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Understanding Higher Education Internationalization

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Table of contents

Part 1. Understanding Internationalization

1. Global: Changing the Mindset in Internationalisation Research
Nico Jooste, Savo Heleta

2. Global: Internationalization of Higher Education: Nine Misconceptions
Hans De Wit

3. Global: Five Truths About Internationalization
Jane Knight

4. Global: Internationalisation: Variations and Vagaries
Peta Lee

5. Global: Internationalization and Global Tension: Lessons From History
Philip G. G. Altbach, Hans De Wit

6. Europe: the Future of Internationalization of Higher Education in Europe
Hans De Wit, Fiona Hunter

7. France: Learning From the Past: Historical Trends in Internationalization of French Higher Education
Guillaume Tronchet

Part 2. Transnational Education, Branch Campuses, and Hubs

8. Global: International Branch Campuses Expanding, Geopolitical Landscape Changing
William Lawton, Alex Katsomitros

9. Global: World Economies and the Distribution of International Branch Campuses
Li Zhang, Kevin Kinser, Yunyu Shi

10. Global: Financial Aspects of Offshore Activities
John Fielden

11. Global: Five Models of International Branch Campus Facility Ownership
Jason E. Lane

12. Global: financing of education Hubs: who are the investors?
Jane Knight

13. Global: the Impact of transnational Education in Receiving Countries
Jane Knight, John Mcnamara

14. Europe: Franchising, Validation, and Branch Campuses in the European Union
Lukas Bischof

15. United Kingdom: Technology: the Silent Partner in Transnational Education?
Esther Wilkinson

Part 3. Commercialization of Internationalization

16. Global: International Higher Education and the “Neo-liberal turn”
Esther Wilkinson

17. Global: Growing Pathways to Study Abroad
Nic Mitchell

18. Global: Coil—Virtual Mobility Without Commercialisation
Hans De Wit

19. Global: in Search of Solutions for the Agent Debate
Rahul Choudaha

20. Europe: Fees and International Students in Nordic Nations
Jan Petter Myklebust

21. France: France Debates International Student Fees
Ariane De Gayardon

Part 4. Quality Assurance of Internationalization

22. Global: Another Week, Another Scandal: Immigration Dilemmas and Political Confusion
Philip G. Altbach, Liz Reisberg

23. Global: Corruption: A Key Challenge to Internationalization
Philip G. Altbach

24. Global: are Double/Multiple Degree Programs Leading to “Discount Degrees”?
Jane Knight

25. Europe: Using Lessons From Erasmus Mundus to Improve Erasmus+Joint Degrees
Claire Morel

26. Latin America: Costa Rica Rejects High Number of Medical Graduates From Cuba
Chrissie Long

27. Japan: Conservatism, Red Tape Thwart International Education
Suvendrini Kakuchi

Part 5. Internationalization Policies and Strategies

28. Global: National Policies for Internationalization—do they work?
Robin Matross Helms, Laura G. Rumbley

29. Global: The United Nations, International Higher Education, and Knowledge Diplomacy
Nanette Svenson

30. Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda Strike He Harmonisation Fee Deal
Gilbert Nganga

31. Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan’s Bolashak Scholarship Program
Aida Sagintayeva, Zakir Jumakulov

32. Brazil: Brazil Seeks Academic Boost by Sending Students Abroad
Marcelo Knobel

Part 6. Internationalization Through Partnerships

33. Global: Ensuring Equality in Higher Education Partnerships Involving Unequal Universities in Divergent Contexts
Cornelius Hagenmeier

34. Global: Perspectives on Global University Networks
Robin Middlehurst

35. Global: The Dragon’s Deal: Sino-African Cooperation in Education
Milton O. Obamba

36. Asia: Partnership with Russia for New, World-Class University
Hiep Pham

37. Europe: Western Balkan Nations Collaborate on Higher Education
Ard Jongsma

38. Global: is America’s 100,000 Strong China Initiative Anaemic?
Joseph Stetar, Modi Li

Part 7. International Students: Recruitment, Access, and Student Choice

39. Global: Global Postgraduate Student Mobility Trends to 2024
Karen Macgregor

40. Global: International Student Enrollment: Evidence-Driven Strategies
Rahul Choudaha

41. Asia: Far East Aims High for International Student Numbers
Ryan M. Allen

42. China: Thousands to Head to Hong Kong for US Examinations
Patrick Boehler

43. China: The Role of Chinese Parents in Decisions about Overseas Study
Peter Bodycott, Ada Lai

44. Vietnam: Struggling to Attract International Students
Hiep Pham

45. Sweden: is Sweden Recovering from the International Student Crash?
Nic Mitchell

46. India: Mobility Trends
Wesley Teller

47. India: International Students in Indian Universities
Veena Bhalla, Krishnapratap B. Powar

Part 8. The Experience of Student Mobility

48. Europe: Questioning the Student Mobility Imperative
Bernd WÄchter

49. China: The Study-Abroad Fever Among Chinese Students
Zha Qiang

50. Canada, US and UK: Canada’s Immigration Policies to Attract International Students
Anita Gopal

51. Australia: Foreign Students Exploited as Temporary Workers
Bob Kinnaird

52. Australia: Schools are the New Battleground for Foreign Students
Brendan O’Malley

Part 9. Internationalization, Faculty, and Staff

53. Global: Professors: The Key to Internationalization
Gerard A. Postiglione, Philip G. Altbach

54. Global: Faculty and International Engagement: Has Internationalization Changed Academic Work?
Douglas Proctor

55. Global: International Visiting Scholars: Brain-Circulation and Internationalization
Yukiko Shimmi

56. Global: Flying Faculty Teaching—Who Benefits?
Karen Smith

57. Japan: Young Researchers Need More International Experience
Tomoaki Wada

58. Europe: More Focus Needed on Higher Education Staff Mobility
Nic Mitchell

59. Germany: The Value of Administrative Staff for Internationalization
Uwe Brandenburg

Part 10. Internationalization of Governance

60. Global: International Advisory Councils: A New Aspect of Internationalization
Philip G. Altbach, Georgiana Mihut, Jamil Salmi

61. Global: Integrating Institutional Policies and Leadership for 21st Century Internationalization
John K. Hudzik

62. Global: The Changing Role of Leadership in International Education
Hans De Wit

63. Global: Brics University League Starts to Form, But Needs True Collaboration
Maxim Khomyakov

64. Asean: The Need for an Asean University
Roger Y. Chao

65. United States: Value of Foreign-Born University Leaders is Rising
Mary Beth Marklein

Part 11. Internationalization of Research

66. Global: Gender and International Research Cooperation
Agnete Vabø

67. Africa: The Value of Research Networks in Africa
Piyushi Kotecha

68. Africa: International Collaboration in African Research—Who Wins?
Sharon Dell

69. Europe: Progress, Problems with Researcher Mobility in Europe
Karen Macgregor

70. Central America: The Value of International Academic Cooperation
Nanette Svenson

71. Europe: “Internationalists” and “Locals” in Research: Similar Productivity Patterns Across Europe
Marek Kwiek

72. Saudi Arabia: Internationalizing Research in Saudi Arabia: Purchasing Questionable Privilege
Manail Anis Ahmed

73. China: Joint Research: Alternative to Branch Campus?
Yojana Sharma

Part 12. Teaching and Internationalization

74. Global: Internationalization, the Curriculum, and the Disciplines
Hans De Wit, Betty Leask

75. Global: English as “Lingua Franca” and the Internationalization of Academe
Michele Rostan

76. Global: Graduate Employability and Internationalization of the Curriculum at Home
Elspeth Jones

77. Japan: Nationalism vs Internationalism
Jeremy Rappleye, Edward Vickers

78. Norway: Increasing Internationalisation in Phd Education
Jan Petter Myklebust, Jacquie Withers

Part 13. Peace, Diplomacy, and Social Service

79. Global: Neo-Nationalism: Challenges for International Students
Jenny J. Lee

80. Global: Transnational Education and Human Rights Obligations
Gearóid Ó. Cuinn

81. Global: Beyond the Syrian Refugee Crisis
Hans De Wit

82. Global: Moving From Soft Power to Knowledge Diplomacy
Jane Knight

83. Us-Iran: Restoring Relationships in Higher Education
Daniel Obst

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