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Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 2015

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Table of contents

Part I. Industrial Engineering

1. Modeling and Optimization of Functional Response Based on Kriging Model
Qing-an Cui, Bo He

2. Evaluation of Auto Parts Industry Cluster in Jiangxi Province
Hui Chen, You-yuan Wang

3. ReliefF Based Forward Selection Algorithm to Identify CTQs for Complex Products
An-da Li, Zhen He

4. The Research on Cost Management of Steel-Plastic Composite Pipe Enterprise Based on Activity-Based Costing
Wen-ying Ding, Yu Yao

5. The Operations and Strategy for Container Yard Operators in Xiamen Port
Jun-min Yi, Fu-bin Pan, Ru-xiu Zhang

6. The Way of the Ease Traffic Congestion in Commercial Center of Beijing—The Analysis and Research of Level Analyses and Fuzzy Evaluation in Sanlitun Street
Cheng-hao Jiang, Guang Cheng

7. Hierarchical Planning and Control Method for Multiple Product Development Projects
Fu-peng Yin, Qi Gao, Dong Fang

8. A Virtual Resequencing Problem in Automobile Paint Shops
Ying Xu, Jian-gong Zhou

9. Multiobjective Simulation Optimization Using Stochastic Kriging
Jian-xia Zhang, Yi-zhong Ma, Lian-yan Zhu

10. Age-Related Differences in the Acceptance Process of Mobile Phones: A Closer Look at Social Influences
Shu-ping Yi, Pan Liu, Guang-ji Liao

11. Performance of the Zone Control Chart for Detecting Prespecified Quadratic Changes in Linear Profiles
Yang Zhang, Xiao-wen Wang, Qing Wang

12. An Economic Control Chart Optimization Method for Production Process with Time-Dependent Mean Shift
Dan Huang, Hai-ping Zhu, Hui Yin, Yu-hao Deng

13. Real-Time Face Recognition Method Based on the Threshold Determination of the Positive Face Sequence
Xin Shi, Jian Wu, Xin Ling, Qiao-li Zheng, Xuan-qi Pan, Zhi-qiang Zhao

14. The Application and Research of Filtering Algorithm of the Acceleration Signal of Human Movement Based on Mathematical Morphology-Median Filtering Algorithm
Xin Shi, Xiao-yong Rui, Li-hua Li, Yi-jun Guo, Zhi-qiang Zhao

15. Research on Truck Scheduling with Preemption in Cross-Docking Systems
Jing-feng Li, Yan Ye, Hui Fu

16. Inverse Optimization Model and Its Application for Safety Resource Allocation in High-Risk Industry Enterprises-Taking Mining Enterprise as an Example
Jin-feng Wang, Ying Qin, Xue-qi Zhai, Li-jie Feng

17. A Mixed Genetic Algorithm for Job-Shop Scheduling Problem of Robotic Manufacturing Cell with Multirobot
Yu-jun Yang, Shi-ming Shi, Chuan-ze Long

18. Intelligent Manufacturing Based on Cloud-Integrated Manufacturing CPS
Lei Wang, Qiang Liu, Xin Chen

19. Research on Emergency Management of Construction Project
Sheng-deng Xu

20. The Performance of Synergetic Governance on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei: A Case Study of Rail Transit Industry
Su-ying Gao, Ye Zhang, Long Xu, Hui Xing, Lu Zhang, Hong-feng Zhang

21. An Evaluation of Impulsive Choice and Trait Impulsivity in Drug Abusers
Yan Kong, Jian-xin Zhang

22. Comparing Two Shift Patterns of Nurse Scheduling in Chinese ICUs
Shi Tan, Hui Sun

23. Tourism Supply Chain Coordination with Price Discount and Quantity Flexibility Contracts
Yuan Shi, Jing-na Ji, Zhi-yong Zhang, Lei Yang

24. Optimal Promised Delivery Lead Time for E-Tailers with Delay Dependent Customer Returns
Si-si Zhao, Feng Wu, Lei Shu

25. Inter-Enterprise Service Interaction Modeling Method for Outsourcing Production Environment
Kai Ding, Ping-yu Jiang, Jia-jun Liu

26. Sustainability Evaluation of Process Logistics Schemes in Workshop Based on Carbon Footprint and Adaptability
Chao-yang Zhang, Ping-yu Jiang, Wei-dong Li

27. Optimal Configuration of Cluster Supply Chains Considering Workload and Safe Stock Balancing with Analytic Target Cascading
Yue Zhang, Ting Qu, Du-xian Nie, Zong-zhong Wang, Xin Chen, George Q. Huang

28. Minimizing Makespan in a Flow Shop with Two Batch Machines
Jin-dian Huang, Jian-jun Liu, Qing-xin Chen, Ning Mao

29. The Integration of the 3D Printing Technology and Traditional Chinese Handicrafts
Wen-yuan Wu

30. An Optimal Strategy Research for the Outsourcing of Warranty Repairs
Fang-qi Dong, Zi-xian Liu, Jie Yuan

31. Research on a Cutting-Tool Service Design Method
Pei-lu Sun, Ping-yu Jiang, Kai Ding

32. An Enhanced ALC Based on Kriging Model for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
Du-xian Nie, Ting Qu, Xin Chen, Mei-lin Wang, Guo-quan Huang

33. Scatter Search for Truck Scheduling Problem with Product Loading/Unloading Constraints in a Crossdocking System
Yan Ye, Hui Fu, Di Zhang, Jun-wei Xiao

34. Joint Optimization of Condition-Based Repair-by-Replacement and Spare Parts Provisioning Policy with Random Maintenance Time and Lead Time
Xiao-hong Zhang, Jian-chao Zeng

35. The Error Fluctuation Evaluation for Key Machining Form Feature of High-Value Difficult-to-Cut Part
Yan Wang, Ping-yu Jiang, Qi-quan An

36. Study on Performance Evaluation of Product Warranty Service System Based on Balanced Score Card and System Dynamics
Yu-jie Wu, Zi-xian Liu

37. Studying Cost Allocation in Joint Distribution for E-Commerce—A Small to Medium Size Logistic Firm’s Perspective
Ming Dong, Ai-ping Wu, Hua Li

38. Pre-releasing Strategy Based on Workload Control
Hong-Yang Zhong, Jian-Jun Liu, Qing-xin Chen, Ning Mao, Yuan-Fei Tang

39. Kitting Application for Automotive Mixed Model Assembly Line
Zhao-yang Yang, Guo-jun Zhang, Hai-ping Zhu, Hui-zhou Zhu, Hui Ying

40. Study on Performance Evaluation and Improvement for the Discrete Manufacturing Enterprises Under the Integration Framework
Jia-kun Sun, You-quan Xu, Fu-peng Yin

41. Healthcare Service Hidden Quality Cost Estimation Based the SERVQUAL and QFD Method
Ni-ni Gao, Yang Zhang

42. Research on Quality-Oriented Outsourcing Decision Architecture for Small-Batch Parts of Multistage Machining Processes
Pu-lin Li, Ping-yu Jiang

43. The Coordination of Supply Chain with Random Fluctuation Price and Price-Dependent Demand
Si-yao Tang, Jiang-tao Mo, Tian-yuan Liu

44. On the Coordination of Supply Chain with Demand Uncertainty Under the Combination of the Wholesale Price Contract and Option Contract
Tian-yuan Liu, Jiang-tao Mo, Si-yao Tang

45. Study on Warranty Repair Facilities’ Multi-echelon Location-Allocation Based on LORA and Queuing Theory
Xiao-peng Li, Zi-xian Liu

46. An Equipment Offering Degree Evaluation Method for Weapon System-of-Systems Combat Network Based on Operation Loop
Yan Chi, Ji-chao Li, Ke-wei Yang, Yue-jin Tan

47. Study on the New Structure of the Solar Blind Ultraviolet Detector
Yong Xia, Xing-zhao Liu

48. A Mechanism Model of Resource Investment and Evaluation Level of Energy-Saving and Emission-Reduction in Coal Mine
Jin-feng Wang, Zan Chen, Li-jie Feng, Xue-qi Zhai

49. The Research to the Influential Factors of Credit Risk in the P2P Network Loan Under the Background of Internet Financial
Feng-ge Yao, Xin Sui

50. Predicament and Way of Lean Production in Manufacturing Practice in China
Yi-min Huang, Qiu-xiang Li, Er-shi Qi

51. IoT Enabled Production-Logistic Synchronization in Make-to-Order Industry
Hao Luo, Jian Chen, George. Q. Huang

52. New Insights into the Research on the Fiber Optical Monitoring Instruments
Yu-tong Li, Peng-hui Liu, Yu-qing Xia

53. Design and Development of a Physical Internet-Enabled Smart Factory for Discrete Manufacturing
Ray Y Zhong

54. On Pricing and Coordination of Dual Channel Supply Chain with Fairness-Concerned Manufacturer as the Stackelberg Leader
Dao-gang Qu

55. Optimization of Plug-in Production Line Based on Process Priority Principle
Yun-rui Wang, Juan Li, Xian-gang Cao

56. The Relationship Between Non-resident Patent Applications and Intellectual Property Rights
Xin-yue Hu, Yuan-yuan Li, Claudio Petti, Yong-li Tang, Lu Chen

57. A Multi-dimensional Analysis of the Knowledge Search Strategies of High-tech Manufacturing Firms in Scientific Fields: Evidence from Guangdong
Yong-li Tang, Hai-wen Zhang, Claudio Petti, Xin-yue Hu

58. Research on the Early Warning Model of Quality Crisis in Product Requirements Identification Process
Shu-qing Liu, Ning Liu

59. An Assessment Approach for Process Capability in Simple Linear Profile
Xiao-fang Wu

60. The System Dynamics Model and Simulation Analysis of Iron and Steel Supply Chain Carbon Emissions
An-quan Zou, Xing-ling Luo, Wan-tong Zou

61. Study on Seed-Metering Device Belt Mixed Flow Assembly Line of Flexsim
Hui Zhang, Cheng-song Li, Yu-lin Li, Hai-cao Song, Xi-yang Li

62. Seeder Rack Welding Robot Workstation Design Based on DELMIA
Xi-yang Li, Bin Cheng, Cheng-song Li, Hui Zhang, Yu-lin Li

63. Application Research of Improved SB Method in Multi-echelon Inventory System
Jie Wan, Rui-xue Shan, Rui-ceng Meng

64. The Effect of Color on Implicit Cognition and Cognitive Control
Yong-jia Zhou, Qing Xue, Min-xia Liu

65. Research on the Relief Scheduling Model Considering Victims’ Satisfaction for Emergency Response in Large-Scale Disasters
Ce-jun Cao, Cong-dong Li, Wen-bo Li

66. Robust Optimization Model for a Food Supply Chain Under Uncertainty
Jie Wan, Rui-ceng Meng, Rui-xue Shan

67. Demand Analysis and Optimal Production Quantities for a Short-Expiration-Date Item at a Retail Store
Hai-xia Sang, S. Takakuwa, R. Zhao

68. Research on Profit Allocation of Campus Express Alliance Based on the Improved Shapley Value Method
Yu-feng Zhuang, Li-li Ma

69. Inventory Hedging and Revenue Sharing Under Inventory-Level-Dependent Demand
Ting Zhang, Zong-zhong Wang, Xin Chen, Ting Qu

70. Research on the Effect of Zonal Spring Mattress on Spine Alignment and Mattress Comfort
Yu-ding Zhu, Xiao-chun Zhang, Li-ming Shen, Fei Fang

71. Ergonomics Evaluation of Virtual Maintenance Process Based on Fuzzy and AHP Method
Fu-yang Yu, Qing Xue, Wei Meng, Min-xia Liu

72. Real-Time Visibility and Traceability Framework for Discrete Manufacturing Shopfloor
T. Wang, Y. F. Zhang, D. X. Zang

73. Study on the Improvement of Outpatient Business Process in Some 3-A Grade Hospital
Ming-jie Wang, Peng Liu, Sheng-qian Jiang, Hong Gao, Yu Yang, Xin Chen

74. Fault Tree and Bayesian Network Based Scraper Conveyer Fault Diagnosis
Si-sheng Xue, Xin-chun Li, Xiang-yu Xu

75. Large Scale Parallel Algorithms for 3D Grain Burnback Analysis of Solid Propellant Rocket Motors
Yang Liu, Jiu-ling Sui, Yu Zhao, Fu-ting Bao, Wei-hua Hui

76. Component Reliability Life Analysis Based on Uncertain Life Distribution Type
Jian-jun Wu, Xiao-ming Wu, Jia-wei Wu

77. Research on Energy Saving and Emission Reduction of Liaoning’s Power Energy Based on the Electric Supply Chain
Tong-bing Ma, Chao Sun

78. Study on Liaoning’s Rural Energy Saving Based on Low Carbon Economy Environment
Chao Sun, Tong-bing Ma

79. Study of Workshop Production System Based on Petri Nets and Flexsim
Bo Huang, Hua-jun Tang

80. On Parallel Machine Scheduling with Rejection
Li-si Cao, Zi-xian Liu, Da-kui Jiang

81. Optimization of Facilities Layout Based on Lean Manufacturing
Jun-xian Shi, Rui Miao, Hui-ting Su, Xi-yao Gu

82. A Novel Prediction Model of Integrate Energy Consumption Per Ton Crude Steel Using Gene Expression Programming
Li-ping Zhang, Qiu-hua Tang, C. A. Floudas, Yong-nian Mao, Cai-fu Zheng

83. Reliability Optimization of the System with Common Cause Failures Based on Importance Measures
Zhi-qiang Cai, Yang Li, Shu-ai Zhang, Can Xiang

84. Comfort Analysis and Evaluation of an Assembly Operation Based on DELMIA
Bi-le Wan, Xu-wei Lou, Chao-zhong Guo, Li-zhong Zhao, Yong-hui Zhang, Ji-hong Yan

85. Optimal Capacity Allocation in a Tourist Transportation Network Using a Gradient-Based Heuristic
Liang Huang, Su-xin Wang, Jian-yong Sun, Meng Geng

86. Analysis on Credit Risk Assessment of P2P
Lei Xia, Jun-feng Li

87. Study on Multi-depots Vehicle Transshipment Scheduling Problem and Its Genetic Algorithm and Ant Colony Algorithm Hybrid Optimization
Lei-zhen Wang, Ding-wei Wang, Si-lei Wu, Si-han Wang, Su-xin Wang

88. An Automatic Modulation and Control System Based on ANN
Jun Xi

89. Construction and Evaluation of Lean Team in Automobile Enterprise
Yu-chun Wang, Ze-yong Xu, Li-fang Wang, Wei Wang, Gang Ding

90. Toothpaste Industry Customer Satisfaction Survey Based on the CCSI Model
Yan-tao Gai, Fei Pei, Hua-li Cai, Yong Su

Keywords: Engineering, Construction Management, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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