Fukushige, Shinichi

Sustainability Through Innovation in Product Life Cycle Design

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Table of contents

Part I. Product Development for Sustainability

1. Investigating Types of Information from WEEE Take-Back Systems in Order to Promote Design for Recovery
Louise Lindkvist, Natalia Alonso Movilla, Erik Sundin, Peggy Zwolinski

2. A Framework for Sustainable Product Development
Daniel Kammerl, Damian Schockenhoff, Christoph Hollauer, Dominik Weidmann, Udo Lindemann

3. Reducing Conflicts of Interest in Eco-design: The Relation of Innovation Management and Eco-design in the Automotive Sector
Therese Elisabeth Schwarz, Kerstin Schopf, Astrid Arnberger

4. Computer-Aided Design for Semi-destructive Disassembly
Shinichi Fukushige, Yumi Shiraishi, Yasushi Umeda

5. Potential of Common Methods to Integrate Sustainability Requirements in the Product Development Process: A Case Study
Maike Kosiol, Dominik Weidmann, Daniel Kammerl, Udo Lindemann

Part II. Design for Sustainability in Emerging Economies

6. Perspectives on Sustainable Product Design Methodology Focused on Local Communities
Hideki Kobayashi

7. Proposal of a Design Method for Local-Oriented Manufacturing in Developing Countries First Report: Problem Description and Knowledge Representation
Tomoyuki Tamura, Hideki Kobayashi, Yasushi Umeda

8. Environment-Community-Human-Oriented (ECHO) Design: A Context-Appropriate Design-Thinking Process for the Well-Being of Individuals, Communities, and the Local Environment
Sittha Sukkasi

9. Persuasive Design Aid for Products Leading to LOHAS Considering User Type
Li-Hsing Shih

10. Preliminary Research on the Perception and Implementation of Sustainable Supply Chain in Indonesian Companies
Jessica Hanafi, Helena Juliana Kristina, Ogi Y. Poernama

11. Analysis of User Needs for Solar Cooker Acceptance
Robert Wimmer, Myung Joo Kang, Chaipipat Pokpong, Adeshir Mahdavi

12. Sustainable Renewable Energy Financing: Case Study of Kenya
Tabitha A. Olang, Miguel Esteban

13. Oil and Gas Industry’s Role on the Transition to a Low-Carbon Future in Thailand
Warathida Chaiyapa, Miguel Esteban, Yasuko Kameyama

14. Material Recovery and Environmental Impact by Informal E-Waste Recycling Site in the Philippines
Atsushi Terazono, Masahiro Oguchi, Aya Yoshida, Ruji P. Medina, Florencio C. Ballesteros

Part III. Business Design for Sustainability

15. Actors and System Maps: A Methodology for Developing Product/Service Systems
Avni Desai, Mattias Lindahl, Maria Widgren

16. PSS Without PSS Design: Possible Causes, Effects, and Solutions
Johannes Matschewsky

17. A Method of Selecting Customer-Oriented Service and Delivery Modes in Designing Environmentally Benign Product Service Systems
Yutaka Dairokuno, Juri Matsumura, Shozo Takata

18. Design for Remanufacturing and Circular Business Models
Sharon Prendeville, Nancy Bocken

19. Development of Low-Carbon Society Businesses in Japan
Takashi Iwamoto, Hidetaka Aoki

20. What Is ‘Value’ and How Can We Capture It from the Product Value Chain?
Jacquetta Lee, James R. Suckling, Debra Lilley, Garrath T. Wilson

21. How Japanese Companies Can Contribute to Water Sustainability
Yoshihiko Sakamoto, Takashi Iwamoto

22. Analysis of Disassembly Characteristics and PSS Proposal by Component Reuse of Mobile Phones
Hideyuki Sawanishi, Yuji Sasaki, Nozomu Mishima

23. Seller-Buyer Matching for Promoting Product Reuse Using Distance-Based User Grouping
Yuki Yamamori, Yumihito Yokoki, Hiroyuki Hiraoka

24. User Model in the Life Cycle Simulation of Mechanical Parts Based on Prospect Theory
Yumihito Yokoki, Yuki Yamamori, Hiroyuki Hiraoka

25. Research on Corporate Social Responsibility Advertising Design
Tsai-Feng Kao, Jui-Che Tu

Part IV. Sustainable Production and Material Recovery

26. Systems Approach to Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Solutions: Method and Implementation
Jurgis Kazimieras Staniskis, Egle Katiliute

27. Integrated Production and Transportation Scheduling for Low-Carbon Supply Chains
Yoshitaka Tanimizu, Hiromasa Ito, Kenta Matsui

28. Usage of a Digital Eco-factory for a Printed Circuit Assembly Line
Yasuhiro Sudo, Michiko Matsuda, Fumihiko Kimura

29. A Negotiation Model for Closed-Loop Supply Chains with Consideration for Economically Collecting Reusable Products
Kenta Matsui, Yoshitaka Tanimizu

30. Concept Proposal and Feasibility Study of Remote Recycling: Separation Characteristics and Cost-Profit Analysis
Kenta Torihara, Yuta Kadowaki, Jun Ooki, Nozomu Mishima

31. Simulation-Based Uncertainty Quantification in End-of-Life Operations for Strategic Development of Urban Mines
Hitoshi Komoto, Shinsuke Kondoh, Keijiro Masui

32. The Potential of Additive Manufacturing Technology for Realizing a Sustainable Society
Shinsuke Kondoh, Toshitake Tateno, Yusuke Kishita, Hitoshi Komoto, Shinichi Fukushige

33. Biodegradable Mechatronic Products by Additive Manufacturing
Toshitake Tateno, Yuta Yaguchi, Shinsuke Kondoh

34. The Monitoring of Three-Dimensional Printer Filament Feeding Process Using an Acoustic Emission Sensor
Pitchapa Lotrakul, Wimol San-Um, Masaaki Takahashi

35. Selective Volume Fusing Method for Cellular Structure Integration
Supachai Vongbunyong, Sami Kara

36. Recovery of Metals from E-Waste Mediated by Molten CRT Lead Glass
Hiroyuki Inano, Keiichi Tomita, Tatsumi Tada, Naoki Hiroyoshi

Part V. Strategy for Sustainable Society

37. Rethinking the Ecodesign Policy Mix in Europe
Carl Dalhammar

38. Global Initiative on UPCYCLE Carbon Footprint Certification and Label Systems for Creative Waste Management and Greenhouse Gas Reduction
Rattanawan Mungkung, Singh Intrachooto, Tananon Nudchanate, Kannika Sorakon

39. Sustainable Energy Strategy Primarily Involving Renewable Resources in Japan
Haruki Tsuchiya

40. Participatory Design as a Tool for Effective Sustainable Energy Transitions
Benjamin C. McLellan, Yusuke Kishita, Kazumasu Aoki

41. A Fuzzy Monte Carlo Simulation Technique for Sustainable Society Scenario (3S) Simulator
A. M. M. Sharif Ullah

42. The Minerals-Energy Nexus: Past, Present and Future
Benjamin C. McLellan

43. Estimation of Reduction in CO2 Emissions by Using ICT Throughout Japan
Tomomi Nagao, Minako Hara, Shinsuke Hannoe, Jiro Nakamura

44. The Role of Industrial Design in Effective Post-disaster Management
Areli Avendano Franco, Liam Fennessy, Judith Glover

45. Undergraduate Students Designing Environmental Concern Products: A Case Study in Design Education
Edilson S. Ueda, Fumio Terauchi

Part VI. Eco-innovation Strategy

46. The Future of Design for Sustainable Behaviour, Revisited
Casper Boks, Debra Lilley, Ida Nilstad Pettersen

47. From Eco- to Sustainable Innovation: Approach and Methodology to Guide Design Initiative into the Innovation World
Andrea Gaiardo, Paolo Tamborrini

48. State of the Art of Open Innovation and Design for Sustainability
Ursula Tischner, Lea Beste

49. An Analysis of the Ecodesign Scientific Network 1994–2014
Jacobus Marthinus Bank, Casper Boks, Johan Braet

50. Recent Developments in Ocean Energy and Offshore Wind: Financial Challenges and Environmental Misconceptions
Miguel Esteban, Alexandros Gasparatos, Christopher N. H. Doll

51. Renewable Energy Policy Efficacy and Sustainability: The Role of Equity in Improving Energy Policy Outcomes
Andrew John Chapman, Tetsuo Tezuka, Benjamin McLellan

52. Study on the Diffusion of NGVs in Japan and Other Nations Using the Bass Model
Yue Zhu, Koji Tokimatsu, Mitsutaka Matsumoto

53. Key Success Factors of Green Innovation for Transforming Traditional Industries
Yu-Chen Huang, Jui-Che Tu, Tsai-Wei Lin

54. Postmodern Dynamics of Innovation and Knowledge in the Context of Sustainable Energy Development
Harald E. Otto

Part VII. Eco-design of Social Infrastructure

55. Analysis Modeling for Electricity Consumption in Communication Buildings
Minako Hara, Atsushi Sakurai, Hiroki Oka, Yuriko Tanaka, Yohei Yamaguchi, Yusuke Kishita, Yasushi Umeda, Yoshiyuki Shimoda

56. Research on Evaluation Index System and Comprehensive Evaluation of Typical Eco-Industrial Parks
Lei Zhang, Xing Meng, Hongbing Yu, Toru Matsumoto, Xi Chen

57. The Need to Go Beyond “Green University” Ideas to Involve the Community at Naresuan University, Thailand
Gwyntorn Satean

58. Sustainability Assessment of High-Rise and High-Density Urban Structures
Chisato Takahashi, Tomomi Nonaka, Masaru Nakano

59. Analysis of the Energy Consumption of Building Automation Systems
Tamás Iváncsy, Zoltán Ádám Tamus

60. User-Adapting System Design for Improved Energy Efficiency During the Use Phase of Products: Case Study of an Occupancy-Driven, Self-Learning Thermostat
Y. Bock, A. Auquilla, K. Kellens, D. Vandevenne, A. Nowé, J. R. Duflou

61. A Fully Renewable DC Microgrid with Autonomous Power Distribution Algorithm
Nobuyuki Kitamura, Annette Werth, Kenji Tanaka

Part VIII. Sustainability Assessment and Indicators

62. Sustainability Indicators: Overview, Synthesis and Future Research Directions
Christoph Hollauer, Martin Zäpfel, Daniel Kammerl, Mayada Omer, Udo Lindemann

63. Strategy Planning Before Urban Mining: Exploring the Targets
Hiroki Hatayama, Kiyotaka Tahara

64. Evaluation of Resource Efficiency of Electrical and Electronic Equipment
Tomoaki Kitajima, Yuji Sasaki, Nozomu Mishima

65. Regionalized Input-Output Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment: Food Production Case Study
Sergiy Smetana, Christine Tamasy, Alexander Mathys, Volker Heinz

66. Spatiotemporal Tools for Regional Low-Carbon Development: Linking LCA and GIS to Assess Clusters of GHG Emissions from Cocoa Farming in Peru
Giancarlo Raschio, Sergiy Smetana, Christian Contreras, Alexander Mathys, Volker Heinz

67. Potential for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation at a Typical Roughage Production System in the Japanese Dairy System
Tatsuo Hishinuma, Kazuyoshi Suzuki, Yutaka Genchi

68. Batik Life Cycle Assessment Analysis (LCA) for Improving Batik Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Sustainable Production in Surakarta, Indonesia
Ghita Yoshanti, Kiyoshi Dowaki

69. Eco-design and Life Cycle Assessment of Japanese Tableware from Palm-Melamine Bio-composites
Singh Intrachooto, Rattanawan Mungkung, Kittiwan Kitpakornsanti

70. Consumer’s Lifestyle and Its Impact on Eco-product Aesthetics
Chen-Fu Chen

Keywords: Environment, Waste Management/Waste Technology, Environmental Economics, Engineering Design

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