Bernardi, Laura

Situating Children of Migrants across Borders and Origins

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Situating Children of Migrants Across Borders and Origins
Claudio Bolzman, Laura Bernardi, Jean-Marie Le Goff

Part I. Comparison as Key Methodological Tool and Challenging Perspective in the Study of the Children of Migrants

2. Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t: The Challenges of Including and Comparing the Children of Immigrants in European Survey Data
Laurence Lessard-Phillips, Silvia Galandini, Helga Valk, Rosita Fibbi

3. Risk Factors of Labor-Market Insertion for Children of Immigrants in Switzerland
Andrés Guarin, Emmanuel Rousseaux

4. The Presence of a Third Person in Face-to-Face Interviews with Immigrant Descendants: Patterns, Determinants, and Effects
Nadja Milewski, Danny Otto

Part II. Life Course Perspective and Mixed-Methods Approaches in the Study of Children of Migrants

5. Analyzing Second-Generation Trajectories from a Life Course Approach: What Mixed Methods Can Offer
Ingrid Tucci

6. Intergenerational Relationships in Migrant Families. Theoretical and Methodological Issues
Claudine Attias-Donfut, Joanne Cook

7. Using a Cohort Survey to Track the Entry into Adult Life of Young People from Immigrant Backgrounds
Emmanuelle Santelli

8. Combining In-Depth Biographical Interviews with the LIVES History Calendar in Studying the Life Course of Children of Immigrants
Andrés Gomensoro, Raúl Burgos Paredes

9. Participatory Qualitative Methodology: A Promising Pathway for the Study of Intergenerational Relations Within Migrant Families
Michèle Vatz Laaroussi

Part III. The Biography and the Identity of Immigrant Descendants as a Negotiation Process

10. Studying Second-Generation Transitions into Adulthood in Switzerland: A Biographical Approach
Eva Mey

11. National Identity and the Integration of the Children of Immigrants
Rosa Aparicio, Andrés Tornos

Part IV. Transnational Approach and Children of Migrants: Beyond Methodological Nationalism

12. Beyond Home and Return: Negotiating Religious Identity Across Time and Space Through the Prism of the American Experience
Peggy Levitt, Kristen Lucken, Melissa Barnett

13. Following People, Visiting Places, and Reconstructing Networks. Researching the Spanish Second Generation in Switzerland
Marina Richter, Michael Nollert

14. Mapping Transnational Networks of Care from a Multi-actor and Multi-sited Perspective
Valentina Mazzucato, Ernestina Dankyi, Miranda Poeze

Keywords: Social Sciences, Migration, Methodology of the Social Sciences, Demography, Family, Sociology of Family, Youth and Aging

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Life Course Research and Social Policies
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