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Obsessed with the Doctoral Theses

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Table of contents

1. Supporting Autistic Special Students at My Work Community
Seija Kangas

2. Researcher-Teacher as the Supporter of Various Pupils
Outi Kyrö-Ämmälä

3. My Doctoral Thesis was About Inclusion — Emotions and Technique
Suvi Lakkala

4. Learning How to See
Eeva-Liisa Peltokorpi

5. In the Grasp of Facilitated Communication
Anna-Kaisa Sipilä

6. Pioneering on Research on Sámi Education – Deliberations about a Researcher’s Position
Pigga Keskitalo

7. On a Researcher’s Way — the Dream Come True
Irja-Kaisa Lakkala

8. In Wonderland — How to Supervise a Fox?
Outi Oinas

9. Enchanted with Rhetoric and a Radio Journalist’s Virtuosity on Speech
Seppo Alajoutsijärvi

10. Having Courage to See in My Shy Heart of Hearts
Marika Savukoski

11. In the Riptide of Insecurity and Empowerment
Teija Koskela

12. Fundamentally, I am Always a Public Health Nurse
Kerttu Oikarinen

13. Graduating as a Doctor with a Large Family’s Support
Salme Sahi

14. From the Countdown to an Intermediate Stopping Point
Tuija Turunen

15. Like a Bat out of Hell
Tuula Uusitalo

16. A Dissertation Process Brings Work and Agony, Joy and Feast for a Spouse Too
Pertti Lakkala

17. Far and Wide
Esko Oikarinen

18. Participating in Spouse’s and Daughter’s Doctoral Studies
Arto Peltokorpi

19. Listen,Support,and Care
Jarkko Savukoski

20. The Importance of Family Participation
Tuija Turunen

21. Shared Scientific Benefits for the Mentor and the Mentee
Raimo Kaasila, Sonja Lutovac

22. An Opponent as a Doctoral Student’s Support, Safety, or Verdict
Soili Keskinen

23. Applying for Funding for a Doctoral Research
Mikko Korkiakangas

24. Pre-examiners’ Role and Responsibility
Eija Kärnä

25. The Phenomenology of a Dissertation Process
Kirsi-Marja Saurén

26. The Pedagogy of Supervising Doctoral Theses
Kaarina Määttä

27. Going With the Research Flow from Master’s thesis to Doctoral Thesis and Beyond
Satu Uusiautti

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