Guo, Zhongxing

Ecological Economics and Harmonious Society

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Table of contents

Part I. Theories and Methodologies of Ecological Economics

1. Assessment of and Outlook for the Study of Ecological Economics
Li Zhou

2. The Definition, Scope and Principles of Ecological Economics
Shen Manhong

3. Exploration of Deep-seated Ecological Economic Problems
Jiang Xuemin, Ren Long

4. The Right to Use Environmental Capacity: Legislation for Energy Conservation and Emissions Reductions
Chen Huiguang, Futian Qu, Chen Ligen

5. Calculations and Analysis of the Contributions of Industrial Structure Transition to Sustainable Development – A Case Study of Fujian Province
Lin Qing, Chen Xu, Wang Ying

6. Construction of Theoretical Framework for Innovations in Green Agriculture and Practical Exploration
Yan Lidong, Deng Yuanjian, Qu Zhiguang

Part II. Construction of Ecological Economy

7. Thirty Years of Afforestation and Landscaping Reform in China
Zhu Junfeng

8. Build a Green Grass Industry to Address Four Major Problems
Li Yutang

9. Brief Review of Low-Carbon Agricultural Economy
Wang Yun

10. Innovation and Development of Ecological Economy in the Poyang Lake Basin
Wu Guochen, Ouyang Ming, Wu Yue

11. Conflicts Between Economic and Ecological Development in China’s Pasturing Areas and Reasons for These Conflicts
Pan Jianwei, Gai Zhiyi

12. Study of Regional Resource-Conserving and Recycling Industry Structure — A Case Study of the Cane Sugar Industry in Guangxi
Liang Xian, Lin Tao, Liu Deyuan, Liang Qiuming

Part III. Empirical Study of Ecological Economy

13. Foreign Trade Deficit in Term of Resource-Environment and Application of Trade Practices for Achieving Environmental Goals
Hu Tao, Wu Yuping, Shen Xiaoyue, Mao Xianqiang, Li Liping, Yu Hai

14. Reduce Agricultural Diffused Pollution Through Water Conservation: Inspirations of Optimal Model of Water for Agricultural Use
Zhang Zheng

15. Verification of EKC Relation Between Economic Growth and Agricultural Diffused Pollution: An Analysis Based on Inter-Provincial Panel Data
Liang Liutao

16. Measurement of Environmental Justice Under Regional Disparities and Study of Countermeasures – with Jiangsu Province as Example
Zhao Haixia, Wang Bo

17. Impact of Ecological Landscape on Housing Prices in Urban Residential Districts – A Case Study of Mochou Lake in Nanjing
Wu Dongmei, Zhongxing Guo, Chen Huiguang

18. Coupling of Ecological Economic System in Tarim River Watershed
Lv Xiao, Liu Xinping, Li Zhenbo

Part IV. Value of Ecosystem Services and Ecological Compensation

19. Scarcity of Ecosystem Services and Ecological Contribution of Agriculture
Zhu Sihai

20. Participation of Natural Resources in Income Distribution – A Distribution System Balancing Intergenerational Equity and Ecological Efficiency
Luo Liyan

21. Mechanism of Compensation for Non-commercial Forests in Shanghai
Liu Pingyang

22. Coordinated Environmental Protection and Socio-Economic Development in Ecological Function Reserves – A Case Study of Dongjiang Riverhead National Ecological Function Reserve
Li Zhimeng

23. Resource Valuation of Baiyangdian Wetland
Xu Yueming, Zhao Jinlong, Liang Shan

24. Analysis of Factors Affecting Ecological Consumption Behavior of Urban Residents
Zhu Hongge

Keywords: Economics, Environmental Economics, Development Economics, Energy Policy, Economics and Management

Publication year
Research Series on the Chinese Dream and China’s Development Path
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