Law, Edmond Hau-Fai

Curriculum Innovations in Changing Societies

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Shaping the School Curriculum in Chinese Societies
Kerry J. Kennedy

Part II. Changing Curriculum Policy, Research and Trends

2. A Continuous Journey
Zhong Qiquan, Tu Liya

3. Transformational Issues in Curriculum Reform
Kerry J. Kennedy

4. Implementation of Taiwan’s Curriculum Reform Policy
Hwang Jenq-Jye, Lee Ya-Ting

5. Curriculum Research in Mainland China
Liu Jiafang

6. The New Curriculum Design of Basic Education in Mainland China
Lv Lijie, Ma Yunpeng

Part III. Curriculum Development and Innovations in Schools

7. Implementation of the New Mathematics Curriculum for Compulsory Education in Mainland China
Lv Shihu, Ye Beibei, Cao Chunyan

8. Arts Curriculum Reform and Research in Taiwan
Lee Yating, Hwang Jenqjye

9. Verbal Interaction Between Teachers and Students in Primary and Secondary Classrooms
Wang Lu

10. The Integrated Science Curriculum in Mainland China
Huang Xiao, Mao Changyun

11. High School History
Ji Bingxin, Su Xiangrong, Wang Conghua

12. High School Task-Based Language Teaching in Mainland China
Shuai Feifei, Li Chenzhi

13. Morality, Values and Spirituality in the School Curriculum in Mainland China
Ye Wangbei

14. School-Based Curriculum Development in Mainland China
Lv Shihu, Zhou Ting

15. Teachers’ Use of Differentiation Strategies in the Hong Kong Classrooms
Wan Wai-Yan Sally, Wan Wai-Po Eunice

16. Conceptions of Textbooks By Chinese Teachers in Mainland China
Chen Bohua

17. Small Class Teaching in Hong Kong
Chan Kam Wing Paul

18. School-Based Curriculum Innovations
Law Hau-Fai Edmond, Xu Yan

19. Autonomy of History Teachers in Mainland China
Kan Wei

20. The Use of Network Instruction in English Language Learning in Mainland China
LI Wenguang, Zhang Qing, Rong Fang

21. A Participatory Approach to Teaching Chinese Language in Mainland China
Jin Jian, Zhao Xiaoxia, Zhang Yongxiang, Ji Jing, Wu Yumei

Part IV. Implementation, Assessment and Teacher Development

22. Web-Based Program for In-Service Teachers of Shenzhen City in Mainland China
Edmond Hau-Fai Law, Chenzhi Li, Yuying Yang, Juan Huang

23. The Washback Effects of the National College Entrance Examination on the Curriculum Reform in Mainland China
Huang Xianhan, Lee Chikin John

24. Teacher Evaluation as an Approach to Organizational Learning
Pan Huiling Wendy, Chen Wenyan

25. Reforms in Student Assessment in Mainland China
Gao Lingbiao

26. A Comparative Study of Exemplary Teachers in Mainland China and the United States
Sun Yaling, Grant Leslie W, Stronge James H.

27. Hong Kong Teachers’ Professional Development
Wan Wai-Yan Sally

28. The Curriculum Innovation in Mainland China and Japan
Xu Yan

29. Curriculum Reform in Rural Areas in Mainland China
Hao Zhijun

Part V. Concluding Remarks

30. A European Perspective on Curriculum Development and Innovation
Jan Van Den Akker

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