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Innovations in Computer Science and Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Secure ATM Door Locking System Using RFID
Sandeep Singh Rawat, Shaik Saidulu, Rasmi Ranjan

2. Analysis of Various Parameters for Link Adaptation in Wireless Transmission
R. G. Purandare, S. P. Kshirsagar, S. M. Koli

3. N-Gram Classifier System to Filter Spam Messages from OSN User Wall
Sneha R. Harsule, Mininath K. Nighot

4. A Recent Study of Emerging Tools and Technologies Boosting Big Data Analytics
Govind Pole, Pradeepini Gera

5. Registration Plate Recognition Using Dynamic Image Processing and Genetic Algorithm
Glence Joseph, Tripty Singh

6. Comparing the Capacity, NCC, and Fidelity of Various Quantization Intervals on DWT
Velpuru Muni Sekhar, K. V. G. Rao, N. Sambasive Rao, Merugu Gopi Chand

7. Enhancing Cloud Computing Server to Use Cloud Safely and to Produce Infrastructure of High Performance Computing
Kavita Sultanpure, L. S. S. Reddy

8. 3-D Array Pattern Distortion Analysis
N. Dinesh Kumar

9. Elasticsearch and Carrot2-Based Log Analytics and Management
Prashant Kumar Singh, Amol Suryawanshi, Sidhharth Gupta, Prasad Saindane

10. High-Security Pipelined Elastic Substitution Box with Embedded Permutation Facility
K. B. Jithendra, T. K. Shahana

11. An Integrated Approach to High-Dimensional Data Clustering
Rashmi Paithankar, Bharat Tidke

12. Performance Analysis of Network Virtualization in Cloud Computing Infrastructures on OpenStack
Vo Nhan Van, Le Minh Chi, Nguyen Quoc Long, Dac-Nhuong Le

13. A Shoulder-Surfing Resistant Graphical Password Authentication Scheme
M. Kameswara Rao, Ch. Vidya Pravallika, G. Priyanka, Mani Kumar

14. A Proposal for Searching Desktop Data
Mamta Kayest, S. K. Jain

15. Low-Power Analog Bus for System-on-Chip Communication
Venkateswara Rao Jillella, Sudhakara Rao Parvataneni

16. Text Clustering and Text Summarization on the Use of Side Information
Shilpa S. Raut, V. B. Maral

17. Image Correspondence Using Affine SIFT Flow
P. Dedeepya, B. Sandhya

18. Link Quality-Based Multi-hop Relay Protocol for WiMedia Medium Access Control
K. S. Umadevi, Arunkumar Thangavelu

19. Assessment of Reusability Levels on Domain-Specific Components Using Heuristic Function
N. Md. Jubair Basha, Sankhayan Choudhury

20. Reliable Propagation of Real-Time Traffic Conditions in VANETS to Evade Broadcast Storm
Mohd Umar Farooq, Mohammad Pasha, Khaleel Ur Rahman Khan

21. Hybrid Multi-objective Optimization Approach for Neural Network Classification Using Local Search
Seema Mane, Shilpa Sonawani, Sachin Sakhare

22. Effectiveness of Email Address Obfuscation on Internet
Prabaharan Poornachandran, Deepak Raj, Soumajit Pal, Aravind Ashok

23. A Proof-of-Concept Model for Vehicular Cloud Computing Using OMNeT++ and SUMo
Mohammad Pasha, Mohd Umar Farooq, Khaleel-Ur-Rahman Khan

24. Password Reuse Behavior: How Massive Online Data Breaches Impacts Personal Data in Web
Prabaharan Poornachandran, M. Nithun, Soumajit Pal, Aravind Ashok, Aravind Ajayan

25. Identifying Significant Features to Improve Crowd Funded Projects’ Success
Jaya Gera, Harmeet Kaur

26. A Survey on Challenges in Software Development During the Adoption of Agile Environment
Chandrika Sikka, Saru Dhir, Madhurima Hooda

27. A Novel Approach for Detection of Motion Vector-Based Video Steganography by AoSO Motion Vector Value
Srinivas Bachu, Y. Olive Priyanka, V. Bhagya Raju, K. Vijaya Lakshmi

28. Image Resolution Enhancement Technique Using Lifting Wavelet and Discrete Wavelet Transforms
M. Venkateshwar Rao, V. Bhagya Raju

29. A Real-Time Implementation of Face and Eye Tracking on OMAP Processor
Vijayalaxmi Biradar, D. Elizabath Rani

30. A Study on Cyber Security, Its Issues and Cyber Crime Rates in India
Saurabh Mishra, Saru Dhir, Madhurima Hooda

31. A Concept-Based Model for Query Management in Service Desks
G. Veena, Aparna Shaji Peter, K. Anitha Rajkumari, Neeraj Ramanan

32. Designing Chaotic Chirikov Map-Based Secure Hash Function
Shruti Khurana, Musheer Ahmad

33. Data Fusion Approach for Enhanced Anomaly Detection
R. Ravinder Reddy, Y. Ramadevi, K. V. N. Sunitha

34. NUNI (New User and New Item) Problem for SRSs Using Content Aware Multimedia-Based Approach
Pankaj Chaudhary, Aaradhana A. Deshmukh, Albena Mihovska, Ramjee Prasad

35. Computerized Evaluation of Subjective Answers Using Hybrid Technique
Himani Mittal, M. Syamala Devi

36. A Proposal: High-Throughput Robust Architecture for Log Analysis and Data Stream Mining
Adnan Rashid Hussain, Mohd Abdul Hameed, Sana Fatima

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Data Structures, Numeric Computing

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Page amount
17 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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