Jeong, Young-Sik

Advances in Parallel and Distributed Computing and Ubiquitous Services

Jeong, Young-Sik - Advances in Parallel and Distributed Computing and Ubiquitous Services, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Rhymes+: A Software Shared Virtual Memory System with Three Way Coherence Protocols on the Intel Single-Chip Cloud Computer
C.-H. Dominic Hung

2. Review and Comparison of Mobile Payment Protocol
Pensri Pukkasenung, Roongroj Chokngamwong

3. POFOX: Towards Controlling the Protocol Oblivious Forwarding Network
Xiaodong Tan, Shan Zou, Haoran Guo, Ye Tian

4. An Experimental Study on Social Regularization with User Interest Similarity
Zhiqi Zhang, Hong Shen

5. Representing Higher Dimensional Arrays into Generalized Two-Dimensional Array: G2A
K. M. Azharul Hasan, Md Abu Hanif Shaikh

6. A Portable and Platform Independent File System for Large Scale Peer-to-Peer Systems and Distributed Applications
Andreas Barbian, Stefan Nothaas, Timm J. Filler, Michael Schoettner

7. OCLS: A Simplified High-Level Abstraction Based Framework for Heterogeneous Systems
Shusen Wu, Xiaoshe Dong, Heng Chen, Bochao Dang

8. Hierarchical Caching Management for Software Defined Content Network Based on Node Value
Jing Liu, Lei Wang, Yuncan Zhang, Zhenfa Wang, Song Wang

9. Interoperation of Distributed MCU Emulator/Simulator for Operating Power Simulation of Large-Scale Internet of Event-Driven Control Things
Sanghyun Lee, Bong Gu Kang, Tag Gon Kim, Jeonghun Cho, Daejin Park

10. The Greedy Approach to Group Students for Cooperative Learning
Byoung Wook Kim, Sung Kyu Chun, Won Gyu Lee, Jin Gon Shon

11. Secure Concept of SCADA Communication for Offshore Wind Energy
Seunghwan Ju, Jaekyoung Lee, Joonyoung Park, Junshin Lee

12. ASR Error Management Using RNN Based Syllable Prediction for Spoken Dialog Applications
Byeongchang Kim, Junhwi Choi, Gary Geunbae Lee

13. A Protection Method of Mobile Sensitive Data and Applications Over Escrow Service
Su-Wan Park, Deok Gyu Lee, Jeong Nyeo Kim

14. GPU-Based Fast Refinements for High-Quality Color Volume Rendering
Byeonghun Lee, Koojoo Kwon, Byeong-Seok Shin

15. Beacon Distance Measurement Method in Indoor Ubiquitous Computing Environment
Yunsick Sung, Jeonghoon Kwak, Young-Sik Jeong, Jong Hyuk Park

16. Indoor Location-Based Natural User Interface for Ubiquitous Computing Environment
Jeonghoon Kwak, Yunsick Sung

17. Flexible Multi-level Regression Model for Prediction of Pedestrian Abnormal Behavior
Yu-Jin Jung, Yong-Ik Yoon

18. Automatic Lighting Control Middleware System Controlled by User’s Emotion Based on EEG
SoYoung Ahn, DongKyoo Shin, DongIl Shin, ChulGyun Park

19. Hand Recognition Method with Kinect
DoYeob Lee, Dongkyoo Shin, Dongil Shin

20. A Study on the Connectivity Patterns of Individuals Within an Informal Communication Network
Somayeh Koohborfardhaghighi, Dae Bum Lee, Juntae Kim

21. Grid Connected Photovoltaic System Using Inverter
HyunJong Kim, Moon-Taek Cho, Kab-Soo Kim

22. The Cluster Algorithm for Time-Varying Nonlinear System with a Model Uncertainty
Jong-Suk Lee, Jong-Sup Lee

23. Integrated Plant Growth Measurement System Based on Intelligent Circumstances Recognition
Moon-Taek Cho, Hae-Jong Joo, Euy-Soo Lee

24. A Study on the Big Data Business Model for the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of the Creative Economy
Hyesun Kim, Mangyu Choi, Byunghoon Jeon, Hyoungro Kim

25. Implementation of Intelligent Decision-Based Smart Group Scheduler
Kyoung-Sup Kim, Yea-Bok Lee, Yi-Jun Min, Sang-Soo Kim

26. Implementation of MCA Rule Mapper for Cloud Computing Environments
Kyoung-Sup Kim, Joong-il Woo, Jung-Eun Kim, Dong-Soo Park

27. A Simple Fatigue Condition Detection Method by using Heart Rate Variability Analysis
U.-Seok Choi, Kyoung-Ju Kim, Sang-Seo Lee, Kyoung-Sup Kim, Juntae Kim

28. Insider Detection by Analyzing Process Behaviors of File Access
Xiaobin Wang, Yongjun Wang, Qiang Liu, Yonglin Sun, Peidai Xie

29. Analysis of the HOG Parameter Effect on the Performance of Vision-Based Vehicle Detection by Support Vector Machine Classifier
Kang Yi, Seok-Il Oh, Kyeong-Hoon Jung

30. A Fast Algorithm to Build New Users Similarity List in Neighbourhood-Based Collaborative Filtering
Zhigang Lu, Hong Shen

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Communication Networks, Communications Engineering, Networks, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Computational Intelligence, Systems and Data Security

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Information Technology, Telecommunications
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