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From Diagnostics to Learning Success

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Table of contents

Chapter I. Basic Research Concepts in VET

1. Defining a Learning Theory Linked to Instructional Theory
Robert D. Tennyson

2. Universities as a Place of Self-Regulated Vocational Education and Training
Marold Wosnitza, Kerstin Helker, Balthasar Eugster

3. Trainability, Vocational Skills and Employability
Jürgen van Buer, Gritt Fehring

Chapter II. Content, Objectives and Outcomes of VET

4. Professional Role Requirements and Universal Morals
Klaus Beck

5. Situationism in Business Education – Are Situations the Smallest Didactical Units?
Thomas Bienengräber

6. Basic Competencies as Determinants of Success in Commercial Apprenticeships
Susan Seeber, Rainer Lehmann

7. Assessing the Value of Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, Motivation and Emotion from a Pedagogical and an Economic Perspective
Fritz Klauser, Juliana Schlicht

Chapter III. Methods of Instruction in VET

8. What Can Research on Technology for Learning in Vocational Educational Training Teach Media Didactics?
Stefanie A. Hillen

9. Technical Discussions as Supportive Interventions in the Process of Constructivist Teaching and Learning
Alfred Riedl, Andreas Schelten

10. Social Media
H. -Hugo Kremer

11. The Inferential Construction of Knowledge in the Domain of Business and Economics
Gerhard Minnameier

12. Work-Study Programs for the Formation of Professional Skills
Wim J. Nijhof, Cindy Poortman

13. Improving the Professional Competence of Low-Achieving Apprentices
Kerstin Norwig, Cordula Petsch, Reinhold Nickolaus

Chapter IV. Diagnostics and Assessment in VET

14. Structuring and Detecting Competence
Andreas Frey, Jean-Jacques Ruppert

15. Non-Cognitive Facets of Competence
Detlef Sembill, Andreas Rausch, Kristina Kögler

16. Adaption of the TSRQ for Financial Behavior
Nina Bender, Daniela Barry

17. Diagnostic Competence of (Prospective) Teachers in Vocational Education
Eveline Wuttke, Jürgen Seifried

18. Standardizing Oral Examinations in Vocational Education and Training
Christoph Metzger

Chapter V. Structural Developments

19. Evaluation – Reform – Advancement? The Example of the Swiss New Business Education
Peter Nenniger

20. Assessing Research on School Leadership in Germany from an International Perspective
Ralf Tenberg, Julia Warwas

21. Teachers’ Evidence-Based Actions
Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Jana Seidel, Martin Stump

22. Is the German Qualifications Framework an Instrument that Contributes to Permeability and Progression Within the VET System? – An International Perspective
Thomas Deissinger

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