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Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 2016

Dou, Runliang - Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 2016, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Selection Of Port Enterprise Logistics Service Providers Based On The Combination Weighting-Grey Synthetic Decision-Making Method
Ke-jia CHEN, Xuan-nan LI

2. Application of evaluation of aircraft material demand forecasting method and mining of association rules
Jun WANG, Li-geng WANG, Wei WEI

3. Research on the Selection of Business-to-Customer e-commerce Logistics Model Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process Method
Jun-feng BAI, Xiao-yan WEI, Jun-cun YAN

4. Content Framework and Evaluating Method of the Energy Efficiency Assessment Standard for Machining period
Qiu-lian Wang, F. Liu, T. Hu, Y. H. Zeng

5. Combining Problem and Lecture Based Learning for Production System Modeling and Simulation Course in Industrial Engineering Education
Jun-feng WANG, Shi-qi LI, Yan FU, Shi-ping LIU, Hui JIANG

6. Schedule Risk Management of IT Outsourcing Project Using Negotiation Mechanism
Hua-ling Bi, Xiang Jia, Fu-qiang Lu, Min Huang

7. The Effect of Reciprocity on Revenue Sharing Contract Coordination and its Dynamics
Ru-jing Hou, Chu-bing Zhang

8. Intelligent Rescheduling System for Steelmaking and Continuous Casting Production
Xin-fu Pang, Liang Gao, Quan-ke Pan, Sheng-ping Yu

9. Application of RCA to the Data Analysis in Medication Errors of the TPR System
Yu-chun LO, M. C. HSIEH, E. M. -y. WANG, Y. H. FANG, Y. T. HU, W. C. KUNG, M. H. HUANG

10. An Investigation of Adverse Events in Medication Processes by HFACS and Conditional Probability
Min-chih Hsieh, Y. C. LO, E. M.-y. WANG, Y. H. Fang, W. C. Kung, M. H. Huang, Y. T. Hu

11. Adaptive Grasping and Adjusting Method of Virtual Hand Gestures with Semantics Information for Virtual Assembly
Wen-min ZHU, Xiu-min FAN, Zhe-hao WU

12. Dynamic Medical Risk Assessment based on Bow-tie Approach and Bayesian Network
Zi-xian LIU, Mei LI

13. Rational Thinking of the Marketing Strategy Based on Customer Equity
Jian-jun Li

14. An Empirical Study on Manufacturing Strategy Formulation in Turbulent Environment: Dealing with Changes and Uncertainties
Jian WANG, Zhi-xin CHEN, Pei-pei WANG

15. The Impacts of Trust Relationship on Knowledge Absorptive Capacity: An Empirical Study from Service Outsourcing Enterprises
Zhi-xiong XIAO

16. Determination of price and warranty length under claim rate of customer
Zi-xian LIU, Danning LIU

17. Research on Module Construction based on Product Lifecycle Management
Ming-kun Li, Jin-qi Shi, Xiao-juan Cao, Zhong Wang

18. Logistics Distribution Path Planning Based On Genetic Algorithm
Zhen-hua GAO, Wei-dong CHEN

19. Research on the Mechanism of Risk Cascading Propagation across Interdependent R&D Networks
Yan-lu ZHANG, Nai-ding YANG

20. Research on Capabilities-based Optimization Matching of Vessel Maintenance Support Equipment
Le Wang, Xin-hao YUAN, Ming-ran Deng

21. Analysis on Warship Technology Supportability Equipment System-of-Systems Based on System Dynamics
Le Wang, Chun-hui Yang, Ming-ran Deng

22. Simulation Model of Rail Transshipment System in Hydropower Development Project
Yi-xun Fang, Zhen-yuan Liu, Yan Kong

23. The Application Of Six Sigma Theory In The Secondary Hospital Management
Hui ZHENG, Miaojuan TIAN, Li-xia FANG

24. Research on Parameter Optimization of ant colony algorithm based on genetic algorithm
Li-hua TAO, Peng-tao SHI, Jun-feng BAI

25. Multi-objective Integrated Optimization Problem of Preventive Maintenance Planning and Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling
Zha Jing, Jin Hua, Zhu Yi

26. Cost-sensitive Association Rule Modeling for Predicting Sequential Event
Hai-yan YU, Meng-li YANG, Jie JIAN

27. Study on the Improved PSO Algorithm Used in Coal Mine Safety Resource Allocation
Jin-Feng WANG, Ge Zhao, Xue-QI Zhai, Li-Jie Feng

28. Research on the Improving Design of Laminating Machine Based on Lean Six Sigma
Fu-ying Zhang, Jian-lei Chen

29. A Method of Quality Evaluation for Complexity Equipment Manufacturing and Service Based on Process Area and its Reliability & Validity Analysis
Bang-jun WANG, Jin-feng GENG, Yuan-guan SHE

30. Analyzing “Made in China 2025” Under the Background of “Industry 4.0”
Jing Li

31. Study on the Implementation Strategy of Liaoning Manufacturing Collaborative Innovation System Based on “Made in China 2025”
Tong-bing Ma, Jing-hong Xu

32. Layout Analysis and Design of the Spindle Box Processing Workshop
Xiao-meng Li

33. Empirical Research on Production Leveling of Domestic Car
Zhu Guang, Qi Ershi, Xu Zeyong

34. Exploration and Practice of Car Industry Lean Culture Construction
Zhu Guang, Qi Ershi, Xu Zeyong

35. The Study About Intelligent Manufacturing Resource Allocation Efficiency Based on Mutual Information Criterion
Ning Kang, Jiang Shen, Man Xu

36. Social Insurance Expenditure and Future Trend in China
Meng Lv, Hong Yin, Xue-chao Ma

37. A Two-Level Principal-Agent Model for Schedule Risk Control of IT Outsourcing Project Based on Genetic Algorithm
Fuquan Sun, Shupeng Duan, Fuqian Lu, Hualing Bi

38. An Empirical Analysis of Influence of Capital Allocation Efficiency on Performance in Listing Corporation

39. The Game about Competition and Cooperation in Port Group
Jing WANG, Sheng-hua SUN

40. The factors Influencing Dwelling-Type Choices of residents in the Old Industrial District: an Investigation based on the Logistic Model
Yue WANG, Zi-wei SONG, Luo-di ZHANG

41. A management method of accounts receivable based on credit rating for rail equipment manufacturing industry
Kai MA, Rui MIAO, Wan-chun YANG, Zhou PENG, Bowen SUN, Ning-yu HU

42. The Research of Doctors Recommendation Algorithm based on Clustering and Collaborative Filtering
Chen Wang, Man Xu

43. Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Optimization With Robust Objective Under Stochastic Duration Of Activities
Wei-bo Zheng, Yu-kang He

44. Dynamic scheduling of public bicycles based on artificial bee colony algorithm
Yu-jie TIAN, Qing-hong XIE

45. Web service classification approach with an integrated similarity measure
Xueshan Wang, Fuzan Chen, Minqiang Li

46. How to Optimize Production and Carbon Resources under Cap and Trade
Meirong Zhou, Ming Zhou, Yanchun Pan, Zhimin Chen, Mei Wen, Lei Li

47. The Development About Social Network Analysis And The Review About Its Application On Engineering
Hua PAN, Fang ZHENG, Yong-kui LI

48. Gallbladder Diagnosis and Importance Analysis based on Bayesian Network
Zhi-qiang CAI, Peng GUO, Shen LI, Long-long CONG, Zhi-min GENG

49. The Effect of Dynamic Capabilities on International Performance of Chinese Universities
Dan Xiang

50. Researching The Role Of Online Movie Reviews Based On User Classification
Yin-ling GUO, Xian-guo ZHANG, Zhi-peng SHEN, MESSAN Barthelemy

51. Analysis and Simulation Application for Enterprise Populations M&A Based on Predator-Prey Model
Jing-hong Xu, Tong-bing Ma, Yun-long Yi

52. Research on Mechanism of Early Warning of Health Management Based on Cloud Computing and Big Data
You-cheng SHAN, Chao LV, Qiu-ye ZHANG, Xin-yu TIAN

53. Research on Early Safety Warning Evaluation Based on Multi-hierarchy Fuzzy AHP in Civil Aviation Airport
Yu-ye LE, You-yuan WANG, Yun-Feng YAN

54. Modeling and Analysis of the Customer Checkout Process with Flexible Servers for a Retail Store
Wen-he Yang, Soemon Takakuwa

55. An Integrated Strategy for Information Security: Outsourcing and In-house

Keywords: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Innovation/Technology Management, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Engineering Design, Supply Chain Management

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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