Algorithm Based on Moving Window Algorithm for Maximal Matching
Xiaolin Li, Shuang Huang, Tao Lu

83. Application of Fuzzy C-Mean Clustering Base Tree for Measuring the Effectiveness of Corporate
Jirawat Teyakome, Narissara Eiamkanitchat, Komsan Suriya, Phichit Napook

84. Extending the Socio-Economic Status (SES) Prediction System Based on the Thailand Marketing Research Society (TMRS) Standardized SES Classification for Thai Upcountry Urban Subjects
Jirayut Poomontre, Pisal Setthawong

85. Intelligent and Adaptive Test System
Robin Tommy, Nancy Amala, Shantha Ram, Bala Kumar, Hima Jose

86. A New Extraction Algorithm for Hierarchical Keyword Using Text Social Network
Da-Young Lee, Kyung-Rim Kim, Hwan-Gue Cho

87. Layer-Wise Relevance Propagation for Deep Neural Network Architectures
Alexander Binder, Sebastian Bach, Gregoire Montavon, Klaus-Robert Müller, Wojciech Samek

88. Building a Hybrid Method for Analyzing the Risk by Integrating the Fuzzy Logic and the Improved Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm FCM-R
Huan Doan, Dinh Thuan Nguyen

89. Meta Learning on Small Biomedical Datasets
Turgay Ibrikci, Esra Mahsereci Karabulut, Jean Dieu Uwisengeyimana

90. Challenges in the Data Collection for Diagnostics of Smart Buildings
Sanja Lazarova-Molnar, Nader Mohamed

91. A Case Based Reasoning View of School Dropout Screening
José Neves, Margarida Figueiredo, Lídia Vicente, Henrique Vicente

92. A Modified Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm Using Truncated Gaussian Distribution in Frog’s Position Updating Process
Kanchana Daoden, Trasapong Thaiupthump

93. A Surveillance System Using CNN for Face Recognition with Object, Human and Face Detection
Yeong-Hyeon Byeon, Sung-Bum Pan, Sang-Man Moh, Keun-Chang Kwak

94. Automated Disease Outbreak Detection and Analysis
Kaleab Getaneh Tefrie, Kyung-Ah Sohn

95. Hierarchical Time Series Forecast in Electrical Grids
Vânia Almeida, Rita Ribeiro, João Gama

96. Data Pre-processing of Student e-Learning Logs
Mingming Zhou

97. Generating Point of Interest Description with Geo-tagged Web Photos
Thanh-Hieu Bui, A-Yeong Kim, Seong-Bae Park, Sang-Jo Lee

98. Association Rule Discovery for Rosewood Crime Arrest Planning
Rit Lawpanom, Wararat Songpan

Part VII. Software Engineering

99. Translating Basic Metric Temporal Logic Formulas into Promela
Punwess Sukvanich, Arthit Thongtak, Wiwat Vatanawood

100. A Propose Model for Shared Understanding of Software Requirements (SUSRs)
Issam Jebreen, Mohammed Awad, Ahmad Al-Qerem

101. Mathematical Concept of Programming in Graphs
Igor Velbitskiy

102. Islamic New Moon Software: Current Status
Nur Nafhatun MD Shariff, Muhamad Syazwan Faid, Zety Sharizat Hamidi

103. A Study on Decoupling Flow Engines Toward Cross-Platform Interoperability
Chuan-Fa Wang, Don-Lin Yang

104. Information System Design Based on the Result of Organization Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering Process
Fransiskus Adikara, Patricia Dianita Wijaya, Bayu Hendradjaya, Benhard Sitohang

105. Estimation of Fault Reparation Time in Software Maintenance Phase
Pawin Youpoung, Pornsiri Muenchaisri

106. Generation of Java Code from UML Sequence and Class Diagrams
Preyanoot Kluisritrakul, Yachai Limpiyakorn

107. Visualization of Gaps Between Sheet Parts for Watertightness of Automobiles
Jianhui Fu, Byeongju An, Raesung Park, Yoongho Jung

108. Conceptual Design Model of iCAL4LA: A Review and Critical Analysis of Computer Assisted Learning Concept in Determining the Core Segments and Their Components
Siti Zulaiha Ahmad, Ariffin Abdul Mutalib

Part VIII. Web Technology

109. Sentiment Analysis and User Similarity for Social Recommender System: An Experimental Study
Thi-Ngan Pham, Thi-Hong Vuong, Thi-Hoai Thai, Mai-Vu Tran, Quang-Thuy Ha

110. Adaptive Polling for Responsive Web Applications
Hatem Aziz, Mick Ridley

111. A Framework of Incorporating Thai Social Networking Data in Online Marketing Survey
Rachsuda Jiamthapthaksin, Than Htike Aung, Nitipan Ratanasawadwat

112. Recommender Systems: Issues, Challenges, and Research Opportunities
Shah Khusro, Zafar Ali, Irfan Ullah

113. Preserving Dynamic XML Keys
Norfaradilla Wahid, Hairulnizam Mahdin

114. Ontology Based Adaptive, Semantic E-Learning Framework (OASEF)
Sohail Sarwar, Zia Ul Qayyum, Muhammad Safyan, Rana Faisal Munir

115. Planning in Dynamic, Distributed and Non-automatized Production Systems
Matthias Becker, Michael Lütjen, Helena Szczerbicka

116. Decision Support for the Stocks Trading Using MLP and Data Mining Techniques
Narissara Eiamkanitchat, Teerasak Moontui

Part IX. Internet of Things

117. A Survey of Security Aspects for Internet of Things in Healthcare
Suhardi, Alfian Ramadhan

118. Influence of Intentional Electromagnetic Interference on the Functioning of the Terrestrial Segment of Flying Ubiquitous Sensor Network
Trung Hoang, Ruslan Kirichek, Alexander Paramonov, Andrey Koucheryavy

119. Analysis of Routes in the Network Based on a Swarm of UAVs
Nghia Dao, Andrey Koucheryavy, Alexander Paramonov

120. Extension of OneM2M Protocol Binding Considering Service Mapping
Jun Hwan Huh, Dong Hyun Kim, Jong-Deok Kim

121. Enterprise Modelling for the Internet of Things: The ComVantage Method
Robert Andrei Buchmann, Dimitris Karagiannis

122. A Conceptual Framework for the Design of an Urban Flood Early-Warning System Using a Context-Awareness Approach in Internet-of-Things Platform
Jeerana Noymanee, Wimol San-Um, Thanaruk Theeramunkong

123. A Study on the IoT Based Smart Door Lock System
Jeong-ile Jeong

Part X. ICT Convergence

124. Optimized Data Transmission Method for Multimedia Services Based on OpenStack
Sanghyun Park, Gemoh Maliva Tihfon, Seonhyeok Lee, Jinsul Kim

125. Load Balancing Methodology for Efficient Real-Time Streaming Service Based on WebRTC
Jisue Kim, Linh Ma Van, Jinsul Kim

126. A New Virtualized Environment for Application Deployment Based on Docker and AWS
Gemoh Maliva Tihfon, Jinsul Kim, Kuinam J. Kim

127. Implementation of Chinese Cabbage of Origin Discrimination Software
Jong-In Kim, Jae-Won Lee, Hyo-Gi Seo, Jung-Su Yang, Sung-Hoon Hong

128. The Smart Armband: Expanding Wearable Interface Area and Suggesting Interaction Scenarios
Hyunyoung Kim, Sanghyun Park, Nuri Na, Jisue Kim, Yongpil Moon, Jinsul Kim

129. Cost-Effective Multicast Routing with Multi-gateway in Wireless Mesh Networks
Younho Jung, Seonhyuk Lee, Su-il Choi, Cheol Hong Kim, Jinsul Kim, Kyungran Kang, Jaehyung Park

130. Frequency Features Selection Using Decision Tree for Classification of Sleep Breathing Sound
Tan Loc Nguyen, Yonggwan Won

131. Architecture Design with Coordinating Live Streaming and VOD Sharing for Media Content Distribution
Tran Thi Thu Ha, Jinsul Kim

132. CTA-Aware Dynamic Scheduling Scheme for Streaming Multiprocessors in High-Performance GPUs
Dong Oh Son, Cong Thuan Do, Hong Jun Choi, Jong Myon Kim, Jaehyung Park, Cheol Hong Kim

133. Design of Adaptive Integrated Fast Image Enhancement System for General, Haze, Low Light, Back-Light Condition
Jae-Won Lee, Jong-In Kim, Bae-Ho Lee, Sung-Hoon Hong

134. A New Prefetch Policy for Data Filter Cache in Energy-Aware Embedded Systems
Dong Oh Son, Cong Thuan Do, Hong Jun Choi, Jong Myon Kim, Jiseung Nam, Cheol Hong Kim

135. User-Assisted OCR on Outdoor Images for Approximate Positioning
Taeyu Im, Pradipta De

Part XI. Convergence of Healthcare and Information Technology

136. The Application of Digital Health Content Using Mobile Device
Soo Jung Park, Bong Sup Park, Seung Ae Kang, Sun Young Kang

137. Review Paper on Nutritional Information Using Mobile Augmented Reality Technology
Saad Masood Butt, Karla Felix Navarro

138. The Applications of Convergence Technology for Physical Activity in the Disabled
Seungae Ae Kang

139. Personalized Exercise Prescription Utilizing Virtual Fitness
Sun Young Kang, Kyung OcK Yi, Seung Ae Kang, Ae Hyun Lee

140. Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Platform for Wellness in High-Speed Network
Hyun Cheol Kim

141. Review of the Role of Modern Computational Technologies in the Detection of Dyslexia
Harshani Perera, Mohd Fairuz Shiratuddin, Kok Wai Wong

142. A New Paradigm for the Spread Sport Leisure Culture Focusing on the IT-Based Convergence Interactive System
Minkyu Kim, Soojung Park, Byoungkwon Park, Young Hee Cho, Sun Young Kang

143. Transmission Optimization of Healthcare Information for Multi-channel Cloud Networks
Hyun Cheol Kim, Wonhyuk Lee, Seung Ae Kang

144. The ICT Technology for Geriatric Diseases Healthcare
Sun Young Kang

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Systems and Data Security, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Data Structures, Cryptology and Information Theory

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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