Li, Yeping

Proficiency and Beliefs in Learning and Teaching Mathematics

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Proficiency and Beliefs in Learning and Teaching Mathematics
Yeping Li, Judit N. Moschkovich

2. About Alan H. Schoenfeld and Hiswork
Hugh Burkhardt, Yeping Li

3. About Günter Törner and Hiswork
Hans Heinrich Brungs, Yeping Li

Part II. Proficient Performance, Beliefs, and Metacognition in Mathematical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Learning

4. Developing Problem Solving Skills in Elementary School
Kristina Reiss, Anke M. Lindmeier, Petra Barchfeld, Beate Sodian

5. Transmissive and Constructivist Beliefs of in-Service Mathematics Teachers and of Beginning University Students
Christine Schmeisser, Stefan Krauss, Georg Bruckmaier, Stefan Ufer, Werner Blum

6. Building on Schoenfeld’s Studies of Metacognitive Control Towards Social Metacognitive Control
Ming Ming Chiu, Karrie A. Jones, Jennifer L. Jones

Part III. Proficient Performance, Beliefs, and Practices in Mathematics Teaching, and Ways to Facilitate Them

7. The Camte Framework
Pessia Tsamir, Dina Tirosh, Esther Levenson, Ruthi Barkai, Michal Tabach

8. Integrating Noticing into the Modeling Equation
Miriam Gamoran Sherin, Rosemary R. Russ, Bruce L. Sherin

9. Teaching as Problem Solving
Ilana Horn

10. Researching the Sustainable Impact of Professional Development Programmes on Participating Teachers’ Beliefs
Stefan Zehetmeier, Konrad Krainer

11. Capturing Mathematics Teachers’ Professional Development in Terms of Beliefs
Bettina Roesken-Winter

12. Mathematicians and Elementary School Mathematics Teachers – Meetings and Bridges
Jason Cooper, Abraham Arcavi

Part IV. Issues and Perspectives on Research and Practice

13. Methodological Issues in Research and Development
Hugh Burkhardt

14. A Mathematical Perspective on Educational Research
Cathy Kessel

15. Issues Regarding the Concept of Mathematical Practices
Judit N. Moschkovich

Part V. Reflections and Future Research Development

16. Looking Back and Ahead – Some Very Subjective Remarks on Research in Mathematics Education
Günter Törner

17. Encore
Alan H. Schoenfeld

Keywords: Education, Education (general)

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Mathematics Teaching and Learning
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325 pages
Upbringing, Education

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