Teixeira, Pedro N.

Public Vices, Private Virtues?

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Table of contents

Part 1. Markets and Global Trends in Higher Education: Looking Back, Moving Forward?

1. Markets and the End of the Current Era in U.S.Higher Education1
Roger L. Geiger

2. Liberalization of the Privateness in Higher Education
Ka Ho Mok

Part 2. Changing Public-Private Boundaries

3. Organisational Diversity in Chinese Private Higher Education
Yuzhuo Cai, Fengqiao Yan

4. What Characterises the Public-Private Distinction in He in a Nordic Perspective?
Gyða Jóhannsdóttir, Jón Torfi Jónasson

Part 3. Market Forces and the European Higher Education Area (Ehea)

5. The Increasing Role of Market Forces in He
Sónia Cardoso, Maria J. Rosa, Diana Amado Tavares, Alberto Amaral

6. Ranking Lists and European Framework Programmes
Terhi Nokkala, Barbara Heller-Schuh, Manfred Paier

7. How Growing Pressure to Be Competitive at National and International Level Affects University Governance
Stefano Boffo, Roberto Moscati

Part 4. Marketization and Governance in Higher Education

8. Leadership, Leadership Development and Markets in UK Ublicly Funded Higher Education Organisations - Global, National or European?
Rosemary Deem

9. Public Management, New Governance Models and Changing Environments in Portuguese Higher Education
António M. Magalhães, Rui Santiago

Part 5. Institutional Responses to Marketization

10. Differences in the Academic Performance Of Italian Universities
Emanuela Reale, Marco Seeber

11. Regional Delocalization Of Academic Offer In Québec
Manuel Crespo, Alexandre Beaupré-Lavallée, Sylvain Dubé

12. Chinese Universities Facing Global Competition
Kathryn Mohrman

13. Volatile Markets and Reluctant Entrepreneurs?
Taran Thune, Ellen Brandt

Part 6. Market Competition in He: Promises and Pitfalls

14. Volatile Markets and Reluctant Entrepreneurs?
David M. Hoffman, Mika Raunio, Marjaana Korhonen

15. Responses to Resource Scarcity in African Higher Education
Gerald Wagenge-Ouma

16. ‘Up-Market’ or ‘Down-Market’
John Brennan, Kavita Patel

17. Faltering Effects of Market-Oriented Reforms on Italian Higher Education
Michele Rostan, Massimiliano Vaira

Keywords: Education, Higher Education

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Issues in Higher Education
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