Singh, Amarjit

Rural Transformation and Newfoundland and Labrador Diaspora

Singh, Amarjit - Rural Transformation and Newfoundland and Labrador Diaspora, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Amarjit Singh, Mike Devine

2. Rural Newfoundland and Labrador
Rob Greenwood

3. Memoirs from Away, a New Found Land Girlhood (An Excerpt)
Helen M. Buss

4. Remittance, the New Way to Work in Newfoundland and Labrador
David Baldwin

5. Alberta’s Oil Sand Workers and the Role of Grandparents
Alison George

6. Prominence of Grandparents
Anne Marie Freake

7. The Role of Grandparents in the Development of Community
Ashley Curnew

8. Goat Island
Crystal Fitzpatrick

9. The Influence of Grandparents Within Families and Communities
Heather Smart

10. A Grandmother’s Contribution to Community & Community Culture
Jenine Bateman

11. Grandparents as Contributors to Community and Community Culture
Natasha Spurrell

12. Nan “M” about Churchville
Jody Morrison

13. Grandparents and Community
Nadine Vater

14. The Role of Grandparenting
Sacha Anderson

15. Newfoundland and Labrador Diaspora
Linda Coles

16. Parenting Two Generations
Pauline Lake, Marlene George

17. The Forgotten Catalogue
John Hoben

18. Grandparents Passing Legacies Through Story Telling and Active Living
Pauline Finlay-Molloy

19. “It’s Wonderful to be a Newfoundland Grandmother”
Catherine Lee-Ivany

20. Returning to Our Roots…Vegetables
Jeffery Chard

21. The Role of Grandparents
Amy Blundon

22. The Affects of Divorce on Grandparents
Stephanie Samson

23. Contributions of Grandparents in Today’s Society
Margaret Ann Cleal

24. The Dynamic and Diverse Roles of Grandparents
Nicole Cull

25. Grandparents’ Roles in Changing Schools, Communities and Families
Kim Mccarron

26. The Ties That Bind
Tanya Fifield

27. Supporting Roles of Grandparents in Holding the Family Together
Angel Mccarthy

28. The Increased Role of Grandparents in Newfoundland Families
Ashley Pittman

29. Grandparents’ Roles in School, Community and Families
Nadine O’ Rielly

30. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Sharon Brophy

31. The Role of Grandparents
Sheena Mills

32. The Role of Grandparents in Today’s Society
Paul Joy

33. Grandparents’ Role in Their Grandchildren’s Education
Darren Reardon

34. Grandparenting in Newfoundland and Labrador
Gordon Ralph

35. Making Sense
Mike Devine

36. Future Newfoundland Grandparents
Amarjit Singh, Joan Oldford

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