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Deep-Sea Ecosystems Off Mauritania

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Table of contents

1. Deep˗Sea Ecosystems Off Mauritania: An Introduction
Ana Ramos, Fran Ramil, José Luis Sanz

2. The Mauritanian Margin. Bathymetric and Geomorphological Characteristics
José Luis Sanz, Adolfo Maestro, Luis Miguel Agudo

3. Oceanography of the Cape Verde Basin and Mauritanian Slope Waters
Josep L. Pelegrí, Jesús Peña-Izquierdo, Francisco Machín, César Meiners, Carmen Presas-Navarro

4. Demersal Ichthyofaunal Assemblages in Mauritanian Deep-Waters
Lourdes Fernández-Peralta, Miguel Ángel Puerto

5. Deep Chondrichthyes in Mauritanian Waters
Pedro J. Pascual˗Alayón, Carlos Hernández, Manuel Hidalgo, Miguel Ángel Puerto

6. Overlapping Distribution of Two Sympatric Species: The Case of Black Hakes, Merluccius polli Cadenat 1960 and Merluccius senegalensis Cadenat 1960, Off Mauritania
Lourdes Fernández-Peralta, Luis F. Quintanilla, Javier Rey

7. An Overview on Bathyal Soft-Bottoms Megabenthos Off Mauritania
Fran Ramil, Ana Ramos

8. Composition and Distribution of Epibenthic and Demersal Assemblages in Mauritanian Deep-Waters
Sara Castillo, Fran Ramil, Ana Ramos

9. Decapod Assemblages in Mauritanian Waters
Eva García-Isarch, Susana S. Matos-Pita, Isabel Muñoz, Sidi M. Mohamed Moctar, Fran Ramil

10. Cephalopods in Mauritanian Waters
Francisco Rocha, Raquel Fernández-Gago, Fran Ramil, Ana Ramos

11. Hydrozoans from Mauritanian Deep-Waters
Marta Gil, Fran Ramil

12. Echinoderms of the Mauritanian Deep-Sea Waters
Belén Calero, Fran Ramil, Ana Ramos

13. The Giant Cold-Water Coral Mounds Barrier Off Mauritania
Ana Ramos, José Luis Sanz, Fran Ramil, Luis Miguel Agudo, Carmen Presas-Navarro

14. A First Insight into the Megabenthos of Mauritanian Canyons
Ana Ramos, Fran Ramil, José Luis Sanz, Carmen Presas˗Navarro

15. Wolof’s Knoll: A Small Seamount on the Mauritanian Continental Slope
José Luis Sanz, Fran Ramil, Luis Miguel Agudo, Ana Ramos

16. Faunistic Collections of Demersal and Benthic Species from Mauritania
Lourdes Fernández-Peralta, Eva García-Isarch, Ramón García-Cancela, Isabel Muñoz, Francisca Salmerón, Miguel Ángel Puerto, Susana S. Matos-Pita

17. An Overview on Biodiversity and Ecosystems Off Mauritanian Deep-Waters
Ana Ramos, José Luís Sanz, Josep L. Pelegrí, Lourdes Fernández-Peralta, Pedro J. Pascual-Alayón, Fran Ramil, Sara Castillo, Eva García-Isarch, Francisco Rocha, Marta Gil, Belén Calero

Keywords: Life Sciences, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Marine & Freshwater Sciences, Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Oceanography, Fish & Wildlife Biology & Management

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Natural Sciences
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