Blatherwick, Mary L.

Creative Dimensions of Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century

Blatherwick, Mary L. - Creative Dimensions of Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Understanding Creativity
Philip A. Lambert

2. Time to Learn with Creativity in Mind
Paul Syme

3. Developing Creativity and Imagination by Accumulating Lots of Useless Knowledge
Kieran Egan

4. Re-Imagining Relevance in Education
Gillian Judson

5. Creative Development in Teacher Education
Robert Kelly

6. Identity Text Projects
Jim Cummins, Burcu Yaman Ntelioglou, Gail Prasad, Saskia Stille

7. The Art of Cultivating Clever Questions to Empower Students, Improve Teaching, and Open Up the Curriculum
Samuel Leblanc

8. Creative Practices in the Observation of Everyday Life
Gerald C. Cupchik

9. Back to the Garden
Mary L. Blatherwick, Jill B. Cummings

10. Enhancing Education
Adrian Mckerracher, Anita Sinner, Erika Hasebe-Ludt, Carl Leggo, Kerri Mesner, Dustin Garnet

11. Autobiographical Creation
Antoinette Gagné, Sreemali Herath, Marlon Valencia

12. Art Matters
Elizabeth Ashworth, Kathy Mantas

13. Integrating the “Human Feel” into Online Second/Additional Language Teaching Approaches
Geoff Lawrence

14. The Zone of Proximal Development and the Twin Poles of Teaching and Assessing in Vygotsky’s Developmental Education
Matthew E. Poehner

15. Digiart and Human Rights
Joanna Black

16. Card Tricks Discovery Learning and Flow in Mathematics Teacher Education
Peter Liljedahl

17. Imagining Alberta’s First Nations
Belinda Jamieson

18. The Importance of Art in Children’s Writing Education
Leslie Julia Brewster

19. De-Constructing Cabinets of Curiosity
Cynthia Wallace-Casey

20. Cultivating Creativity
Susan Galbraith

21. Stem and a Framework for Learning
Ian Fogarty, Christopher Lee Ryan

22. Conceptualizing and Implementing Critical Filmmaking Pedagogies
Matthew Rogers

23. European Ideas in Education
Eleni Karavanidou

24. Using Experiential Learning to Engage Aboriginal Students in the Visual Arts Classroom
Margaret Sadler

25. Web-Based Arts Education
Heather Mcleod, Marlene Brooks

26. Play and Learn
Ahmad Khanlari

27. Bringing Imagination and Literacy Circles into the Math Classroom
Sylvie Morice

28. Glyffix Play
Dale Vandenborre

29. Tutoring Second Language Learners within Their Zone of Proximal Development
Ally A. Zhou, Xiaomin Hu

30. Assessing Creativity in the School Classroom
Robin Beyea

31. Language Acquisition Through Personal Story Writing
Lorraine Lasmanis

32. A Creative Process
Trevor Strong

33. From Research Technique to Classroom Activity
Michael Busch

34. Caring for the Whole Person in the EAP Classroom
Snezhana Harizanova

35. Strategies to Engage and Transform Teacher Learners in an Online Course
Antoinette Gagné, Sreemali Herath, Marlon Valencia

Keywords: Education, Education, general

Publication year
Advances in Creativity and Giftedness
Page amount
378 pages
Upbringing, Education

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