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Learning Progressions in Science

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Amelia Wenk Gotwals, Alicia C. Alonzo

2. Reflections on Learning Progressions
Richard J. Shavelson, Amy Kurpius

3. The Importance, Cautions and Future of Learning Progression Research
Joseph S. Krajcik

4. Addressing Challenges in Developing Learning Progressions For Environmental Science Literacy
Kristin L. Gunckel, Lindsey Mohan, Beth A. Covitt, Charles W. Anderson

5. Challenges in Defining and Validating an Astronomy Learning Progression
Julia D. Plummer

6. MoDeLS
Christina Schwarz, Brian J. Reiser, Andrés Acher, Lisa Kenyon, David Fortus

7. Exploring Challenges to Defining Learning Progressions
Lindsey Mohan, Julia Plummer

8. Developing Assessments For A Learning Progression on Carbon-Transforming Processes in Socio-Ecological Systems
Hui Jin, Charles W. Anderson

9. Assessing Students’ Progressing Abilities To Construct Scientific Explanations
Amelia Wenk Gotwals, Nancy Butler Songer, Lea Bullard

10. Using Learning Progressions To Inform Large-Scale Assessment
Alicia C. Alonzo, Teresa Neidorf, Charles W. Anderson

11. Eliciting Student Responses Relative To A Learning Progression
Alicia C. Alonzo

12. A Bayesian Network Approach To Modeling Learning Progressions
Patti West, Daisy Wise Rutstein, Robert J. Mislevy, Junhui Liu, Roy Levy, Kristen E. Dicerbo, Aaron Crawford, Younyoung Choi, Kristina Chapple, John T. Behrens

13. The Psychometric Modeling of Ordered Multiple-Choice Item Responses For Diagnostic Assessment With A Learning Progression
Derek C. Briggs, Alicia C. Alonzo

14. Responding To A Challenge That Learning Progressions Pose To Measurement Practice
Mark Wilson

15. Making Progress in The Modeling of Learning Progressions
Derek C. Briggs

16. Learning Progressions as Tools For Curriculum Development
Marianne Wiser, Carol L. Smith, Sue Doubler

17. Learning Progressions To Support Ambitious Teaching Practices
Erin Marie Furtak, Jessica Thompson, Melissa Braaten, Mark Windschitl

18. The Potential of Learning Progression Research To Inform the Design of State Science Standards
Jacob Foster, Marianne Wiser

19. Learning Progressions For Multiple Purposes
Amelia Wenk Gotwals

20. Leaping Forward
Alicia C. Alonzo, Amelia Wenk Gotwals

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