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Handbook of Moral Motivation

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Karin Heinrichs, Fritz Oser, Terence Lovat

2. Models of Moral Motivation
Fritz Oser

Part 1. Foundations of Moral Motivation

3. “Why be Moral?” a Philosophical Taxonomy of Moral Motivation
Thomas E. Wren

4. Moral Motivation and the Four Component Model
Stephen J. Thoma, Muriel J. Bebeau

5. Deontic and Responsibility Judgments
Gerhard Minnameier

6. Motivation as the Readiness to Act on Moral Commitments
Theresa A. Thorkildsen

Part 2. Motivational Theory and Moral Motivation

7. Ultimate and Proximal (Attribution-Related) Motivational Determinants of Moral Behaviour
Bernard Weiner

8. Moral Motivation from the Perspective of the Self-Determination Theory and the Person-Object Theory of Interest
Andreas Krapp

9. How Different Motivational Aspects can Affect Moral Behaviour
Regina Vollmeyer, Konstanze Jenderek, Tahmine Tozman

10. Justice as a Moral Motive
Anna Baumert, Tobias Rothmund, Nadine Thomas, Mario Gollwitzer, Manfred Schmitt

11. Temporal Construal and Moral Motivation
Jens Agerström, Fredrik Björklund

Part 3. Moral Self, Identity and Moral Motivation

12. Moral Motivation through the Perspective of Exemplarity
Lawrence J. Walker

13. Moral Motivation, Responsibility and the Development of the Moral Self
Tobias Krettenauer

14. The Self and the Management of the Moral Life
Augusto Blasi

15. Practical Mysticism, Self-Knowing and Moral Motivation
Terence Lovat

Part 4. Developmental Effects, Emotions and Moral Motivation

16. Moral Motivation and the Happy Victimizer Phenomenon
Gertrud Nunner-Winkler

17. The Development of Moral Identity and Moral Motivation in Childhood and Adolescence
Bettina Doering

18. Moral Emotion Attributions and Moral Motivation
Luciano Gasser, Eveline Gutzwiller-Helfenfinger, Brigitte Latzko, Tina Malti

19. Neurobiology and Moral Mindset
Darcia Narvaez

20. A Simile of Moral Motivation
Don Collins Reed

Part 5. Good and Bad Moral Motivation

21. Moral Value Evaluation
Marinus G. C. J. Beerthuizen, Daniel Brugman

22. Juvenile Delinquency
Stefan Weyers

23. Moral Motivation and Sports
Clark Power, Kristin K. Sheehan

24. From Ethical Hostility toward Cooperative Ethics
Klaus-Jürgen Grün

25. How Powerful are Moral Motivations in Environmental Protection?
Christian A. Klöckner

Part 6. Moral Motivation in Professions

26. Moral Motivation in Different Professions
Muriel J. Bebeau, Stephen J. Thoma

27. Moral Motivation of Military Professionals
Edwin R. Micewski

28. Ethical Intentions and the Moral Motivation of Teachers
Elizabeth Campbell

29. Female Principals’ Moral Motivation and the Moral Atmosphere of Schools
Chi-Ming Lee

Part 7. Moral Motivation and Moral Education

30. Moral Reasoning, Moral Motivation and Informed Social Reflection
Janet Kwok, Robert L. Selman

31. Character and Civic Education as a Source of Moral Motivation

Wolfgang Althof, Marvin W. Berkowitz

32. Moral Motivation and the Role of the Internship in Professional Preparation
Sharon Nodie Oja, Patricia J. Craig

33. Why Moral Education is Motivating by Nature
Francisco Esteban Bara, Maria Rosa Buxarrais Estrada

34. Moral Motivation in the Light of Action Theory
Karin Heinrichs

Keywords: Education, Education (general)

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Moral Development and Citizenship Education
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676 pages
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