Biénabe, Estelle

Sustainable Development and Tropical Agri-chains

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Estelle Biénabe, Patrick Caron, Denis Loeillet, Alain Rival

Part I. The Agri-Chain as a Vector of Development?

2. The Concept of Filière or Value Chain: An Analytical Framework for Development Policies and Strategies
Frédéric Lançon, Ludovic Temple, Estelle Biénabe

3. History of Public Organizations and Associations Specializing in a Single Agricultural Commodity and Related to Francophone Africa
Benoit Daviron, Janine Sarraut-Woods

4. Evolution of Donor Intervention Modalities on Agri-Chains: The AFD Experience
Anne Legile, Naomi Noël, Florence Mouton, Didier Baillet

5. Alliances Between Agri-Chain Actors for a Sustainable Development of Territories in Vietnam
Guillaume Duteurtre, Denis Sautier, Manuel Pannier, Nguyen Mai Huong

6. Collective Action in Agri-Chains
Pierre-Marie Bosc, Sylvain Rafflegeau, Hélène David-Benz, Sylvaine Lemeilleur, Paule Moustier, Marisa Peyre

7. Agri-Chains (or filières) and Food and Nutrition Security: Two Independent Concepts
Sandrine Dury

Part II. Agri-Chains as a Framework for Innovation in the Face of Challenges of Sustainable Development

8. Contribution of Research to Innovation Within Agri-Chains
Aurélie Toillier, Luc Lapeyre de Bellaire

9. Agri-Chains and Partnership Approaches to Research
Aurélie Toillier, Luc Lapeyre de Bellaire

10. Design of Cropping Systems and Ecological Intensification
Luc Lapeyre de Bellaire, Bruno Bachelier, Marc Dorel, François-Régis Goebel, Hervé Guibert, Olivier Husson, Patrick Jagoret, Pascal Marnotte, Jean-Michel Risède, Éric Scopel

11. Evolution and Challenges of Varietal Improvement Strategies
Robert Domaingue, Sylvie Lewicki, Patrice This, Frédéric Bakry, Jean-Pierre Horry, Serge Braconnier, David Pot, Gilles Trouche

12. Sustainable Processing Systems: What New Strategies for Tropical Agri-Chains?
Dominique Pallet, Jérôme Sainte-Beuve

13. A Step Towards Food Security
Nadine Zakhia-Rozis, Éric Scopel, Dominique Pallet

Part III. Diversity of Uses of Biomass and Inter-Agri-Chain Dynamics

14. Agricultural and Forestry Chains in the Countries of the South in the Age of Bioenergy
Laurent Gazull

15. Diversifying Biomass Uses Through New Cropping Systems
François-Régis Goebel, Jean-Louis Chopart, Christophe Poser, Serge Braconnier, Jean-François Martiné, Edward Gérardeaux

16. Inter-supply Chain Recycling of Residues
Tom Wassenaar, Jean-Marie Paillat, François Guerrin, Philippe Lecomte, Jean-Michel Médoc, Laurent Parrot, Jérôme Queste, Paulo Salgado, Emmanuel Tillard, Jonathan Vayssières

17. A Counterpoint on Waste
Benoit Daviron

Part IV. Agri-Chains and Evaluation of Sustainability

18. Why and How to Assess the Contribution of an Agri-Chain to Sustainable Development?
Denis Loeillet, Catherine Macombe

19. How to Assess the Environmental Impacts of an Agri-Chain?
Cécile Bessou

20. Instruments to Assess the Social Impacts of Value Chains
Catherine Macombe, Denis Loeillet

21. Agri-Chains and Evaluation of Sustainability
Catherine Macombe, Denis Loeillet, Cécile Bessou

Part V. Can Agri-Chains Act as an Arena of Regulation of Sustainable Development?

22. Agro-industrial Strategies and Voluntary Mechanisms for the Sustainability of Tropical Global Value Chains: The Place of Territories
Jean-Philippe Tonneau, Stéphane Guéneau, Marie-Gabrielle Piketty, Isabel Drigo, René Poccard-Chapuis

23. The Standardization of Sustainable Development Through the Insertion of Agricultural Global Value Chains into International Markets
Emmanuelle Cheyns, Benoit Daviron, Marcel Djama, Ève Fouilleux, Stéphane Guéneau

24. Ecosystem Services, Payments for Environmental Services, and Agri-Chains: What Kind of Regulation to Enhance Sustainability?
Estelle Biénabe, Céline Dutilly, Alain Karsenty, Jean-François Le Coq

25. Global Strategies of Firms and the Financialization of Agriculture
Ward Anseeuw, Jean-Marc Roda, Antoine Ducastel, Norfaryanti Kamaruddin

26. General Conclusion and New Research Perspectives
Estelle Biénabe, Patrick Caron, Alain Rival, Denis Loeillet

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Sustainable Development, Environmental Policy, Economic Policy

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