Chou, Chuing Prudence

Chinese Education Models in a Global Age

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Table of contents

Part I. When Past Meets Future

1. Embedded Models of Development: Educational Changes in the People’s Republic of China
Julia Kwong

2. The Chinese University 3.0 in a Global Age: History, Modernity, and Future
Jun Li

3. Curriculum Reform and Education Policy Borrowing in China: Towards a Hybrid Model of Teaching
Charlene Tan, Vicente Reyes

4. Expanding Horizons of Curriculum Wisdoms: Teachers’ Experiences in New Curriculum Reform in China
Linyuan Guo-Brennan

5. A Study of Educational Policies Relating to Afterschool Programs and Educational Equality in Taiwan
Kent Sheng Yao Cheng, W. James Jacob

6. Academic Self-Colonization and the Crisis of Higher Education in Taiwan and Mainland China
Kwang-Kuo Hwang

7. From Cultural Rehabilitation to Cultural Renaissance: Through the Education of Indigenous Social Science
Kwang-Kuo Hwang

Part II. When East Meets West

8. A Chinese Approach to Learning? A Comparative Study on Time Use Patterns of 15-Year-Old Students in PISA 2012
Yisu Zhou, Dan Wang

9. Chinese Higher Education Model in Change: Negotiation with Western Power
Weiling Deng

10. Differences Between Native and Non-native Chinese Speaking Teachers: Voices from Overseas Students Who Study Chinese in China
Ko-Yin Sung, Frederick Poole

11. Dangling Between the Traditional and the Reformist: Reality Shocks for Student Teachers Amid the Tide of Educational Reform in a Test-Oriented Culture
Hsiou-huai Wang

12. A Chinese Model of Citizenship Education in Taiwan: Under the Influence of Globalization, Localization and Cross-Straitization
Chuing Prudence Chou

13. Impacts of Online Education on Existing Education Models: Empirical Evidence from Taiwan
Jonathan Spangler

14. A Chinese Model of Education in New Zealand
Ai-Hsin Ho, Yu Wang

15. Shifting Paradigm: Reforming Chinese Language Education in the Philippines
Sining Marcos Kotah

16. Perceptions of East Asian Students in Canadian Graduate Schools: What They May Indicate About Student Speech in a Chinese Model of Education
Shu-Chen Tsai

17. Educative and Child-Rearing Practices Among Recent Chinese Migrants in Australia: Continuity, Change, Hybridity
Wei-Wei Da, Anthony Welch

Part III. When Theory Meets Practice

18. The Chinese Model of Teacher Education: The Humanist Way for Chinese Learners, Teachers and Schools
Jun Li

19. Deweyan Student-Centered Pedagogy and Confucian Epistemology: Dilemmatic Pragmatism and Neo-Patriotism?
Gulbahar Beckett, Juanjuan Zhao

20. Chinese Models of University Quality Assurance: Case Studies from China and Taiwan
Chuing Prudence Chou

21. Chinese Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Ming Ming Chiu

22. Confucian Education Ideology and Its Impact on Chinese Mathematics Teaching and Learning
Zhaoyun Wang

23. A Case Study of a Chinese/English Dual Language Program in New York City
Ya-Ning Hsu

Part IV. Conclusion

24. Chinese Education Models in a Global Age: Myth or Reality?
Jonathan Spangler

Keywords: Education, International and Comparative Education

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Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Issues, Concerns and Prospects
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