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GIEE 2011: Gender and Interdisciplinary Education for Engineers

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Table of contents

1. An Ethical and Sociological view on Women Engineers and on the Role Interdisciplinary Courses can Play in Attracting Young People, and Women, to Engineering Education
Christelle Didier

2. The Bologna Process and Transparency in European Engineering Education
Giuliano Augusti

3. Women in Technology in the U.S.
Sue V. Rosser

4. A Vision for the Future of European Engineering
Barbara Bagilhole

Session 1. Teaching and Learning, Contents and Cultures

5. Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning for Diverse and Sustainable Engineering Education
Christine Wächter

6. Women in Engineering in the UK
Sarah Barnard, Barbara Bagilhole, Andrew Dainty, Tarek Hassan

7. Influence of the Perception of Science on Engineering & Technologies Study Choices in Lithuania
Virginija Šidlauskienė

8. Gender and Science Studies Competence for Students in Engineering, Natural Sciences, and Science Education. The Project “Degendering Science” at the University of Hamburg, Germany
Helene Götschel

9. Roles that Gender, Systemizing and Teacher Support Play in STEM Education
Helena Dedic, Tomas Jungert, Steven Rosenfield

10. Project-Mentoring
Brit-Maren Block

11. The Appeal of Innovation
Silvana Badaloni, Sonia Brondi, Alberta Contarello

12. Facteurs D’Influence Des Choix D’ Études en Génie Des Femmes
Nadia Ghazzali, Nydia Morin-Rivest, Vanessa N. W. Kientega, Suzanne Lacroix, Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin, Diane Riopel, Annie Ross, Elisabeth Bussieéres, Nadine Bernardini

13. Serious Games as an Interdisciplinary Approach in Engineering Degree Courses
Gabriele Hoeborn, Jennifer Bredtmann

14. Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries – Deconstructing Gendered Practices in Engineering Education
Anne-Françoise Gilbert

15. Thinking Interdisciplinarity in Engineering Education
Anne-Sophie Godfroy

Session 2. Student’s Experiences

16. Interdisciplinarities – Students’ Perception of Interdisciplinary Engineering Education in Europe
Anita Thaler

17. Female Engineering Students
Michelle Wallace, Ian Lings, Neroli Sheldon, Roslyn Cameron

18. Students’ Perception of IT Curricula and Career Opportunities in Serbia and Macedonia
Mirjana Stojilović, Sonja Filiposka, Ana Krsteska, Ana Vidosavljević, Valentina Janev, Sanja Vraneš

19. Social Relevance and Interdisciplinarity in Canadian Engineering Education
Ann B. Denis, Ruby Heap

20. Interdisciplinarity as a Factor of Success to Attract more Students - A Sociological-Empirical Analysis of IT Study Programmes in Austria
Jenny Maria Käfer

Session 3. Other Ways to Attract more Women

21. The Micropolitics of Disciplinary Summer Universities for Women
Veronika Oechtering, Maya Schulte

22. Women-only Engineering Education – a Promising Austrian Model Initiative
Daniela Freitag, Birgit Hofstätter, Anita Thaler

23. Technical Companies in Switzerland on the way to a Corporate Culture in line with Gender Equality
Nadja Ramsauer, Sylvia Manchen Spörri, Thea Weiss Sampietro

24. Make Engineering and Technology more Appealing to Women via Gender Competence as an Innovative Element of Teacher-Training in Mathematics
Bettina Langfeldt, Anina Mischau

25. How to Promote Young Boys and Especially Girls for Engineering Issues
Susanne Ihsen, Wolfram Schneider

26. La Relative Féminisation et ses Raisons D’une Structure Française Originale
Josette Costes

27. Are Single-Sex Educational Programmes Still Relevant for Young Women?
Christel Bächle-Blum, Martina Kaiser, Ulrike Busolt

Session 4. Policies

28. Interdisciplinarity Towards Gender Equality in Engineering and Technology Education. Recommendations
Ezekiela Arrizabalaga, Araceli Gómez, Begoña Sánchez

29. Breaking Patterns: How Opportunistic Sponsorship and women’s Moral Compass Shape Careers of Female Scientists
Marita Haas, Christina Keinert-Kisin, Sabine T. Koeszegi, Eva Zedlacher

30. Women Presence in Engineering in Spain: Causes and Measures to Attract more Women. the case of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM)
Mercedes Del Río Merino, Isabel Salto-Weis Azevedo

31. Changing the face of STEM: the Example of Computer Science in Germany
Rebecca Apel, Carmen Leicht-Scholten, Andrea Wolffram

32. Gender Counts?! Analysis of Student Dropout at Vienna University of Technology
Elisabeth Günther, Sabine T. Koeszegi

33. HELENA Software for Curricula Analysis
Valentina Janev, Jovan Duduković, Sanja Vraneš

34. Conclusion of GIEE 2011
Jean Michel

Keywords: Education, Education (general)

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