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Proceedings of International Conference on ICT for Sustainable Development

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Table of contents

1. Implementing the Logical Security Framework for E-Commerce Based on Service-Oriented Architecture
Ashish Kr. Luhach, Sanjay K. Dwivedi, Chandra K. Jha

2. Indian Sign Language Translator Using Kinect
Pratik H. Suvagiya, Chintan M. Bhatt, Ritesh P. Patel

3. Formal Transformation of UML Diagram: Use Case, Class, Sequence Diagram with Z Notation for Representing the Static and Dynamic Perspectives of System
Monika Singh, A. K. Sharma, Ruhi Saxena

4. A Survey of Android Malware Detection Strategy and Techniques
Mohit Sharma, Meenu Chawla, Jyoti Gajrani

5. A Review on Dynamic View Selection
Anjana Gosain, Heena

6. Software Project Estimation Using Fuzzy Inference System
V. S. Dhaka, Vishal Choudhary, Manoj Sharma, Madan Singh

7. Linear and Nonlinear Modeling of Protein Kinase B/AkT
Shruti Jain, D. S. Chauhan

8. Lost Connectivity Restoration in Partitioned Wireless Sensor Networks
Ranga Virender, Dave Mayank, Verma Anil Kumar

9. Analysis of Authentication Techniques Adopted by End Users in Real-Life Cloud Implementation
Bansi Khimani, Kuntal Patel

10. Network Analysis of ICMP Ping Flood DoS Attack in WiMAX and Wireless LAN
Anu Raheja, Ajit Singh

11. Scheduling in Big Data Heterogeneous Distributed System Using Hadoop
Shraddha Thakkar, Sanjay Patel

12. A New Differential Scan-Based Side-Channel Attacks Against RSA Cryptosystem
Darshna Dalvadi, Badal Kothari, Keyur Shah

13. Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO) Algorithm for Minimum Weight Planer Frame Design Subjected to AISC-LRFD
Vishwesh Bhensdadia, Ghanshyam Tejani

14. Child Growth Mentor—A Proposed Model for Effective Use of Mobile Application for Better Growth of Child
Siddhi Shah, Shefali Naik, Vinay Vachharajani

15. Design and Development of a Rule-Based Urdu Lemmatizer
Vaishali Gupta, Nisheeth Joshi, Iti Mathur

16. Enhanced Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Metamaterial for DECT and Aircraft Wireless System Applications
Sunita, Gaurav Bharadwaj, Monika Kunwal, Kiran Aseri

17. An Enhanced Strategy to Minimize Makespan in Cloud Environment to Accelerate the Performance
Himanshu Sachdeva, Sakshi Kaushal, Amandeep Verma

18. Prefix Length-Based Disjoint Set Tries for IPv6 Lookup
Ravina Jangid, C. P. Gupta, Iti Sharma

19. Implementation of FAST Clustering-Based Feature Subset Selection Algorithm for High-Dimensional Data
Smit Shilu, Kushal Sheth, Ekata Mehul

20. Performance Comparison of 2D and 3D Zigbee Wireless Sensor Networks
Ranjana Thalore, Manju Khurana, M. K. Jha

21. Enhancement of Data Security by PMK Technique
Pallavi Sharma, Mukesh Kumar, Kirti Saneja

22. Privacy-Leveled Perturbation Model for Privacy Preserving Collaborative Data Mining
Alpa Kavin Shah, Ravi Gulati

23. Extended Bellman Ford Algorithm with Optimized Time of Computation
Neha, Akhil Kaushik

24. Supervised Link Prediction Using Forecasting Models on Weighted Online Social Network
Anshul Gupta, Shalki Sharma, Hirdesh Shivhare

25. Dual-Band Rectangular-Shaped Antenna with Sideway Extension at Top and Bottom for WLAN and WiMax Applications
Shalini Porwal, Ajay Dadhich, Sanjeev Yadav, H. S. Mewara, M. M. Sharma

26. A Framework to Rank Nodes in Social Media Graph Based on Sentiment-Related Parameters
Meghna Chaudhary, Harish Kumar

27. Development of Analytical Method to Determine the Deflection of Tapered Cantilever Beam with Inclined Loading Condition Using Software Simulation
Kishan H. Joshi, Chetankumar M. Patel

28. Bio-inspired Ultralow Power Design of Comparator with Noise Compensation Using Hysteresis Technique Designed for Biomedical Engineering (Pacemaker)
Jubin Jain, Vijendra Maurya, Anu Mehra

29. Comparative Analysis of Different Architectures of MCML Square Root Carry Select Adders for Low-Power Applications
Ginni Jain, Keerti Vyas, Vijendra K Maurya, Mayank Patel

30. Improvement in Quality of Extractive Text Summaries Using Modified Reciprocal Ranking
Yogesh Kumar Meena, Dinesh Gopalani

31. A Novel Compact Monopole Multiband Antenna for WiMAX/Satellite/Military Applications
Ashu Verma, Bhupendra Singh, Sanjeev Yadav, Preeti Jain

32. Critical Study and Analysis of Cyber Law Awareness Among the Netizens
Aniruddhsinh Parmar, Kuntal Patel

33. Information Communication Technologies for Research and Academic Development
Dinesh Kumar Saini, Lakshmi Sunil Prakash, Hemant Gaur

34. An Insider Cyber Threat Prediction Mechanism Based on Behavioral Analysis
Kaushal Bhavsar, Bhushan H Trivedi

35. Enhancing Amplifier Characteristics Using Quantum Dots
Parnika De, Jeetesh Giri Goswami, Murtaza Abbas Rizvi

36. An Approach to Secure Internet of Things Against DDoS
Krushang Sonar, Hardik Upadhyay

37. Issues in Quantitative Association Rule Mining: A Big Data Perspective
Dhrubajit Adhikary, Swarup Roy

38. A Framework for Temporal Information Search and Exploration
Parul Patel, S. V. Patel

39. Item Amalgamation Approach for Serendipity-Oriented Recommender System
Ravi Shah, Ashishkumar Patel, Kiran Amin

40. A Two-Stage Integrated Approach of DNA Cryptography
Neha Nandal, Suman Panghal

41. Advanced Irrigation Systems Impacting Sustainability and Reducing Water Needs—Role of ICT in Irrigation
S. M. Gopikrishnaa

42. Parallelization of Load Flow Analysis
Chayan Bhatt, Rahul Saxena, D. P. Sharma, R Jaya Krishna

43. Hierarchical Role-Based Access Control with Homomorphic Encryption for Database as a Service
Kamlesh Kumar Hingwe, S. Mary Saira Bhanu

44. Hybrid Miner Tracking System at 2.4GHz for Underground Mines
Amber Haidery, Kanchan Bakade

45. Partition-Based Frequent Closed Pattern Miner
Anu Soni, Mukta Goel, Rohit Goel

46. A Study of Working of Ad Auctioning by Google AdWords
Farhat Jahan, Pranav Fruitwala, Tarjni Vyas

47. A Novel Approach for Polarity Determination Using Emoticons: Emoticon-Graph
Manalee Datar, Pranali Kosamkar

48. Scheduling for Distributed Applications in Mobile Cloud Computing
Hitesh A. Bheda, Chirag S. Thaker

49. High Availability of Databases for Cloud
Yogesh Kr. Sharma, Ajay Shanker Singh

50. Customized Parameter Configuration Framework for Performance Tuning in Apache Hadoop
Bhavin J. Mathiya, Vinodkumar L. Desai

51. Hand Skin Classification from Other Skin Objects Using Multi-direction 3D Color-Texture Feature and Cascaded Neural Network Classifier
Sonal Gupta, Munesh C. Trivedi, Suraj kamya

52. Texture Features for the Detection of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Vanika Singhal, Preety Singh

53. Design and Implementation of Non Touch Enabled Password System
Monica Varia, Hardik Modi

54. Intelligent Web Security Testing with Threat Assessment and Client Server Penetration
Hardik Gohel, Priyanka Sharma

55. QoS-aware Autonomic Cloud Computing for ICT
Sukhpal Singh, Inderveer Chana

56. Emerging Green ICT: Heart Disease Prediction Model in Cloud Environment
Anju Bala, Shikhar Malhotra, Nishant Gupta, Naman Ahuja

57. Energy Conscious Allocation and Scheduling of Tasks in ICT Cloud Paradigm
Tarandeep Kaur, Inderveer Chana

58. Controlling of FPGA-Based Optical Polarimeter Using LabVIEW
Binal Baraiya, Amish Shah, Hiren Mewada

59. Automatic Intelligent Traffic Controlling for Emergency Vehicle Rescuing
Megha Tank, Hardik Mewada, Viraj Choksi, M. B. Potdar

60. A Capacity Constraint Distributed Data Dissemination Protocol for Ad Hoc Cognitive Radio Networks
Dipjyoti Deka, Sanjib Kumar Deka, Nityananda Sarma

61. Enhancing Performance of Security Log Analysis Using Correlation-Prediction Technique
Kanchanmala Bharamu Naukudkar, Dayanand D. Ambawade, J. W. Bakal

62. Differential Weight Based Hybrid Approach to Detect Software Plagiarism
Nrupesh Shah, Sandip Modha, Dhruv Dave

63. Selecting Favorable Reference Nodes to Aid Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Gaurav Dhaka, Nileshkumar R. Patel

64. A Scientometric Analysis of Smart Grid Implementation at Distribution Feeder
J. P. Sharma, Devendra Bhavsar, Laxmi Chand Sharma

65. Enhancing Web Search Results Using Aggregated Search
Dhara Bakrola, Snehal Gandhi

66. Managing Heterogeneity by Synthesizing Composite Data
Manjeet Kantak, Sneha Tiwari

67. A Novel Approach to Filter Topic Related Important Terms Within Document
Payal Joshi, S. V. Patel

68. Domain-Driven Density Based Clustering Algorithm
Neethu Antony, Arti Deshpande

69. Adaptive Approach of AODV and DSDV Routing Protocols Using Optimal Probabilistic Logical Key Hierarchy in MANET
Harshit Prakash Patidar, Neetu Sharma

70. Re-Clustering Approach Using WCA in AODV and DSDV Routing Protocols in MANET
Harshit Prakash Patidar, Neetu Sharma

71. Issues and Challenges of Heterogeneous Datasets in MapReduce Framework of Big Data Environment
Saraswati Gupta, Vishal Bhatnagar, Ramneet Singh Chadha

72. Strong Virtual Password Scheme Using Reference Switching on Coded User Parameters and Phishing Attack
Tank Himadri, Harsora Vinay

73. Need of ICT for Sustainable Development in Petroleum Industry
Amit Singh, Sandhya Singh

74. Hybrid K-Mean and Refinement Based on Ant for Color Image Clustering
Lavi Tyagi, Munesh C. Trivedi

75. A Framework for Secure Data Storage in Mobile Cloud Computing
Vinodray Thumar, Vipul Vekariya

76. Hindi Word Sense Disambiguation Using Cosine Similarity
Sarika, Dilip Kumar Sharma

77. A Multi-classifiers Based Novel DoS/DDoS Attack Detection Using Fuzzy Logic
Jatin Patel, Vijay Katkar

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design, Communications Engineering, Networks, Innovation/Technology Management

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Page amount
20 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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