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Creative Spaces for Qualitative Researching

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Table of contents

Section 1. Researching Living Practices

1. Researching Living Practices
Stephen Loftus, Joy Higgs AM, Franziska Trede

2. Researching in Wicked Practice Spaces
Nita Cherry, Joy Higgs AM

3. Creating Spaces to Bring Research into Living Practice
Anne Croker, Julie-Anne Tooth

Section 2. Doing Creative Research

4. Creative Research Landscapes and Gardens
Angie Titchen, Debbie Horsfall

5. Boundary Riding and Shaping Research Spaces
Debbie Horsfall, Joy Higgs AM

6. Developing Critical Reflection as a Research Method
Jan Fook

7. Bringing Merleau Ponty's Inspirations to the Doing of Research
Jan Dewing

8. Embodiment in Research Practices
Anna Park Lala, Elizabeth Anne Kinsella

9. Creative and Visual Methods to Facilitate Reflection and Learning Through Research
Paul McIntosh

10. Creative Research Re-Presentations
Debbie Horsfall, Joy Higgs AM

11. Re-Inscribing Gender into the Heritage of ot in Australia
Sally Denshire

12. Envisioning Visual Research Strategies
Narelle Patton, Joy Higgs AM, Megan Smith

13. Photoelicitation Interview Methods and Research With Children
Shanon Phelan, Elizabeth Anne Kinsella

14. The Gendered Battlefield
Donna Bridges, Debbie Horsfall

Section 3. Being A Creative Researcher

15. Living Research Practices
Angie Titchen, Theo Niessen

16. Being Me
Nicole Mockler

17. Learning to Be a Researcher
Julia Coyle, Marissa Olsen

18. Embodying Creative Imagination and Expression in Qualitative Research
Angie Titchen, Debbie Horsfall

19. Liberating Research Mentoring
Joy Higgs AM

20. Living Ethical Practice in Qualitative Research
Susan Groundwater-Smith

Section 4. Co-Creating Qualitative Research in Creative Spaces

21. Collaborative Inquiry
Donna Bridges, Sharyn McGee

22. Innovative Ways of Analysing Data With Practitioners as Co-Researchers
Famke van Lieshout, Shaun Cardiff

23. Telling People’s Stories
Debbie Horsfall, Angie Titchen

24. Playing Creative Edges
Debbie Horsfall, Karen Bridgman, Catherine Camden Pratt, Virginia Kaufman Hall, Judy Pinn

25. Creative Partnerships in Research Degree Programs
Joy Higgs AM, Nita Cherry

26. Inclusive Participatory Action Research
Janice M. Ollerton, Carolyn R. Kelshaw

Section 5. Becoming Transformed Through Creative Research

27. Our Journeys Of Becoming Authentic Researchers
Christine Boomer, Donna Frost

28. From Practice to Research and Back Again
Diane Tasker, Annette McLeod-Boyle, Donna Bridges

29. Journeys of Meaning Making
Joy Higgs AM, Angie Titchen

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