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Key Works in Critical Pedagogy

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Table of contents

1. Exposing the Technocratic Perversion of Education
Joe L. Kincheloe

2. Teachers Reversing the Cycle
Connie Titone, Robert A. Duggan

3. Willie Morris and the Southern Curriculum
Joe L. Kincheloe

4. Goin’ South
Shirley R. Steinberg, Chaim M. Steinberg

5. A Tentative Description of Post-Formal Thinking
Joe L. Kincheloe, Shirley R. Steinberg

6. Reconceptualizing Educational Psychology
Raymond A. Horn

7. Meet Me Behind the Curtain
Joe L. Kincheloe

8. A Dialogic Encounter with Joe Kincheloe’s “Meet Me Behind the Curtain”
John Smyth

9. Schools Where Ronnie and Brandon Would Have Excelled
Joe L. Kincheloe

10. Reflections on Joe Kincheloe’s Schools Where Ronnie and Brandon Would Have Excelled
Gene Fellner

11. The New Childhood
Joe L. Kincheloe

12. Welcome to Shermerville
Lee Gabay

13. Mcdonald’s, Power, and Children
Joe L. Kincheloe

14. The Corporate Paradise of A Subverted Urban Kinderculture
Kecia Hayes

15. Describing the Bricolage
Joe L. Kincheloe

16. Kincheloe’s Bricolage
Bal Chandra Luitel, Peter Charles Taylor

17. Critical Ontology
Joe L. Kincheloe

18. Critical Ontology and Teacher Agency
Elizabeth J. Meyer

19. The Knowledges of Teacher Education
Joe L. Kincheloe

20. The Knowledges of Teacher Education in Action
Elizabeth P. Quintero

21. On to the Next Level
Joe L. Kincheloe

22. Embracing Radical Research
Kathleen S. Berry

23. Rethinking Critical Theory and Qualitative Research
Joe L. Kincheloe, Peter Mclaren

24. Reflecting on Critical Theory and Qualitative Research
Kecia Hayes

25. Critical Ontology and Indigenous Ways of Being
Joe L. Kincheloe

26. On Critical Ontology and Indigeneous Ways of Being
Christopher Emdin

27. The Southern Place and Racial Politics
Joe L. Kincheloe

28. Kincheloe and Interracial Recovery
Aaron David Gresson

29. Critical Pedagogy and the Knowledge Wars of the Twenty-First Century
Joe L. Kincheloe

30. The Anti-Imperialist Pedagogy of Joe L. Kincheloe
Curry Stephenson Malott

31. Selling A New and Improved Jesus – Christotainment and the Power of Political Fundamentalism
Joe L. Kincheloe

32. Joe Kincheloe
Douglas J. Simpson

Keywords: Education, Educational Policy and Politics

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Bold Visions in Educational Research
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