Cavalaro, Sergio H. P.

Creep Behaviour in Cracked Sections of Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Cavalaro, Sergio H. P. - Creep Behaviour in Cracked Sections of Fibre Reinforced Concrete, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Keynote Lectures

1. Factors Influencing Creep of Cracked Fibre Reinforced Concrete: What We Think We Know & What We Do Not Know
Ravindra Gettu, Raúl Zerbino, Sujatha Jose

2. Creep Testing Methodologies and Results Interpretation
Nicola Buratti, Claudio Mazzotti

Part II. Influence of Fibre Type on Creep

3. Flexural Creep Tests on Beams—8 Years of Experience with Steel and Synthetic Fibres
Wolfgang Kusterle

4. Experiences from 14 Years of Creep Testing of Steel and Polymer Fiber Reinforced Concrete
S. Van Bergen, S. Pouillon, G. Vitt

5. Creep Deformations of Structural Polymeric Macrofibers
Rutger Vrijdaghs, Marco Prisco, Lucie Vandewalle

6. Tensile Creep of Cracked Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete: Mechanisms on the Single Fibre and at the Macro Level
W.P. Boshoff, P.D. Nieuwoudt

7. Flexural Post-cracking Creep Behaviour of Macro-synthetic and Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete
P. Pujadas, Ana Blanco, Sergio H. P. Cavalaro, Albert Fuente, A. Aguado

Part III. Creep on Special Materials

8. Behavior of Cracked Cross-Section of Fibre Reinforced UHPFRC Under Sustained Load
Daniele Casucci, Catherina Thiele, Jürgen Schnell

9. Experimental Study on Time-Dependent Behavior of Cracked UHP-FRCC Under Sustained Loads
Tomoya Nishiwaki, Sukmin Kwon, Hiroto Otaki, Go Igarashi, Faiz U.A. Shaikh, Alessandro P. Fantilli

10. Creep Behaviour of Cracked High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams Under Flexural Load
Eduardo Galeote, Ana Blanco, Albert Fuente, Sergio H.P. Cavalaro

11. Time-Dependent Flexural Behaviour of SFRSCC Elements
Vítor M.C.F. Cunha, Joaquim A.O. Barros, Amin Abrishambaf

Part IV. Creep Testing Methods

12. Effect of Residual Strength Parameters on FRC Flexural Creep: Multivariate Analysis
Emilio Garcia-Taengua, Aitor Llano-Torre, Jose R. Marti-Vargas, Pedro Serna

13. Mid-term Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced Sprayed Concrete Submitted To Flexural Loading
Catherine Larive, Damien Rogat, David Chamoley, André Regnard, Thibaut Pannetier, Christine Thuaud

14. Effect of Beam Width on the Creep Behaviour of Cracked Fibre Reinforced Concrete
Raúl L. Zerbino, Graciela M. Giaccio, Diego H. Monetti, María C. Torrijos

15. Macro-Synthetic Fibre Reinforced Concrete: Creep and Creep Mechanisms
A.J. Babafemi, W.P. Boshoff

Part V. Influence of Applied Load on Creep Tests

16. Influence of Fibre Reinforcement on the Long-Term Behaviour of Cracked Concrete
Aitor Llano-Torre, Samuel Eduardo Arango, Emilio García-Taengua, José Rocío Martí-Vargas, Pedro Serna

17. Creeping Effect of SFRC Elements Under Specific Type of Long Term Loading
Darko Nakov, Goran Markovski, Toni Arangjelovski, Peter Mark

18. Creep Behavior of a SFRC Under Service and Ultimate Bending Loads
D. Daviau-Desnoyers, J.-P. Charron, B. Massicotte, P. Rossi, J.-L. Tailhan

19. Durability of FRC Beams Exposed for Long-Term Under Sustained Service Loading
L. Candido, F. Micelli, E. Vasanelli, M.A. Aiello, G. Plizzari

Keywords: Engineering, Building Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Structural Materials

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