Pereyra, Miguel A.

Pisa Under Examination

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Table of contents

1. Pisa Under Examination
Miguel A. Pereyra, Hans-Georg Kotthoff, Robert Cowen

Section I. The comparative challenges of the OECD PISA programme

2. Pisa As a Political Instrument
Ulf P. Lundgren

3. Pisa
Thomas S. Popkewitz

4. Constructing the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment
Clara Morgan

5. The Dissatisfaction of the Losers
Antonio Bolívar

Section II. Pisa and School Knowledge

6. The Context for Interpreting Pisa Results in the USA
David C. Berliner

7. Pisa, International Comparisons, Epistemic Paradoxes
David Scott

8. Competencies Vs. Interculturalty. Student Exchanges in the Age of Pisa1
Donatella Palomba, Anselmo R. Paolone, Anselmo R. Paolone

Section III. The Assessment of Pisa, School Effectiveness and the Socio-Cultural Dimension

9. The Introduction of State-Wide Exit Examinations
Katharina Maag Merki

10. The Pisa Girls and Ticking the Boxes
Gerry Mac Ruairc

11. From the Appealing Power of Pisa Data to the Delusions of Benchmarking
Marie Duru-Bellat

12. Are You on the Educational Production Frontier? Some Economic Insights on Efficiency From Pisa
Javier Salinas, Daniel Santín

Section IV. Pisa and the Immigrant Student Question

13. Pisa’s Potential for Analyses of Immigrant Students’ Educational Success
Aileen Edele, Petra Stanat

14. Why Do the Results of Immigrant Students Depend So Much on Their Country of Origin and so Little on Their Country of Destination?
Julio Carabaña

Section V. Extreme Visions of Pisa

15. Education Politics and Contingency
Hannu Simola, Risto Rinne

16. Concepts, Cultures and Comparisons
Daniel Tröhler

17. Coda
Robert Cowen

Keywords: Education, Education (general)

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